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The Most Common Injury in Basketball According to the Denver Nuggets Training Room, ankle sprain is the most common injury to professional basketball players. And looking at the current injured players list, it starts to become more obvious. On the current injured list – as of May 2012 – are five sprained ankles. Semih Erden of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets, Luke Ridnour of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, and Hassan Whiteside of the Sacramento Kings are all missing game time to sprained ankles. The most common ankle sprain, both in the NBA and everyday life, is the inversion sprain. This is when the sole of the foot rolls inward (toward the other foot) and stretches the joints outer connective tissue. Other types of sprains include the eversion sprain and the high ankle sprain. These are both less common. An eversion sprain happens when the sole of the foot rolls outward. A high ankle sprain is a sprain of the joint where the two bones of the lower leg meet. Sprains are typically avoided using the following measures. First, it’s important that the athlete strengthen and condition the muscle in and around the ankle joint. This includes adequate warm up and stretching before a game. Second, the right footwear is absolutely necessary. Without the right shoes, the feet are prone to more slipping and bending. Third, the ankle is wrapped with athletic tape before a game. The tape gives extra support and feedback to let the athlete know when the joint is bending too far. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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The Most Common Injury in Basketball  
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