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 If yoU can think of it, w e can buil d it.

G.G. Markers has earned the reputation of being among the highest quality producers of custom signage and accessories to the golf industry. We provide innovative signage solutions to help you create the best experience and presentation for your golf course. Our fully equipped 9000 sq. ft. production complex includes a Custom Metal Fabricating Workshop, Stone Works, and our state-of-the-art Powder Coating Facility. Our large production capacity is geared to accommodate the most challenging projects and is ready to scale to meet the increasing and ever-changing demands of our industry.

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 V isualiz ation How many times have you signed off on a project that was delivered but didn’t meet your original expectations? Well, the days of waiting and worrying are finally over. G.G. Markers is leveraging the power of the latest 3-D Modeling Technology to offer you true photorealistic prototypes of your custom signage products. We now have the ability to design in a virtual environment that mimics your real world specifications. We have an unlimited palette of materials, textures, and colors that when combined, produces a stunning visual that can be viewed from any angle. In fact, our virtual prototypes are the closest you can get to the real thing without touching it. Physical prototypes can be costly especially if your vision doesn’t translate on the first try. Our virtual prototype service can be easily factored into your overall production budget and is also available as a stand-alone option. Imagine the possibilities!

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 Cus tomiz ation Components are the key to customization. Our products are built using a system of modular components that can easily be configured to create endless varieties of custom signs and accessories. We offer a wide selection of materials, decorative bases, caps, and inlays—all of which can be mixed, matched, painted, and combined with stone, metal, acrylic, vinyl, and even wood. Our collection of modular components is always expanding. When the need for a new component arises, we build it. We place no limitations on creativity and imagination. It’s that simple.

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 Cus tom Me tal As the competition for club memberships increases, how do you make a statement strong enough to leave a lasting impression on your members? It’s no secret that your course must be highly playable and the overall club experience must be highly pleasurable. Nevertheless, if you consider a solution that includes custom cast bronze or aluminum as the primary material for your course signage, that choice will speak volumes to your commitment to higher standards of taste and quality even before your members ever tee off. Can you afford to sacrifice the competitive edge?

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 Tee Markers Tee markers, fairway, and yardage blocks function primarily as beacons of information as you traverse the terrain on your way to the green, but a creatively designed and strategically placed marker can also have a powerful impact on the total branding of your golf course. That’s why G.G. Markers is consistently pushing the envelope in this often overlooked category to help maximize the branding possibilities of your signage program. In addition to the traditional natural and smooth cut stone varieties, we also offer a highly stylized precision cut marker that can be formed into any shape from a single piece of metal. Traditional or modern—with G.G. Markers, at least you have options.

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 Tee Signs Are you looking for a signage program that has great presence and style but isn’t overstated? Does your specification require easy installation, low maintenance, and high durability? If so, our Thin Granite Tee Sign Products may just be the right solution for your grand opening or renovation. The variety and versatility of our Tee Sign products makes this category one of our most popular. We use the highest quality stones which can be cut into many shapes and sizes. Graphics can be sand-carved and hand-painted or laser-etched for greater detail and precision. Signs can be front or side-mounted onto granite or aluminum posts, suspended from a hanging yard-arm, or flush-mounted into a cast metal inlay. Decorative bases and caps provide the finishing touches. With so many custom configurations available, the possibilities are endless. A custom designed Thin Granite Tee sign from G.G. Markers is not only a sign of excellence, it’s a sign of distinction— a sign of the times.

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 Dimensional S tone Imagine yourself approaching the tee. As you get closer, you’re greeted by a commanding yet understated presence. You stop to appreciate the natural rough edges of the massive stone that stands before you as if nature had always intended for it to be there. As you study the sand-carved layout preparing for your latest conquest, you take an extra minute to admire the lush landscape. You’re in the zone—and everything looks and feels just right.

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 Course E ssential s Complete your signage order with our selection of course essentials. We offer a unique line of accessories that are custom built using the same durable materials and standards as our other signage products. Ball washers, waist enclosures, water coolers, and bag stands are just a few of the many items that are available. Your club members will appreciate that you’ve covered the bases to ensure the best playing experience and will thank you with their continued patronage.

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 Signature Signage Our signature signage offers a great opportunity to extend your development’s brand beyond the golf course and throughout the entire community. We can create distinctive entrance and street signs that capture the unique character of a sub-division while maintaining the established look and feel set by the overall community.

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 Scoreboards Tournaments are a great way for a golf or country club to generate revenue, gain new memberships, and promote camaraderie among the participants. If your club is a frequent host of these events, our custom scoreboards can help you make the most out of the occasion by providing a place for people to congregate, enjoy cocktails, and compare scores after a long contest. The multi-function design our scoreboards can be installed in either a fixed or mobile configuration. Features include movable grid panels that rotate 360º for convenient scoring and viewing, hand-pulled canvas awnings that minimize glare from the sun, and customized sponsorship panels that can be easily added or removed. Our custom scoreboard systems will surely serve as a great focal point to enhance all of your tournaments and club events.

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 Cus tom Acrylic Custom acrylic tee signs are all the rage in Europe these days and have recently gained popularity among many stateside resorts. If you are looking for a contemporary presentation that is sure to make a commanding statement, these signs will certainly fit the description. One of the main advantages of acrylic is it’s versatility. We can design and print high-definition graphics on durable weatherproof vinyl which can then be easily be applied and removed with little effort. Imagine being able to view full-color course guide quality hole graphics on a tee sign—you just can’t do that with traditional sand-carved stone or cast metal. It’s also worth noting that our custom acrylic signs are durable and designed to be low maintenance. If you add on the ability to generate extra revenue with our optional sponsorship panels, you’d be hard pressed to find a more efficient signage solution.

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 Course Guide s A well-designed course guide is a great resource for any golfer who takes their leisure and game seriously. The ability to strategically plot an accurate approach to the green is an absolute essential function of any good players’ book. But why settle for just any good book when you can have a great book? Our Premium Course Guides are produced to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We start by GPS mapping the entire course. Then, we walk the course taking notes and sketching our observations. We use this information to create a beautifully detailed artistic rendering of each hole that accurately represents the lush landscapes and natural elevations of the environment so you can play with confidence. A course guide from G.G. Markers is so gorgeous, you’ll want to keep one as a souvenir.

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GG Markers is a custom golf signage manufacturing company based in Tampa, Florida

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