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Colour Background


90% Black

Full colour

To be used on a white background only.

Typeface Myriad Pro Bold condensed

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKk Myriad Pro condensed


Pantone 8222c

Pantone 8305c Pantone 8644c Pantone 8781c Pantone 8542c

Identity system

Primary - This brandmark to be used where ever possible.

Secondary A - This brandmark to be used when the legibility of the text is compromised because of layout restrictions.

Secondary B - For small-scale use, for example stationary, the side of CD

Social media We have been using the help from friend’s and family thorough our personal Facebook and twitter accounts. We started by simply using #hash tags on our personal twitter posts and talking about the project a week or two before it was launched. Although these tweets reached a small audience it still started a small stir between our connections.

Social media To promote Oak sessions we have created Facebook and twitter pages.

Social media Within the first 12 hours we hit 120 likes.

Oak Sessions - Visual Identity  

Oak sessions Brand development

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