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Site Map and Flow Component: Bookmarklet

Twine 2.0 will be a small site initially.

Twine 1.0 *User logs in. *User clicks on a link or enters a URL for Twine 2.0.

Twine 2.0 Home Page *Latest update and fixes *Bookmarklet *Explanations *Feedback *Sample Interests

Twi ne 2 .0

*Sends user to Create Community Page *Prepopulates original URL

Component: Create Interest prepopulate fields

Component: Global Navigation

*Give a name *Enter tags *See sample results *Appears on Member Detail and Interest Tracker

*Search *Create Interest *Member Detail *Interest Tracker *Create Community Page

Cre ate

Create Community Page *Enter original URL *Enter tags *Choose related interests

Cre ate

Interest Tracker *Same as Blurbs on Search Results PLUS *Interests (see, edit, delete) *Following (see, remove) *Filter results (My stuff, Me and Who I’ m Following, Only Twine, Everything)

Member Detail *Interests (see, edit, copy) *Most recent items *Social currency *Followers/Following *Text description Fol low

Search Results *Sort view (most relevant, most recent) *Track search as interest *View/Create Community Page *Tags (click to search) *Last member update *Go to original source *Facets/Filters

Community Page *Tags (enter, edit) *Add to Interest (Tagging) *Comments *Go to original source *Item currency *Activity Log *Summary *Name/Value pairs


Twine 2.0 Site Map  

A site map of the pages and functions on each page for the development of a social semantic web application.

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