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News of the AFES ministry at Flinders Uni

April 2014

FLINDERS UPDATE Proclaiming Jesus | Teaching the Bible | Helping students grow in Christ

Planning… Our first official activity for the year is the Leaders’ Planning Retreat, in early February. The team met for a day and evening of planning, praying an preparing for the year ahead.

Commencing… Commencement Camp was held on February 20-23 with Mawson Lakes and Magill ES. James Krieg spoke on the book of Ecclesiastes; student leaders ran small groups and other activities to help introduce new students to uni life and to the ES group on their campus.

Orientating… Orientation Week is a big event at FLinders, with a week full of activities, music, stallholders and clubs. We made a connection with a good number of first years and continuing students, as well as several opportunities to share the Gospel with those who were enquiring.

Teaching… Our teaching program for the year has got off to a good start, with series on the Sermon on the Mount (lunchtimes), The Things We Firmly Believe, the Authentic Life (Tues. nights), Marks’ Gospel (small groups), plus workshops to help continuing students be involved in ES ministry.

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m thrilled to be working with ES at Flinders Uni in 2014. I’m an Adelaide girl at heart, but from 2011-13 I studied theology at Ridley College in Melbourne. Don’t worry, I haven’t crossed over to the dark side – I still support the Adelaide Crows, I know how to correctly pronounce “castle” and “dance”, and I think Fruchocs are “heaps good”! My time at Ridley was fantastic though, I’ve learnt so much about God’s Word, how it shapes our faith and life, and how to explain it to others.# I’ve had a fantastic time at Commencement Camp, O-Week and in the first few weeks of Semester, getting to know the staff and students at Flinders ES. It has been so exciting to see the enthusiasm the ESers have for growing in their knowledge and love of Jesus. It has also been encouraging to get a glimpse of the opportunities we’ll have on campus to share the good news about Jesus with those who don’t yet know him.# Continued on next page


News of the AFES ministry at Flinders Uni

April 2014


I feel I’ve settled into the rhythm of campus ministry now… it’s such a joy that my time on campus is filled with Bible Study Groups, 1:1 discipleship, running TNT workshops, meeting with a non-Christian, and helping ES establish a presence on Sturt Campus. Please pray that through all these activities Jesus will be proclaimed at Flinders Uni.#

A blast from the Past! A recent tidy up in Oasis uncovered a faded envelope containing numerous photos of a visit to the uni by John Smith and the ‘God Squad’ in 1973, organised by Flinders Christian Fellowship (A former name of ES). Some open-air preaching on the Plaza was followed by a lecture to the Philosophy department, and an evangelistic coffee shop event with over 90 students attending. This discovery is a good reminder of the cultural changes that have happened at Flinders over the last 40 years. Open-air preaching is no longer allowed; getting an audience with an academic department would be very difficult; and getting 90 students to an overtly evangelistic meeting is virtually unheard of.

Supporting Lauren!

We’re blessed to be the recipient of a grant to help kick-start Lauren’s ministry at Flinders, however she is still in the process of support raising to enable her to continue long-term in this important ministry. If you would like to contribute financially, you may do so by going to and selecting Lauren in the ‘support a worker’ section of the form. If you would like a printed financial response form, or you would just like to receive her newsletter so you can pray for her, contact Lauren on or phone 0437 526 626.

Yet the Gospel message has not changed, nor is the God who entrusts us with this message. Just as powerful to save and transform lives, the message of the cross still needs to be faithfully proclaims, even if our methods look radically different.

Stay tuned for news of a Celebration Dinner later this year, to mark the 80th anniversary of AFES in South Australia

Some students at Commencement Camp, held at Dzintari Camp, Normanville


News of the AFES ministry at Flinders Uni

April 2014

Reaching the Nations… at home! David Walter

FOCUS is usually exciting, but this year even more than usual. Flinders FOCUS (the ES outreach arm to international students) had an excellent Summer program of activities and Bible studies on the book of Colossians, under the title “Jesus is all you need”. When we studied Colossians 4, we talked about the importance of welcoming outsiders with truth and grace, and that O-Week was a key time to introduce people to FOCUS and Jesus. # God was very kind, and we carried great momentum into an excellent O-Week, our best ever by far. With FOCUS students more excited, active, public and numerous in O-Week, we had significant contact with 95 new students, far exceeding our regular 20-25 new contacts during previous O-Weeks. We met many new people from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Our Thursday night meetings of games, dinner, Bible studies and Bible talks have grown in their clarity and size, peaking at an attendance of 45. Currently we’re running 5 small group Bible studies, 2 of them for non-believers.# David Spencer is new to FOCUS staff this year and, along with his wife Kate, has been enthusiastic and energetic in trying many new things to share the Gospel and teach the Bible to international students. We’re thankful to have him on the team. If you’d like to support David, visit support# On April 4-6, we held our first ever combined SA FOCUS Camp, together with FOCUS Adelaide. We had Bible talks and studies on Luke’s Gospel, under the theme “Who do you trust”. People we challenged to think deeply about Jesus and the Gospel, and a Chinese student from FOCUS Adelaide became a Christian 2 days after the camp. Praise God!# Please pray that God would continue to draw international students to Himself and grow in them deep and enduring faith.


News of the AFES ministry at Flinders Uni

April 2014

Pray for us! We really value the partnership of many people who uphold us an this ministry in prayer. If you would like to receive a weekly email with prayer points (a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening on campus), go to or scan the QR code at the bottom of this page. If you received this update through an email subscription, click on ‘update subscription preferences’ at the bottom of the email.# Do you pray daily for ministries and missions? If so, please use the following points to include us in your prayers.# 1. Give thanks with us for the work the Father has been doing in the lives of students to reveal Jesus to them, and give them a confidence in the Gospel 2. Pray for first years and students ‘new to ES’, that they will feel a part of the community, and will be free to participate in our mission. 3. Pray for the Leadership Team - Committee and Small Group leaders, that they will be enabled by God’s grace to fulfill their responsibilities and to grow in their own faith and leadership gifts. 4. Pray for the staff team, and for James Krieg (Campus Director) who leads the combined ESFOCUS staff team of seven. Pray especially that we may know God’s provision in energy, wisdom and practical & financial needs. 5. Pray for a number of students who are meeting regularly with staff to read the Bible and be mentored; pray also that student leaders will be equipped and enabled to do the same for younger students. 6. Pray for a number of students who have connections with ES who are not Christians. Pray that we will be bold in speaking the Gospel to them, and that the Father will open their eyes to see Jesus. 7. Pray that the name of Jesus will be boldly lifted up on campus through our regular activities, Jesus Week, and conversations, and that all of God’s people at Flinders will not be ashamed of the Gospel. Campus Director: James Krieg Senior Staff: Diana Brenkley Lauren Hull

FOCUS: David & Cathy Walter David Spencer Ministry Apprentice: Kristy Lynch

ES Committee: Joel Cottrell. Jethro Buxton, Rosie Jak, Naomi Mann, Megan Cottrell, Robert Jenkin, Simeon Mann, Alex Zamagias, Esther McKee


Flinders update april 2014