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Goods Identification


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always a good id Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS) is a leading pan-European company that provides value adding solutions and services based on the Automatic Identification of Goods and People (Goods ID and People ID). As an ID driven company, we help identifying the unique attributes of goods and people via state-of-the-art solutions based on both proven and innovative technologies. Across national boundaries, across markets and across technologies, Zetes is committed to optimising the business performance of its customers, which include companies as well as governments. Always looking for new opportunities to link the physical with the digital world, the knowledge and flexibility of the experts in our local offices and international Competence Centres are challenged daily. This has made us the most innovative leader in the market and your first-class partner for identification and mobility solutions.

Our Business

“Since working with Zetes’ voice solution, our productivity has increased by 30 %.” José Carlos Ramos Garcia Technical Manager - Visionlab

Goods and people identification: turning Business needs into Business Benefits

• 25 years of experience • Value-adding and innovative solutions • Designed, built, implemented and serviced

Goods Identification

From Innovation to Identification

Whatever your activity or position within the supply chain, your processes are influenced by its common goal: getting the right products at the right place at the right time, preferably at the lowest cost. Crucial to achieving supply chain excellence in this highly competitive environment is efficiently connecting the constant stream of information of your physical world (goods, assets, operators, etc.) with the digital world of your enterprise systems (ERP, WMS, MES).

Zetes has a thorough understanding of these business processes and a clear vision on how to find and exploit opportunities to improve their performance. Leveraging on over 25 years of experience, we design, build, implement and service valueadding solutions based on various technologies for the automatic identification of goods and people:

People Identification Governments, institutions and enterprises are likewise under increasing pressure to collect and process clear and unambiguous data regarding their citizens, voters, residents, and customers in view of organising credible elections, facilitating border control, running promotional campaigns, etc. Feeding this data securely and accurately into their information systems is a prerequisite of issuing and checking secure identification documents such as identity cards, passports, voter’s cards, or other types of identification documents, such as loyalty cards.

• Barcoding • RFID • Voice recognition • Print & Apply • Matrix Code • Machine vision • Biometrics • Smartcards Constantly looking for new opportunities to improve our customers’ efficiency, the experts in our local offices and international Competence Centres are challenged daily. All with the aim of offering innovative solutions that have a maximum impact on the most important bottom line of all: yours!

Our Approach

1. discovery understanding Customer Needs Offering our customers the best-fit solution starts with understanding their specific business challenges and requirements. Adopting a consultative approach, Zetes’ experts think along and, above all, think ahead with each customer, to determine which solution will offer the most advantages. Customers benefit from our: • • • •

local points of contact in-depth knowledge of local markets international industry vision more than 25 years of experience in Auto-ID

2. design & delivery Always the Best-Fit Solution To efficiently design and implement solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customer’s environment and respond perfectly to their needs, Zetes makes use of flexible solution architecture frameworks. These standard building blocks, available to all members of the Group via the Competence Centres, enable: • • • •

easy customisation in line with customer-specific requirements rapid deployment continuous improvements based on best practices and customer feedback constistency in solutions throughout the Zetes Group

3. CONTINUITY Maximising Return on Investment Once a project has been implemented by our experts, our goal is to keep it up and running for as long as possible, in order to maximise your return on investment. For this, we offer: • • • •

cost-effective maintenance and support on both hardware and software flexible support programs on equiment of leading technology providers short reaction times thanks to local presence structured approach offering peace of mind, also in large projects

Continuous innovation, integration, and improvement based on customer feedback, technology monitoring, etc.

Understanding our customers leads to the best ID’s

• Local expertise, international reach • Consultative approach • Total lifecycle support

Starting From Your Business Drivers Zetes is committed to partner with its customers in longterm relationships. That is why we start with listening to our customers, in order to fully understand their specific challenges and requirements. Whether you are looking for a partner who can provide you with total lifecycle support, or intervenes in just one stage in your project, Zetes’ specialists are ready to sit down with you to find the solution that optimises your business most efficiently. This approach brings you many advantages, such as: • Reliable, flexible solutions adapted to YOUR needs • Maximum availability and return on investment • Objectives achieved on time and within budget • Efficient after-sales service and support

Your Global Partner with Local Market Knowledge Zetes’ solutions are brought to its local and international customers via a network of more than 20 offices in EMEA, reinforced by strong partnerships with leading Auto-ID providers in other parts of the world. With this international presence we hold a unique position in the Auto-ID market, offering a consistency in solutions and services that is hard to match. At the same time, our local presence and market understanding make it easy to adapt solutions in line with specific requirements. Customers benefit from this approach in terms of: • Fast service thanks to local presence • Consistent, transparent solutions and services • Single point of contact, even in large international projects • Faster acces to innovation through close collaboration between regional teams and international Competence Centres

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Getting the right product at the right place at the right time AT THE LOWEST COST • Improving end to end performance • Proven & innovative technologies • Hardware agnostic approach

Better, Faster, Cheaper Achieving competitive advantage depends to a large extent on your ability to turn business challenges into business benefits. If you are influenced by the general Supply Chain goal of getting the right product or person at the right place at the right time at the lowest cost, efficiency is key. Leveraging on our in-depth industry knowledge and Auto-ID expertise, we build solutions that optimise a wide range of supply chain (related) processes. Working closely together with our customers, we adapt these solutions to their requirements, so they benefit maximally from: • Optimised accuracy • Increased productivity • Better traceability • Higher security • Improved customer service • Reduced operational costs

Many Partners Lead to Best-in-Class Solutions Always looking for the best-fit solution for each customer, Zetes will select the most appropriate Auto-ID and data capture technology, software and hardware. To offer you freedom of choice, we work hardware agnostic yet in strong partnership with the leading technology providers and our own production units. In addition, the experts in our Competence Centres are constantly monitoring the latest technology developments, to have you benefit from both the best proven technologies and the most recent innovations.

End to End Performance With our wide range of solutions and services, we give our customers an edge on their competitors from the production plant to the shop floor. You will profit from our industry expertise in a wide range of markets, such as manufacturing, warehousing, transport & logistics, retail, automotive, healthcare, utilities, etc.





achieve better traceability


more efficiency


Optimise visibility on your work in PROGRESS (WIP)...

efficient stock level management...

the right products at the right place at the right time...

Improve customer experience while preserving margins...

• • •

• • •

• • • •

Better control of material flows through real-time availability of shopfloor data Just In Time (JIT) delivery to the assembly line via improved stock management Optimal service and security thanks to batch tracking and quality control applications

Eliminate bottlenecks in stock availability through accurate, real-time inventory data Increase customer satisfaction through efficient execution of operations Improve productivity through optimal use of resources in labour intensive operations

with Zetes’ solutions based on

with Zetes’ solutions based on

• • • • • •

Print & Apply solutions based on in-house developed printer applications MiNetConnect: low risk mobile solution for SAP Rugged fixed and mobile data capture systems Fixed and forklift terminals MES / ERP / Back-end integration ...

• • • • •

3iV Crystal: voice directed solutions for hand and eyes free applications such as order preparation, cross-docking, inventory, etc. Medea Logistics Execution: additional business execution logic filling the gap between ERP / WMS / ... and shop floor Forklift terminals Integration with automated systems (Automated Guided Vehicles, conveyor systems) ERP / WMS / LES integration ...

Gaining time through more effective fleet management, planning and dispatching Saving money via better management of returnable assets (pallets, crates, roll containers, etc.) More efficiency through constant visibility of goods on the move Better decisions by effective synchronisation with trading partners and interdependent operations

Maximum shelf availability through monitored replenishments and enhanced stock rotation management (best before date, cold chain certification, etc.) • Improved service via accurate pricing and promotion management • Increased staff productivity through facilitated check-out processes and paperless operations • Improved decision making based on real-time, accurate in-store data

with Zetes’ solutions based on

with Zetes’ solutions based on

• • • • • •

Proof of Collection / Proof of Delivery 3i RFID Solution: identification, localisation and tracking of pallets, roll-containers, etc. Rugged handheld terminals and printers In-vehicle mobile computing, data transmission and messaging applications TMS / WMS / ERP integration ...

• • • •

Nucleus IS Instore and Stock Audit: Price Management & Stock Management modules based on wireless handheld terminals Fixed and portable scan-intensive terminals and printing units Self-scanning and self-service systems ERP / Back-office integration …

“Having worked with Zetes for a long time, we appreciate their can-do approach and flexible service and support.� Beat Forster Logistics Director Heineken Switzerland

BENEFIT FROM AUTO-id outside the supply chain


Field Force Automation

Automatic identification and authentication of people and products can bring about important advantages in a medical environment, especially in terms of reduced risks and errors and improved customer service. With Zetes’ solutions for Healthcare you benefit from:

Do you want your field workers to save time and work more efficiently? Zetes’ Field Force Automation Solutions, focused on optimising (parking) meter recording, installation, maintenance, repair and control, offer you a firm grip on your business outside the company premises. Replacing paper forms with rugged handheld terminals improves the performance of your workforce through:

• Improved management of stocks of drugs and supplies • Better protection against use of expired or counterfeited products • Easy tracking and tracing of vital equipment • Correct identification of patients avoiding mistakes in treatments • Improved customer service through easily or automatically updated records and databases Based on various technologies (barcoding, printing, RFID, etc.) and using a large range of equipment (fixed and handheld scanners, mobile and desktop printers, smart cards, etc.), our solutions allow medical staff to free up time to focus on their real job: ensuring a timely, accurate and high quality treatment of each patient.

• Automatic planning and routing in line with staff availability • On-screen briefings about the job at hand and the equipment required • Quick, accurate and customer friendly administration thanks to digital forms and mobile printers • Transparency and control via wireless data exchange between field force and back-office

Asset Management Whether reducing the loss or damage of goods while in transit, optimising the use of assets in office or industrial environments, controlling inventories, or providing the easy checking of proprieties, automating the management of your infrastructure with Zetes’ solutions based on mobile terminals, RFID, barcoding, etc. brings about many advantages.

People Identification

“Our pioneering ID solutions make life easy for millions of people, citizens and voters.�

Unambiguous identification and authentication of people

• Turnkey biometric registration solutions • Secure production of identification documents based on advanced technologies • User-friendly visitor registration and access control

Identification and Authentication is Key

Many Solutions for Many Markets

In an increasingly digital and electronic world, identification and authentication of customers, citizens, voters, patients, members or employees has become a critical element in many business processes:

Secure and Commercial Document Production

• Governments and public institutions need to clearly and unambiguously identify a person for administrative purposes, for instance when issuing secure identity and travel documents (national identity cards, passports, visas, voter cards, health cards, drivers’ licenses, etc). • Commercial companies may equally wish to identify their customers, for instance by means of loyalty cards, to run targeted campaigns, facilitate administration, etc. • Organisers of events are in need of secure visitor registration, access control, visitor flow management, etc. Zetes has acquired a vast experience in the implementation of People ID projects in many areas and is well positioned to supply the specialised hardware, software and services that are required to identify people in an accurate, reliable and secure way.

Zetes CardS (Card Services) is Zetes’ highly protected production unit for secure identification documents and smart cards. Meeting the most demanding standards regarding quality and security, it offers a complete value chain for the production and personalisation of secure smart cards and documents, such as identity cards, passports, credit cards, health cards, etc. With this service we meet a variety of needs in many sectors, such as governments and public services, banking and insurance, etc. Our equipment and knowhow equally allows us to provide cost-effective solutions for commercial companies who are looking for more ordinary identification documents, such as loyalty cards, reduction cards, etc.

Events Organisation

Solutions for Governments & Institutions

Zetes FasTrace is a Competence Centre that specialises in the development and implementation of complete solutions for physical identity and access control. Their solutions aim at facilitating the organisation of music festivals, concerts, exhibitions, sport events, cultural events, theme parks, etc., through online visitor registration, ticketing software, database services, etc.

Zetes’ Competence Centre PASS (Personal Authentication and Security Services) has a wide experience in offering turnkey solutions that meet the requirements of governments, international institutions, etc. They cover the most complex processes, from the registration of personal details and the transfer and validation of data (using innovative technologies such as biometrics), to the design and implementation of population databases, and the production and personalisation of secure identification documents. These solutions bring governments and institutions important benefits in terms of:

Events organisers benefit from: • Easy registration of visitors • Accurate information • User-friendly databases • Easy management of contacts • Detailed tracking of visitor flows • etc.

• Credibility: representative ID documents with irreproachable data protection credentials contribute to international acceptance, the organisation of credible elections, etc. • Security: secure identity cards, passports and visas enable better protection against illegal immigration, terrorism, identity theft, etc. • Efficiency: effective administration using accurate data enable reliable analysis, supporting the implementation of economic or social policies, etc.

Choosing zetes means choosing: • Reliability:

proven solutions and services, based on over 25 years of experience

• Flexibility:

solutions adapted to your needs, based on the best-fit technology, software and hardware

• Peace of mind: a single source for all your Auto-ID needs local points of contact through an EMEA-wide network of subsidiaries and a global network of partners

• Consistency: structured approach in local and multinational projects • Commitment:

over 800 professionals at your service, committed to your project’s success

We focus on our core competencies, so that you can deliver on yours!

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