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12 Kalman Gardens, Milton Keynes, MK7 8QH

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per sonal s tatement

what w o u ld yo u li k e t o k n ow ?

I’m an award winning third year graphic design student at the Cambridge School of Arts, but this isn’t what makes me stand out. I stand out because I’ve shown the ability and the tenacity to take on over several clients on a freelance basis.

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This real experience has enabled me to actively connect my education with real, live projects, which not only has developed

Personal Statement

my graphic design skills but also helped me gain valuable client management skills.

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I’m a focused, self-motivating individual with a strong work


ethic. I always approach every assignment with passion, enthusiasm and focus which has been recognised through my YCN Student Award

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( for my work on the Graze Competition Brief.


As a digital native I’ve excelled in using complex design

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packages. My education and endless hours of experimenting now mean I’m confident and proficient in the Adobe Creative Suites,

Honors & Awards

particularly InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Outside the world of design I’m a big fan of extreme sports and I’m proud to say that I have worked with a few big names within the industry already (Identiti Bikes, Halo Wheels & TSG). I know where I’m going, I’m seeking to secure a position to build the foundation of my career within a sports organisation where I can not only bring my graphic design knowledge, but to also develop my current skill set further.



12 Kalman Gardens, Milton Keynes, MK7 8QH


e x p eri en ce


Although I am training to be a graphic designer I have had other part-time and full time jobs. But my main focus has been freelance jobs to help me get a


headstart of what it will be like to work with clients in the working world.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Red Bull Racing (School Work Experience)

January 2009 - Present

February 2007



While begining my Foundation Degree in Graphic

When working at the famous Red Bull Racing factory

Design at UCMK I took it upon myself to gain work

for my school work experience I participated in a

and a client base to give me that extra knowledge of

number of different activities and jobs. My main job

working with proper clients when it came to finishing

during the week was to final check parts that were

my degree.

going to be sent out to the Formula 1 race. This required an eye for detail to spot any marks or weaknesses of the car part. I was also introduced to

Assembly Engineer (Pericom PLC)

the work of carbon fibre. After learning how parts

May 2008 - August 2008

were made I was offered the chance to produce my own


part without assistance. I jumped at the chance

For this job I was assembling electronic rateboards

and made myself a Formula 1 car nose cap which I

that can be found in a number of places such as HSBC

currently still have.

and Post Office. The job required a lot of patience and concentration, along with a lot of teamwork to meet the large target that we had been given. In 2 months we produced 800 working rateboards.

Cambridge School of Arts BA(Hons), Graphic Design, 2011 - 2013 (expected)

Milton Keynes College FdA, Graphic Design, 2009 - 2011


honor s & awar ds

With this large target and short deadline I found myself working very hard and determined to meet the

YCN Commendation

deadline. I also worked extra hours to complete the


June 2012

I was awarded with a Commendation for the YCN

Stockroom Assistant (Argos)

student competition 2011/12. I will be attending

November 2010 - January 2011 (Christmas temp)

an awards ceremony in September to collect my



When working at Argos as a Christmas temp I joined the stockroom team which involved me collecting

Student of the Year

items and delivering them to the store front

University Center Milton Keynes

as quick as possible. This required serious

June 2011

concentration when retrieving the item as the stock room was so large. I also worked on the collection

I was awarded graphic design Student of the Year

counter dealing with customers and any help they

2011 after studying for my foundation degree at the

might need.

University Center Milton Keynes.



(+44)78661 66901

12 Kalman Gardens, Milton Keynes, MK7 8QH

(+44)78661 66901

Th a n k you for you r tim e . M ayb e I’ l l h e a r from you so o n ?



12 Kalman Gardens, Milton Keynes, MK7 8QH


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James Webber Resume  

James Webber Resume