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Hometown Kitchen

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Meal Deals Family Value Meal A1 x 6 Spring Rolls, 1 x Sweet and Sour Pork, 1 x Chicken or Beef Chow Mein, 1 x Satay Chicken or Beef, 1 x Fried Rice, 1 x Prawn Crackers, 3 x Can Soft Drinks PRICE$62.00

Family Value Meal B1 x 6 Spring Rolls, 1 x Sweet and Sour Pork or Honey Chicken, 1 x Chicken with Cashew or Chicken Chow Mein, 1 x Sze Chuan Beef or Satay Beef, 1 x Beef Black Bean or Chicken Black Bean, 1 x Special Fried Rice, 1 x Prawn Crackers, 3 x Can Soft Drinks PRICE$75.00 Entree Crispy Noodle PRICE$2.50 Prawn Crackers PRICE$3.50 Fried Chips PRICE$6.00 Sesame Prawn Toast x 3 PRICE$8.00 Vegie Spring Roll x 6 PRICE$8.00 Fried Wanton PRICE$6.00 Fried Squid Fritter PRICE$8.00 Chicken Satay Sticks x 2 PRICE$6.00 Fried Chicken Wings x 5 PRICE$8.00

Salted Pepper Chicken Wings PRICE$9.00 San Choy Bow x 2 PRICE$13.80 King Prawn Fritter PRICE$11.80 Soup Short Soup - Wanton PRICE$5.00 Long Soup - Noodle PRICE$5.00 Chicken Sweet Corn Soup PRICE$5.00 Chicken Mushroom Soup PRICE$6.00 Crab Meat Sweet Corn Soup PRICE$6.00 Crab Meat Chicken Soup PRICE$6.00 Hot & Sour Soup PRICE$7.00 Seafood Tom Yum Soup PRICE$7.00

Seafood Tofu Soup PRICE$7.00 Wanton Noodle Soup PRICE$7.00 Fried Rice Steamed Rice PRICE$4.80 Fried Rice PRICE$8.00 Special Fried Rice PRICE$9.50 Nasi Goreng PRICE$9.50 Prawn Fried Rice PRICE$10.00 Chicken Fried Rice PRICE$10.00 Beef Fried Rice PRICE$10.00 Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice PRICE$10.00 Tom Yum Fried Rice PRICE$10.00

King Prawn Fried Rice PRICE$17.00 Steam/ Braised Chicken Soya Chicken PRICE$16.80 Herbal Chicken PRICE$17.80 Stir Fry - Chicken Satay Chicken PRICE$14.80 Black Bean Chicken PRICE$14.80 Chicken Chow Mein PRICE$14.80 Ginger Chicken PRICE$14.80 BBQ Sauce Chicken PRICE$14.80 Garlic Chicken PRICE$14.80 Chicken Chop Suey PRICE$14.80 Chicken with Cashew Nut

PRICE$14.80 Chicken with Mushroom PRICE$14.80 Deep Fry Chicken Honey Chicken PRICE$14.80 Fried Crispy Chicken PRICE$15.80 Chicken in Vinegar PRICE$15.80 Salted Pepper Chicken PRICE$15.80 Chicken in Sweet Thai Sauce PRICE$15.80 Gan Xiang Chicken PRICE$15.80 Cereal Chicken PRICE$15.80 Lemon Chicken PRICE$15.80 Sweet & Sour Chicken PRICE$15.80 Spicy Chicken

Chilli Chicken PRICE$14.80 Honey Chilli Chicken PRICE$15.80 Kong Po Chicken PRICE$14.80 Sze Chuan Chicken PRICE$14.80 Sambal Chicken PRICE$15.80 Curry Chicken PRICE$14.80 Malaysian Curry Chicken PRICE$15.80 Fish Ginger Fish PRICE$15.80 Chilli Fish PRICE$15.80 Sambal Fish PRICE$16.80 Sweet and Sour Fish PRICE$15.80

Black Pepper Fish PRICE$15.80 Satay Fish PRICE$15.80 Garlic Fish PRICE$15.80 Curry Fish Fillet PRICE$15.80 Gan Xiang Fish Fillet PRICE$16.80 Fish Head Curry PRICESmall $33.80 PRICELarge $43.80 Stir Fry Beef Satay Beef PRICE$14.80 Garlic Beef PRICE$14.80 Beef Black Bean PRICE$14.80 Beef with Cashew PRICE$14.80 Beef Chow Mein

PRICE$14.80 Beef Chop Suey PRICE$14.80 BBQ Beef PRICE$14.80 Ginger Beef PRICE$14.80 Black Pepper Beef PRICE$15.80 Deep Fry Beef Peking Beef PRICE$15.80 Spicy Beef Chilli Beef PRICE$14.80 Sze Chuan Beef PRICE$14.80 Kong Po Beef PRICE$14.80 Mongolian Beef PRICE$15.80 Curry Beef PRICE$14.80

Curry Beef Brisket (Rendang) PRICE$17.80 Vegetables Mixed Vegetables PRICE$12.80 Garlic Vegetables PRICE$12.80 Satay Vegetables PRICE$13.80 Sweet & Sour Vegetables PRICE$12.80 Bean Sprout with Salted Fish PRICE$13.80 Beef Kailan PRICE$16.80 Chicken Kailan PRICE$16.80 Fish Kailan PRICE$16.80 Sambal stringless Bean PRICE$14.80 Pork Sweet and Sour Pork

PRICE$14.80 Spicy Pork Belly PRICE$16.80 Salted & Pepper Pork Chop PRICE$16.80 Peking Pork Chop PRICE$16.80 Honey Pepper Pork PRICE$16.80 Fried Pork PRICESmall $17.80 PRICELarge $24.80 Preserved Vegetables Braised Pork Belly PRICE$19.80 Stir Fry King Prawns Satay King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Garlic King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Black Bean King Prawns PRICE$20.80 King Prawn with Cashew Nut PRICE$20.80

King Prawn Chow Mein PRICE$20.80 Garlic Butter King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Black Pepper King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Deep Fry King Prawn Salted & Pepper King Prawn PRICE$20.80 Sweet and Sour King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Butter King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Salad King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Honey King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Spicy King Prawn Chilli King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Kong Po King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Sambal King Prawns

PRICE$20.80 Curry King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Honey Chilli King Prawns PRICE$20.80 Lamb Sze Chuan lamb PRICE$18.80 Mongolian Lamb PRICE$18.80 Black Pepper Lamb PRICE$18.80 Ginger Lamb PRICE$18.80 Satay Lamb PRICE$18.80 Dry Curry Lamb PRICE$18.80 Duck Lemon Duck PRICE$18.80 Sweet and Sour Duck PRICE$18.80

Fried Duck Plum Sauce PRICE$18.80 Soya Duck PRICE$18.80 Squid/ Seafood Combination Salted & Pepper Squid PRICE$15.80 Sambal Squid PRICE$15.80 Omelette Plain Omelette PRICE$11.80 Vegetables Omelette PRICE$13.80 Chicken Omelette PRICE$15.80 Beef Omelette PRICE$15.80 Chai Poh Omelette PRICE$13.80 Prawn Omelette PRICE$15.80 Combination Omelette

PRICE$16.80 King Prawn Omelette PRICE$19.80 Malaysian Style Noodle Mee Goreng PRICE$12.80 Hokkien Mee PRICE$12.80 Chicken Fried Kuey Teow PRICE$12.80 Beef Fried Kuey Teow PRICE$12.80 Beef Ho Fun PRICE$12.80 Veggie Fried Soft Noodles PRICE$12.80 Chicken Ho Fun PRICE$13.80 Singapore Mee Fun PRICE$13.80 Chicken/ Beef Fried Soft Noodles PRICE$13.80 Curry Laksa Soup

PRICE$13.80 Fish Fillet Noodle Soup PRICE$13.80 Chicken Rice PRICE$13.80 Combination Fried Kuey Teow PRICE$16.80 Seafood Kuey Teow PRICE$16.80 Combination Ho Fun PRICE$14.80 Seafood Ho Fun PRICE$16.80 Tofu Fried Tofu in Sweet Thai Sauce PRICE$12.80 Salted & Pepper Tofu PRICE$13.80 Mapo Tofu PRICE$16.80 Japanese Tofu PRICE$16.80 Seafood Claypot Tofu

PRICE$17.80 Home Town Fried Tofu PRICE$17.80 Fragrance Tofu PRICE$16.80 Satay Tofu PRICE$13.80 Meal for One - Rice Curry Beef Brisket with Rice PRICE$13.80 Hainanese Chicken Rice PRICE$13.80 Curry Chicken Chop with Rice PRICE$13.80 Fried Chicken Wings with Rice & Fry Egg PRICE$13.80 Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Rice PRICE$13.80 Salted & Pepper Chicken with Rice PRICE$13.80 Gan xiang chicken with Rice PRICE$13.80 Sweet & Sour Pork with rice

PRICE$12.80 Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice PRICE$12.80 Lemon Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Honey Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Satay Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Satay Beef with Rice PRICE$12.80 Beef Black Bean with Rice PRICE$12.80 Chicken Black Bean with Rice PRICE$12.80 Szechuan Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Szechuan Beef with Rice PRICE$12.80 Chilli Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Chilli Beef with Rice PRICE$12.80

Ginger Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Ginger Beef with Rice PRICE$12.80 Chicken Chow Mein with Rice PRICE$12.80 Beef Chow Mein with Rice PRICE$12.80 Kong Po Chicken with Rice PRICE$12.80 Kong Po Beef with Rice PRICE$12.80 Meal for One - Noodles Curry Laksa PRICE$13.80 Singapore Mee Fun PRICE$13.80 Fried Egg Noodles PRICE$13.80 MG- Mee Goreng PRICE$13.80 FKT - Fried Kuey Teow PRICE$13.80

Chicken Mince Dry Noodles (Bit Spicy) PRICE$13.80 FKT with Egg Sauce - Hofun PRICE$12.80 Claypot Yee Mee PRICE$13.80 Tom Yum Mee Fun PRICE$13.80 Sang Mee - Fried Crispy Noodles with Egg Sauce PRICE$15.80 Fish Fillets Noodles Soup PRICE$13.80 Curry Beef Brisket Wanton Mee PRICE$13.80 Wanton NoodlesWanton, fish cake & veggie. PRICE$13.80 FMF -Fried Mee Fun PRICE$13.80 Chicken Mince Dry Noodles (Bit Spicy) PRICE$13.80 Nasi Lemak with Fried Wings PRICE$13.80 Chef Specialty

Spicy Pork Belly PRICE$16.80 Three cup sauce chickenWith or without bone. PRICE$19.80 Three Colour VegetablesWith spinach or with choi sum. PRICE$16.80 Beancurd TofuBit spicy. PRICE$18.80 Picked Vegetables Slice DuckBit spicy. PRICE$19.80 Eggplant Claypot PRICE$16.80 Cereal King PrawnsWith or without shells. PRICE$19.80 Steamed Herbal Chicken (Half) PRICE$16.80 Sambal Lala (Pipi Clam) PRICE$18.80 Marinated Fried Pork PRICE$16.80 Pan Fried Tooth Fish PRICESmall $33.80 PRICELarge $43.80

Braised Soya Duck PRICE$18.80 Braised Soya Chicken PRICE$16.80 Papa TofuWith salted fish and chicken minced. PRICE$16.80 Fish Head Curry (Fish Wings) PRICEReg $33.80 PRICELarge $43.80 Homemade Fried Tofu PRICEReg $17.80 PRICELarge $35.60 Gan Xiang Fish Fillet PRICEReg $17.80 PRICELarge $27.80 Gan Xiang Chicken PRICEReg $15.80 PRICELarge $25.80 Golden Fried Pork PRICEReg $19.80 PRICELarge $29.80 Double Taste King Prawns PRICEReg $19.80

PRICELarge $29.80 Curry Beef Brisket Rendang PRICEReg $17.80 PRICELarge $27.80 Honey Pepper Pork PRICEReg $16.80 PRICELarge $26.80 Fried Duck in Plum Sauce PRICEReg $18.80 PRICELarge $37.60 Golden King Prawns PRICESmall $27.80 PRICELarge $37.80 Desserts Chendol PRICE$6.00 Bubur ChachaHot or cold. PRICE$6.00 Red Bean Pancake With Ice Cream PRICE$6.00 Fried Ice Cream PRICE$6.00 Banana Fritters With Ice Cream

PRICE$6.00 Beverages Lipton PRICE$4.50 Bundaberg PRICE$4.50 Soft Drinks (Can) PRICE$3.50

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15% Off - Hometown's Kitchen-Parkwood - Order Food Online  

Order food delivery and Chinese, Malaysian takeaway online from Hometown's Kitchen, 6147-Parkwood Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or...

15% Off - Hometown's Kitchen-Parkwood - Order Food Online  

Order food delivery and Chinese, Malaysian takeaway online from Hometown's Kitchen, 6147-Parkwood Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or...