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Sodor and Man Ministerial Internship

Your journey of discernment continues. Step away from what you know and allow us to journey with you as your conversation with God keeps on going. All highest and glorious God, cast your light into the darkness of my heart. Grant me right faith, firm hope, perfect charity, profound humility, with wisdom and perception, O Lord, so that I may always and everywhere seek to know and do what is truly your holy will, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen St Francis of Assisi


Time out in service and discovery A year on an Island serving the community; serving God. A year on an Island discovering God; discovering yourself.

Discerning God’s call in the noise of the world isn’t easy; but don’t think it’ll be any easier on a tiny Island in the Irish Sea. As you listen to the call of God, the Diocese of Sodor and Man invites you to come and live among us, in the place where Maughold first sought to preach the Gospel over 1400 years ago. A place ravaged by the Vikings, bought and sold by the wealthy throughout history; a land now fiercely independent and free. Come and listen to your own call through service, reflection and encounter. Find time to focus on God’s purpose for your life as you discover that your path ahead is like none you’ve walked before.

Until the reformation the Diocese was part of the Norwegian church, a detail left over from our ancient Here you are both pioneer heritage. Our Celtic heritage is shaped by Patrick, minister and country parson; German (and other obscure Celtic saints like Maughold, where faith has deep roots; Cairbre and Sanctain), creating a strong feeling of being but also where the gospel a Church of England Diocese that is not part of the needs to be preached afresh ‘English established church’. for a new generation. The Cathedral Church of St German (known as Catheral Isle of Man) is the Cathedral church of the Diocese of Sodor and Man (a diocese that today only includes the Isle of Man, but originally included the 'Sudrys' or Southern Isles of the Archdiocese of Nidaros and Trondheim and incorporated the western Isles of Scotland and part of the Scottish Coast).

The Background

The Diocese is the smallest in the Church of England and serves a population of under 85,000 people.

The Island is a self governing Crown Dependency – governed by Tynwald not Westminster.

Tynwald is the worlds oldest continually sitting democratically elected parliament beginning in 979AD. The Island is not part of the European Union, and even prints its own currency. Famous for TT races, cats with no tails, all things ‘three legged’ and summer holidays. You’ll discover that UK mobile phones ‘roam’ here, we have our own postal service, health service and even our own language, Manx Gaelic - and we’re less than an hour from London!

The sense of community is still very strong on the Island – from the local social level right through to the island's thriving farming and fishing industry.


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The Diocese of Sodor and Man Together Making Christ Visible Peel is the main town on the West Coast of the Island and is quickly becoming a 'commuter town' for Douglas (the capital) in the East. Castletown is the main center in the south and is home to the Island’s international airport, Ronaldsway. Our current bishop is working very hard to The Western Mission Partnership is made ensure the diocese remains a good, faithful and secure servant of the Island up of 8 churches grouped into two community – but this is with the Parishes. These include the Island’s recognition that things cannot stay as Cathedral in Peel, and the Government they are. In the coming years the Diocese Chapel (known locally as ‘The Royal will certainly see church closures (in total Chapel). we have 44 Anglican chapels and churches) as we concentrate on living out The Southern Mission Partnership the Missio Dei. comprises three Parishes with 10 churches between them. This group is home to some of our smallest and most Alongside this we are only just beginning to develop and experiment with ‘fresh ancient buildings; some with physical foundations going back over 1500 years expressions’ and alternative worship. alongside a group of people today who September 2016 will see the arrival of our would like the Christian community to fourth cohort of interns; your year on the still be here in another 1500 years. Isle of Man will see give you time and space to explore alongside room to The Eastern Mission Partnership includes experiment and discern. Douglas and is home to over half of the Island’s population. With a mix of church This is a diverse community with growing traditions and social contexts ranging from the financial heartland of the Isle of ecumenical partnerships, deep rural Man to large social housing schemes, the villages and urban towns. The Isle of Man is place where you can create and shape eastern partnership offers an your own ministry as you consider God’s opportunity to engage in a real mixed call. economy of church. Your year will be based within either the Western, Southern or Eastern Mission Partnership. Our Mission Partnerships are made up of a number of parishes, each with it’s own council and each with it’s own character and emphasis on mission and ministry.


The Diocese of Sodor and Man Together Making Christ Visible

A period in the desert place? A task to complete? An opportunity to grow?

The year runs for 11 months from September through to July. Following an induction program in September, you’ll spend the remaining part of the year engaging with real life on our Island.

The induction, run with the help of our partners, will give you a welcome to Island life, practical skills and resources to get you started right away and a chance to make new friends from day one. This will include an induction to the Diocese, the Mission partnerships, the Parish and all things Anglican as well an introduction to our ecumenical partners.

Your time might be focused on a specific area, or might simply be more general as you get an insight into the working of Parish life as a potential ordained minister in the Church of England. Your ‘placements’ will be shared equally between work with the Cathedral Team and a ‘parish’. This will give you the opportunity to be part of a large team, whilst finding out what it is really like for the many parochial clergy who minister alone as priest and pioneer.

Your year will use the 9 ‘criteria for selection’ as a foundation. Whilst we recognize that not all interns will go onto be ordained, these criteria provide a basis on which to consider carefully God’s vision and purpose for your life ahead.

Throughout the year you’ll be guided by a supervisor who will work with you in a process of theological reflection on your practice.

Alongside life in the Parish, you are invited to enroll as a student on courses currently run by All Saints, or the Diocesan Certificate in Christian Studies. We hope these will provide a basis for further academic development alongside your practice and experience.

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Our Partners… As such a small Diocese, we cannot do all of this alone. Here are two of our Partners who will be here for you in your year.

Scripture Union Ministries Trust (SUMT) SUMT was established over 20 years ago on the Isle of Man and is part of the Scripture Union Associates Scheme. A registered Manx charity with a strong leadership team of Trustees, an executive body, paid staff, and a raft of fantastic volunteers - full time and part time. SUMT connects in with local churches, primary and secondary education, and has established a gap year programme for emerging leaders offering training opportunities for young people focusing on youth work and Christian leadership from introductory level through to degree level. SUMT will partner to deliver the induction programme – including first aid, COSHH, Safeguarding, team skills, schools work, personal development, leadership training. SUMT are based in a ‘community house’ – Mallmore – on the South Coast of the island and will offer a welcome retreat, a source of great pastoral care (and coffee) and a collection of other young people all exploring Christian Ministry from many different denominations. Find out more about SUMT at

All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry All Saints (formerly known as the Southern North Western Training Partnership or SNoWToP until August 2012), offer theological training for those training non-residentially for full or part time, lay or ordained ministry in the Church of England and other denominations across the North West of England. All Saints has a ‘satellite’ base on the


Accommodation and finance During your time on Island you will be living ‘in community’ in a shared house in Peel. A Study bedroom will be provided for each ‘intern’ within a five bedroom, three bathroom house. Situated in the center of Peel, the traditional three storey terrace also has two reception rooms and Kitchen diner/breakfast-room. The house is less than fifty yards from the Deanery, Cathedral and Office. Utility bills, rates, wi-fi are paid by the Diocese. ‘Pool’ cars are available to help with travel around the island. Living ‘in-community’ offers a chance to further develop basic life skills, to grow new and hopefully lifelong friendships in a context of formation and discipleship.

We estimate that you will need around £65 per week for your own ‘pocket money’ to cover things like clothing, contribution towards evening meals, your own mobile phone bills, toiletries, travel and ‘time out’ and personal travel. We can send you a copy of a suggested budget – just ask! We recognize that giving a year of your life is priceless, so wherever possible we will seek to help you with these costs. We will provide housing and utilities free of charge. Alongside this we will to offer a monthly grant of £230 to contribute towards your personal expenses. This is made possible thanks to sponsors on the Isle of Man who are committed to investing in your future alongside funding from the Church of England Ministry Experience Scheme.

If what you’ve read makes you want to find out more then do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! But before you call or email, take a few moments to pray and reflect; • Are you willing to commit to a pattern of bible study, prayer and reflection ‘in season and out of season’? • Will you be able to be part of a team even when the task to be completed appears insignificant? • Are you willing to share fully in a period of group accountability for your life? • Are you willing to be a responsible member of the leadership team, and can you be responsible for others? • Are you willing to enter into part of your faith journey that comes with no guarantees as you continue to search out where God is leading you? If you can say ‘yes’ – then we’d love to hear from you. Contact Revd James McGowan 07624 488008 To find out more about this unique context online visit To find our more about ministry in the Church of England visit Ipsum Dolor


Sodor and man internship  

Find out about our year on the Isle of Man as you consider where God is calling you.

Sodor and man internship  

Find out about our year on the Isle of Man as you consider where God is calling you.