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Hack a Facebook password is a cyber crime Few Steps in Hack a Facebook password There are certain websites which is encouraging people to hack a facebook password. In other words it is encouraging them to become cyber criminals. Hack a Facebook password site has been around for many years. Cyber crime happens most of the time because of irrational feelings such as jealousy of a loved one suspected of cheating. There are many other reasons of cyber crime but this is one of the main reasons. The website which is encouraging cyber crime is very professional in nature. Password is personal information and if that is being stolen then you will have to worry a lot. How the hacking is done To hack a facebook password is not easy. It is a crime but still people do it. There is a flaw that facebook has patched that the account could be exploited or hacked by using SMS messages in less than sixty seconds. It is all about linking a mobile phone number to a Facebook account. This would allow receiving updates via SMS; it can be logged in by using the number rather than the email address. However this issue has been resolved but the hackers can still use this technique by entering an arbitrary mobile phone in anyone’s facebook account. Therefore that would again ask for password reset. This password reset process would allow the hacker to choose a new password for the targeted account, which would give the hacker a complete access to the facebook account. The owner of the targeted account, meanwhile, would have had no indication that the hack was done until the owner was no longer able to access the account. In the world of social network activating and using mobile text therefore took advantage in facebook’s mechanism. To hack a facebook password the hacker has to again send a text message to facebook which includes some numbers. The last step in hacking facebook password The text number varies for some other countries. After a while, Facebook sends an SMS back to the mobile phone with an eight-character code that needs to be entered on a user's Mobile Settings page on Facebook's site before the link with the mobile phone can be activated. The hacker therefore found out that he could change the profile id and submit the form. Once the form is submitted, Facebook would tie the mobile phone number used to that Facebook ID. To hack a facebook password the hacker can therefore use facebook reset feature. Then the password-reset confirmation code is sent via SMS to the mobile phone that had just been authorized for the account. Therefore to Hack a Facebook password the hacker has to enter the code in the password-reset screen on Facebook, and the password can be changed. Once the password is changed the hacker would have full control on the account. Therefore to avoid unauthorized access to your account you should not share your password, do not reuse your password, complex password should be used, https should be turned on always, notifications should be turned on always and lastly always check if there are any active sessions turned on.

Hack a Facebook password is a cyber crime