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James Malinchak Reminds Entrepreneurs that Attitude Needs Fine-tuned Like a Radio Station

ď‚— If you had ever taken a road trip prior to digital radio

tuners, then you may have realized as you were driving down the road that the station started to pick up static. In order to keep listening to the station, you had to adjust the dial with a steady hand slightly to the left or right to finetune the station. Business attitudes are like those old tuning dials. As entrepreneurs navigate down the path of their careers, a slight adjustment to the attitude becomes necessary.

ď‚— There are several ways to adjust your attitude

station that I would like to share with you towards your success.

1.) Audio Adjustments ď‚— Find opportunities to listen to a speaker or mentor present

information on mindset and attitude, then allow that information to seep into your mind. The best way to consume audio messages is to make driving-time learningtime. While driving, even if the drive is only ten minutes or fewer, a lot of valuable training information enters your mind and influences your attitude. However, there are other possibilities for audio learning time, such as working out at the gym, during bathing rituals, meditating before bed, getting ready in the morning, and during your lunch break. Regardless of what you do, create time to listen and get an attitude adjustment.

2.) Live Seminars ď‚— When you attend a live seminar, you get out of the office

and can focus on what you need to do to improve your business. You immediately get jazzed up because you are around new people who are just like you, business minded, goal oriented entrepreneurs. The enthusiasm is contagious so much that some business owners become seminar junkies. They thrive on the group setting so much that they need an attitude boost almost like an addiction. Seek out the right seminar. Find one that is rich in content. By seeking quality seminars, you gain more knowledge than you learn from an amateur.

3.) Mastermind Meetings ď‚— Another opportunity to fine-tune your attitude is within

mastermind meetings. When a business owner has the chance to collaborate with many like-minded individuals from a multitude of industries, they cannot help but get an attitude adjustment. Masterminds are so amazing that even I belong to them as well as organize and lead them. Just like with anything else I have mentioned, seek out a quality group that has a proven track record of success. Otherwise, you might find that you are in a group that is all take instead of the give and take. When you are in the right group, the leader teaches separate sections as well as leads the mastermind groups.

ď‚— Overall, the best three methods for an attitude

adjustment are the three mentioned above: audio adjustments, live seminars, and mastermind meetings.

ď‚— While you could do only one or two of these

techniques, I will remind you that my most successful clients engage all three styles. In doing all three, you encapsulate more learning which impacts how you think and what actions you take for your business. As a result, to get ahead in business, the more you do to achieve and the sooner you do it is the best way to success.

ď‚— Therefore, consistently seek out more opportunities for

regular audio learning time, live seminars, and mastermind meetings. In doing so, you and your business have a higher chance of succeeding as you are tuning into the right station at every curve and despite every obstacle.

James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show Secret Millionaire, is considered by many professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For FREE Video Trainings on how to get paid to speak and how to become a motivational speaker, visit

James Malinchak: A Reminder to Entrepreneurs  

James Malinchak reminds entrepreneurs that attitude needs to be fine-tuned like a radio station

James Malinchak: A Reminder to Entrepreneurs  

James Malinchak reminds entrepreneurs that attitude needs to be fine-tuned like a radio station