Page 1 Crowd sourcing has opened more possibilities for graphic design, but the methods exploit the young and professional designers. NouCrowd adapts the language and similar process of crowd sourcing design websites like, and combines he business practices suggested by notable design organizations like AIGA. This website gives clients more than just the final product, but rather a complete package that shows the process and development of the design. Clients are encouraged to build a relationship with their selected designer through NouCrowd’s video conference tool, chat, and feedback forums. Designers have a profile that shows their work experience and past projects on NouCrowd. This will allow the client to check the designer before they decide to work with them. The payment system is designed to prevent the client or designer from losing time and expenses. NouCrowd’s system of crowd sourcing design limits spec work, and promotes better graphic design practice.

1 on 1 interaction

Video Chat


Create a brief

Wait for designers proposals

Send the contract to start the project

Work with the designer to complete the project

Review designers before selecting one to continue the project

Send payments and download the final assets


Browse through project briefs

Upload work in progress

If selected, accept the contract to continue

Submit a proposal for the project

Work with the client to complete the project

PAX Expo 2011 This is a rebranding of PAX Expo 2011. The logo was redesigned in order to improve legibility and target a wider audience of gamers. The logo is made of simple shapes to convey the simplicity of arcade games. The posters will be used within the expo, so that the attendees can be exposed to what is available. Each poster represents a different game genere, multiplayer online, shooters, and strategy. In addition, a representation of the main speakers are placed on the characters. This is to show that the panelists actually play the games, which will help gain respect from the consumers of the product.

Current Logo:

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TIME: Sat 12:30 - 1:30 Pm AREA: Wolfman Theatre Panelists: Mark Barlet [The AbleGamers Foundation], Halimat Alabi [Professor, Art Institute of California], Donna Prior [Developer, Freelance], Ben Herz [Medical Doctor, George Medical Collage], Johnny Richardson [Game Developer, LiquidBits, Inc.], Jeff Hickman [Producer, Mythic]

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Barlet MMO Enriching Lives


alias name:

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alias name:

alias name:

Women Own

Game Masters vs. Lawyers


TIME: Sat 4:30 - 5:30 PM AREA: RAVEN Theatre Panelists:

TIME: 12:00 - 1:00 PM AREA: RAVEN Theatre Panelists:

Carol Stabile [Professor, University of Oregon], David Baker [Technology Specialist, University of Oregon], Staci Tucker [Graduate Student, University of Oregon], Mara Williams [Graduate Student, University of Oregon], Brittany Aubert [Producer, 5th Cell], Marlo Huang [VP, Media Director, Liquid Advertising]

Corvus Elrod [Semionaut & Narrative Designer, Zakelro Story Studio]

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Mokiwear Shirts is a website that sells shirts designed by James Koo. Each design is unique and tells a story through the visual language. The characters were inspired by daily happenings and experiences in James’ life. The design system consists of a black and white color scheme, but the shop allows customers to select different colors for the shirts. This personalization of each shirt allows the customer to claim ownership, because the main concept of mokiwear is personal expression.

Giveimg & Givemb and are two websites founded by James Koo. Both of these websites harnesses the power of the web to help fund organizations like the Red Cross. For example, allows users to upload and share images for free. The revenue is produced through the advertisements on the website. Over time the value of the website will rise due to the numerous users who upload for a positive incentive. 100% of the profit will be donated to various non-profit organizations. The color scheme is black with a energetic bright hue, so it can portray the use of technology for a better future. The logo imagery resembles the “giving� aspect of the website. Each site uses a simple info graphic to explain the process to the new users.

Users can get free web hosting

Simple registration

Send the revenue from GIveImg to organization Google adsense provides revenue for ads

Able Magazine Able magazine is a concept for a sports magazine company. The cover highlights the main athlete for the issue and lists other popular articles. Each spread incorporates bold elements that are contrasted with thin black lines that emphasizes the action of the athletes. The clean yet edgy style represents the fluidity of the athletes, and also the bursts of energy to execute the movements.

a better world begins with you

a better world begins with you


portfolio final project

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