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Zetes 3iVoice Solution: a flexible solution improving people and processes The 3iVoice Solution is largely responsible for the success of Zetes Group in the European voice arena. With projects in about 20 countries, Zetes Group has become a widely experienced contender and a clear leader in the European voice market. Zetes is now Vocollect’s largest value-adding solution integrator in Europe and has already equipped its customers with thousands of voice terminals since the start of the 3i Competence Centres in 2002.

Bring out the best in everyone




ck The Zetes 3iV Cockpit is a p it web-based reporting tool that shows in real-time all relevant information about the voice enabled warehouse workers and the jobs that are being executed. The supervisor gains control, problems are detected sooner and accurate decisions can be made for resource planning and scheduling.

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3iVoice Solution


Make better decisions

The Zetes 3iV Configurator is a web-based administration tool that tailors the 3iV Client Applications to the specific requirements of each process and the needs of every operator. It allows the customization 3iV of the voice application, the voice Co dialogues, and the TTS engine, nf to minimize error-risks and optimize performance and

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The Zetes 3iV Connector is a standard interface that supports multiple architectures, enabling fast and easy integration with any host system. Its approach is to leverage as much as possible on the logic and controls of the existing host system, so to r ec that the architecture overhead n n is minimized.

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Integration made easy

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Innovate Voice-enable all warehouse processes

Integrate Improve

The Zetes 3iV Client Applications are a set of standardized, configurable client applications that voice-enable logistics processes such as order-picking, moving, cross-docking, inventory, etc. It allows users to optimize efficiency and performance in all aspects of their warehouse activities.

Gateway to international and local experience Zetes (Euronext Brussels: ZTS), established in 1984, is a leading Pan-European system integrator offering value-added solutions in the Automatic Identification Industry (Auto-ID) for Goods ID and People ID. The mission of its 3i Competence Centres is built around the very simple yet solid ‘3i’ principle ‘Innovate, Integrate, Improve’: they improve supply chain performance through innovative logistics solutions and integrate technologies such as Voice Recognition, RFID and Printer Applicators. The Zetes 3i Competence Centres share their cross border integrator experience and yearlong expertise in designing and providing solid solutions with all Zetes offices in the 11 countries where the company is now present. ZETES subsidiaries


Zetes 3iVoice Solution


Bring out the best in everyone To have people perform at their best, they need challenges that trigger their own skills and capabilities. The Zetes 3iV Configurator, a web-based administration tool and component of the 3iV Solution, has been developed to tailor the 3iV Client Applications to the needs of every operator and the specific requirements of each warehouse. It is a concept that allows the customization of the voice application, the voice dialogues and the TTS engine, thus helping you to get the best out of your warehouse and warehouse workers.

Innovate Integrate Improve

… and profit from • • • •

Shorter project implementation time Less errors, better productivity Faster integration of new operators Optimized performance of all operators



Keep your work force challenged A one-fits-all solution will always be constrained by the abilities of the weakest element in a workforce. As a result, other people’s capabilities will be left untouched, which in the end will have a negative impact on the productivity of your warehouse or DC. The 3iV Configurator allows warehouse managers to model voice dialogues according to the experience of their operators. As a result, workers will remain challenged during their job-execution and their performance will be optimized.

Meet specific warehouse requirements

A web-based, multilingual administration tool

No two warehouses are the same and specific requirements regarding the warehouse processes can vary. The 3iV Configurator therefore allows an easy customization of the many standard features and functionalities embedded in the 3iVoice applications:

The 3iV Configurator is a web-based administration tool that can be used on any browser enabled machine. The application usage and the consultation of data are protected by user specific access control and authentication.

Zetes Voice specialists customize the 3iVoice Applications and set default values and/or authorization levels for each specific voice implementation according to the demands of the customer.

The user interface can be translated into any language, ensuring ease of use in every country.

The IT department of the site can adjust (part of) the application configuration and can, like the site supervisor, customize reference data and voice dialogue settings.

Site supervisor(s) can customize reference data and voice dialogue settings at any time, to respond immediately to changing situations and needs.


Fast and simple improvements •

Operators are up and running in a shorter time frame

Multi-site / multi-environment

Better visibility of standard available features and functionalities

One tool for al levels of customization

A solution tailored to all users Customize Voice Application Parameters Do you want labels to be printed after an operator has requested an assignment or not? Does your host/terminal need to send a confirmation message or is this not a requirement in your warehouse? As no warehouse or work process is the same, the 3iV Configurator offers the possibility to have such voice application parameters behave according to what best suits your environment.

Input and manage Reference Data With the 3iV Configurator the value of all reference data (such as printers, carrier types, zone names, etc) can easily be changed or added at any time. For exemple, when a new printer is added or a zone name is changed, your system will be updated and warehouse activities can continue without interruption.

Technical Specifications (minimum requirements) 3iV CONFIGURATOR SERVER


Microsoft Windows NT based platform (2000, 2003, XP) running Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher

Any Operating System supporting the hereby specified web clients: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape 7 or higher, Firefox 1.5

Software Operating System

Linux running Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or higher Database (RDBMS)

The 3iV Configurator comes with Tomcat Webserver and HSQL as underlying storage. The database storage could also been replaced by any other JDBC connected database. Of the shelf configuration for MySQL and PostGreSQL are available.


Optimize Voice Dialogue Level settings

The hardware requirements depend on the requirements for the Java runtime environment and the web server. There are no additional hardware requirements for the 3iV Configurator server.

Trainees New personnel and/or temporary labour


Dialogue example

Quick start, shortened training

Syst.: “Go to Aisle B26”

User: “OK” Get complete dialogues that give all Syst.: “Location 23, the information, very detailed and in Reduction of level 1” multiple steps. errors by clear User: “75” guidance Syst.: “Pick 6” User: “6 OK” Staff Regular/trained employees Still get the multiple step dialogues, but abbreviated to only hold the essential.

MQ Adaptor JDBC Adaptor Data Queue HTTP Adaptor SAP Adaptor TCP/IP Adaptor … Adaptor

Voice Dialogue Level

3iV Connector

To optimize the performance of all workers, site supervisors can modify the voice dialogue level settings at any time. The 3iV Configurator has three voice dialogue levels: Trainee, Staff, and Performer, to which each operator will be assigned.

The hardware requirements depend on the requirements for the Java runtime environment and for best performance the display must support a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768. There are no additional hardware requirements.

Terminal Manager Software

WMS Host (NT, AS400, UNIX)


3iV Configurator (optional)

3iV Data Modeller

3iV Cockpit

3iV Message Handler


3iV Admin-station

Further increase in productivity

Syst.: “B26 User: “OK”

Syst.: “23, 1” Improved user User: “75” comfort Syst.: “6” User: “6 OK”

Performers Those people who are considered to be the expert operators in the group. Typically they have above-average capabilities of doing the job. Get an even more compressed communication; their dialogues will combine multiple inputs in one go and at the same time the Performer is able to feed back more data at once.

Optimal improvement, makes the best better

Syst.: “B26, loc 23,1, pick 6” User: “75, 6 OK”

Request Assignment & Line-by-line Results

1 Assignmentresponse (can vary from 1 to N lines)

Keeps the best workers challenged


Zetes 3iV Voice Configurator  
Zetes 3iV Voice Configurator