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Parent Portion D Letter of Recommendation Packet

Your observations will help inform Counselors of different situations and circumstances that your son/daughter may not remember to include in his/her questionnaire. Your input may also contain information that will be helpful in writing letters of recommendation. Please type your responses and give it to your son/daughter to include with his/her portion of the packet. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses.

1. What do you consider to be your child’s outstanding accomplishments in his/her high school career? Why did you select these as most important? What do you think was gained from these activities? I think, Julie’s outstanding accomplishments in her high school career went through all level of piano, and attended all competitions , got pride herself from these tough time. These accomplishment put her to try for all challenging without fear. She try to challenge all the things worth to try. 2. In what areas has your child shown the most development and growth in the areas of academic and interpersonal skills in his/her high school career? Mathematics is the most important and development and growth achievement. By meeting good teacher, she keeps trying to improve her skill and reached to her goal. Based on GPA, it clearly shows growth. 3. What do you consider his/her outstanding personality traits? Describe a situation in which these qualities were evident. Well manage the time, I think. After coming back to home, she try to finish all the assignment first, then make plan to enjoy with her friends. Before vacation, she searched all the good volunteering jobs. She did not waste her time, when she has time, ask parent to listen future’s expectation and so on. 4. Based on your observations, which classes has your son/daughter enjoyed most? Least? What does that say about his/her approach to learning? Math and history are the most enjoyed classes, Science seems to be not much interesting to her. Until she understand all the issues, she keeps asking it to teacher. She never be shy to ask things she does not understand and looks easy to others. 5. Describe a particular challenge or disappointment which your son/daughter has handled effectively.

Julie is not good at sport, specially volleyball, but joined club even most of time stay at bench. But she never missed any games and cheers all main key players during the game. 6. Are there any other unusual circumstances that have affected your child’s educational or personal accomplishment? If so, please explain. Old sister had the depression and social anxiety, it affects all the attention from parent to her sister, not Julie. Even that situation, she never blame about it to us and old sister. Based on that situation, she recognizes any issues has be opened to others and try to get help to solve it asap. 7. Is there any additional information regarding your son/daughter that would be beneficial for the counselor? We(Parents) never have any experiences about the college in US, hard to guide her to right way. It makes her to worry about it, she thinks she needs to figure it out by herself. But the guide from counselor is the most important way to decide which way to go for Julie.

Parent portion1 julie  
Parent portion1 julie