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UM to use Shibboleth to Reduce Multiple Passwords

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IT Updates

CIO Corner

Welcome to ‘IT News’ STEVE CAWLEY Vice President Information Technology


am pleased to introduce the first issue of a newsletter that the Department of Information Technology plans to publish three times per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). The goal of the newsletter is to provide UM’s faculty, students, and staff with timely information that will help them better understand and use technology at the U. The newsletter will contain general IT-related announcements, updates on current and future projects, tips and tricks, security and training updates, and other technology related articles. I would welcome feedback and suggestions for articles or information

to include in future issues of the newsletter. Please submit your feedback and suggestions to:

“The goal of the newsletter is to provide UM’s faculty, students, and staff with timely information that will help them better understand and use technology at the U.” Steve Cawley recently joined UM as the Vice President of Information Technology. Steve previously served as vice president and CIO for the main Twin Cities campus and CIO of the University of Minnesota System. Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Communication and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Upgraded Voicemail System Telecommunications has recently upgraded the Communité Messaging Interaction Center (MIC) voicemail system. Your personal greeting, password, messages, and rules were not changed. Some new features include: Main Menu - simplified and reorganized to make it easier to use. Auto-Play - automatically play new voicemail messages after you log in. Out of Office “Temporary” greeting - set a temporary greeting with a return date. A temporary greeting will not delete your standard greeting. When deactivated, reverts back to your standard greeting. Slow Down or Speed Up Messages - during message playback, you now have the ability to slow down or speed up messages as you listen. Continued on pg 2

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IT Updates

Security Update

University of Miami joins InCommon Identity Federation

Windows XP: End of the Road?

LINDSAY GEORGE Director IT Security

ISH PIMIENTA Director IT Enterprise Services


y now you’ve probably heard that Microsoft has declared Windows XP to be at “End of Life” support. The truth is that Windows XP Service Pack 2 support ended on July 13, 2010. Windows XP Service Pack 3 will be under extended support until 2014.  This means that in order to get Windows updates on your PC you will need to upgrade to Service Pack 3. After Oct 22, 2010, you have no

Continued from pg 1 Change Status - changing your status will be available from the Main Menu, making it faster and easier. Announcement Only - allows you to play your greeting to callers but does not allow callers to leave a message (this might be helpful if you’re out of the office for an extended period of time). Training videos and a brochure of features are available at https:// If you have any questions or problems with your voice mailbox, please call the IT Support Center: (305) 284-6565 option 2.

New UM Class Search A new UM Class Search in myUM is available! Students are now able to locate all classes with one search. The new UM Class Search now includes the ability to search on many different attributes of classes, including but not limited to: day of the week, time of day,


longer been able to buy new PCs with Windows XP pre-installed. If you need your next system to have Windows XP on it, you will need to (for certain volume license and campus agreement customers only): 1. Purchase a system with a newer Windows Operating System and then install Windows XP after you receive it.  This is called downgrading the Operating System.

building, professor, keyword, campus, school and department. Another major gain is the ability to search by keyword in order to locate classes, focusing on a particular subject across multiple departments. The collaborative effort of Student Government and Information Technology enabled these new search options that will help students plan their schedules before registering for courses, as well as assist faculty with student advising. The new class search is available in myUM at http:// and from the Office of the Registrar’s website at http://

New IT Telecommunications Service Request Form A new Telecommunications Service Request Form for ordering telecommunications services and equipment is now available both online and in print. This new form will allow users to more easily request 2

2.   Work with your PC vendors to create a “Custom Factory Install” image (possible fee involved) of Windows XP which can be pre-installed on the ordered PCs. Now might be a good time to talk with your system administrator about migrating your desktop to Windows 7.  Windows 7 has been out since 2009 and has proven to be stable and reliable.

services , an estimate and a subsequent order in just one form. It can be found at appdev/dbadmins/rds/pdf_Form/TSR. pdf.


EDDIE VIDAL Manager Enterprise Support Services Our own Eddie Vidal, User Support Help Desk Manager, and President of the HDI South Florida Chapter, was voted HDI Southeast Regional Director. Eddie’s commitment and dedication to the local service and support community started in 2008 when he volunteered to serve as President and led the rebirth of the South Florida Chapter of HDI. He brings his enthusiasm, knowledge, and leadership to this new role. Congratulations Eddie!


he University of Miami has joined the InCommon Federation, the U.S. Identity and Access management federation. In an identity federation like InCommon, participating identity providers (such as higher education participants and universities) and resource providers (like government and nonprofit laboratories, research centers, agencies and sponsored partners) agree on a set of shared policies, processes, and technology standards. This greatly streamlines collaboration among multiple organizations because federation members agree on these policies and processes once, rather than each time they sign a contract with a new partner.

Training ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Training Courses Want to learn how Information Technology processes should work together throughout the life of an IT service to deliver maximum value to your department or operation? ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a nonproprietary set of best practices for the management of IT used internationally by businesses, but originally developed in the United Kingdom by the Office of

“The InCommon Federation eliminates the need for students, researchers, faculty, and staff to maintain multiple passwords and usernames.” One of the primary goals of federations like InCommon is to allow universities like UM to provide access to a wide range of off-campus resources while still protecting the security and privacy of their students, faculty, and staff. The InCommon Federation eliminates the need for students, researchers, faculty, and staff to maintain multiple passwords and usernames. Rather than requiring individuals to create new accounts for every service they wish to use, resource providers and educational institutions

Government Commerce. ITIL defines an integrated set of processes, known as the ITIL Framework, designed to improve IT quality, effectiveness and efficiency. University of Miami ITIL Expert, Doug Tyre, will teach the ITIL ® v3 Release, Control and Validation (RCV) Capability Course in the Summer 2011. For information about individual class dates and times go to http://www.


agree to use individuals’ institutional network account identifiers for access. This improves privacy and security for both individuals and institutions. An individual uses his or her Cane Id and password to access resources offered by the institutions and provider organizations of the federation. When accessing off-campus resources, users will be redirected to the UM CAS authentication page. After successful authentication, the Shibboleth Identity Provider (which provides the web single sign-on functionality) will release only agreed upon attribute credentials within the set policy guidelines for authorization. Upon receiving the authorization, the federation allows access to the secure remote resource. Multiple applications at the University are currently implementing this new technology.

Free Software Training The User Support Services group offers free software training to UM employees on all campuses. Courses include Microsoft’s Office applications such as Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook. Training is also offered for Adobe’s popular Photoshop and InDesign applications. To learn more about the courses we offer please visit our training website at The summer semester is now available. We encourage you to check back and be sure to sign up. We hope to see you then!

S U M M ER 2 0 11

The Technology Product Center sells a full line of Apple Macintosh, Dell computers, and Hewlett Packard (HP) printers at educational prices to University of Miami students, departments, faculty, and staff. Software packages are also available at discounted prices. 305-284-2000 Ungar Building, Room 103

Now Available at the

Tips & Tricks

Just a Few Clicks Away to User-friendly, “Green” Reports


he key to managing your operation is the ability to measure your operation — knowing what happened, why, and what action to take next. Are you unable to re-engineer your business processes or perform indepth analysis because it takes days to compile, re-key and format data from University systems? Do you rely on others to provide you with reports to answer your operational questions? The amount of time used to convert data to information takes valuable time away from analysis, planning and decision-making. To assist users with meeting their information needs, Information Technology manages a data warehouse for the University community using the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Software Platform. The data warehouse, a web-based tool, presents information

IT Contact Info & Links

in a dynamic, user-friendly, paperless environment. Once the users have attained data custodian approval, they can replace time consuming processes with standard reports, reduce effort expended collecting data and increase their ability to analyze and act on information. Reports easily export to MS Excel or PDF for presentation or archiving. Financial, Human Resources, Enrollment and Admissions data are just a few clicks away.  Talk to our Decision Support Services team about streamlining your processes and increasing your productivity. Additional information, including the access form, is available at the data warehouse website (http://www. or email

Technical Support, Network & Voice Repair Service and Orders, Central Server Service, Microsoft Outlook, RDS, Web View Access, SecureMail, Ariba/UM e-Net, ULearn, Videoconferencing 305-284-6565 305-284-5809 (F) Software Training for Faculty/Staff Technology Product Center Computer, Software, and Printer Sales, Apple Certified Reseller 305-284-2000 CaneNet Connection Student Technical Support 305-284-8887

The mission of Information Technology is to provide, secure and support the technology resources enabling the University of Miami to achieve national and international distinction and leadership in academics, research and clinical care. Editor Mimi Pambrun Design James Carraway

Contributing Writers Lindsay George Connie Barrera Ish Pimienta Ana Maria Bacallao

Sheryl Borg Jackie Zelman Cecil Roomes

IT News - Summer 2011  
IT News - Summer 2011  

IT News is the official newsletter for the University of Miami Information Technology department.