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A Trampoline is a device that is made up of a piece of taut and a strong fabric that is attached to a steel frame with the help of many coiled springs. People use this instrument for bouncing on them as a recreational activity as well as for sports and competitive purposes. The fabric that is used in the Trampoline, on which the users bounce, commonly known as the bounce mat or the Trampoline bed, is not elastic in nature itself. The springs that connect to the frame helps in providing elasticity. The frame stores potential energy in it. In the earlier times there were also many Trampolines like devices. A game that is very similar to trampoline was developed by the Inuit. In this people would toss each other in the air using Walrus skin. A poster of Pablo Fanque’s Circus Royal earlier from the 19th century refers to the performance on Trampoline. Though the device is not exactly like a Trampoline, it resembles more of a spring board than the fabric and coiled springs that are used presently. In the early 20th century, a few acrobats used a type of bouncing bed on stage to entertain the audiences. This bouncing bed was in fact a form of small trampoline which was covered with bed clothes. This instrument was used by the acrobats basically to perform hilarious on stage routines. According to the circus folklore, the Trampoline was first introduced by an artist named du Trampoline. It was him who found out that the trapeze safety net could be used as a form of propulsion and a landing device. He undertook experiments using various different methods of suspension. He eventually decreased the size of the net












The first modern Trampoline was built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936. The name Trampoline came from the spanish word trampolin that means a diving board. During its stage of development, Nissen thought that only a single Trampoline could be used by more than one user at a given point of time, in various recreational activities. This brings into light one such game known as Spaceball. This game consists of two teams with two players in each team on a single Trampoline which is constructed specially with side walls and a middle wall. Other than recreational activities Trampolines are also used in flight and astronaut training.

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