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Acute Abdominal Pain ‐ Symptoms and Treatments  Abdominal pain is a condition where the person feels pain at the lower side of the stomach. This pain  may lead to swelling in the stomach with constant and severe pain. There can be many causes for this  condition  such  as  gastric  problem,  Indigestion,  constipation,  food  infection  or  female  organ  disorder.

Pain caused by an infectious agent is typically the result of a bacterial infection in the large intestine called “Colon”. Another problem that occurs due to this bacterial infection is “Diverticulitis”. It is the formation of small pouches on inner lining of intestine. Both of these conditions may require emergency care and surgery in severe conditions.

Symptoms of Abdominal Pain

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Fever Eating Disorder  Inability to pass stool  Blood in Vomiting  Blood particles in stool  Difficulty in breathing  Frequent urination  Pain occurs during pregnancy  Feeling restless  Constant pain at lower right side of abdomen. 

Treatment for Abdominal Pain  If you face an acute abdominal pain, then it is better to go for the following treatments:  1. If you have swelling in the abdomen then it is better to go for hot water bag treatment and give a  warm heat at the swollen area. This will give you fast relief from stomach distension.  2. If you suffer from fever due to abdominal pain, then you can take some tablets like Paracetamol,  Aztreonam or Dexlansoprazole, but strictly under doctors or a board certified physician prescription. 3. Eat light and low cholesterol food to keep your digestive system healthy. This will keep you away from such acute abdominal pain. 4. Drink plenty of water and include liquid diet if you are suffering from such stomach distension or pains. 5. You can also go for certain pain relieving syrups that may give you faster relief from pains in the abdomen. Even then, if you are not getting relief from your pains, it’s better to find an emergency care clinic or a center where you can get a thorough physical examination to determine the causes of acute abdominal pain and devise a treatment plan to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Acute Abdominal Pain - Symptoms and Treatments  
Acute Abdominal Pain - Symptoms and Treatments  

Abdominal pain is a condition where the person feels pain at the lower side of the stomach. This pain may lead to swelling in the stomach wi...