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Gcap Radio

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What is Webjam for the user?

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What is Webjam for the partner?

At Webjam, our long-term vision is to help partners, create communities with purpose.

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Central Gcap home webjam

• Internal dynamic resource

•Internal community

•Easily manageable & flexible

•Multiple sites, manageable from one control panel

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Radio Station home and community

• Internal/External home radio community

• Easily Manageable

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Create multiple micro-sites communities with replicable templates

• Easy style editor for instant effect • Can fit any purpose • Multiple communities, per competition/initiative •All centrally manageable from one account. •Co-editorship makes individual microsite management easy

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Listener communities creating their own sites with replicable templates

• Empower your listeners to engage and contribute with replicable templates • Run blogging/mash-up competitions • Create a content/information community around your brands • Keep tabs on your communities sites in one place

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Sending your content ‘Webjam viral’

• Allow listener to listen in their own environment with a radio widget. • Increase your audience virally with our module replication. • Give impetus to your growth by empowering your community to spread the word.

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All accessible from:

James Williams Business Development Manager mobile: +44(0)7912 626600 Webjam: Skype: jamesmawilliams

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GCAP - you love it

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