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Flexible Circuits Definition of Flexible PCB

Flex circuits utilize polyimide substrate that can act as either a simple point-to-point connector, or like a rigid board with features such as pads and vias. Flexibility can be controlled through the use of cross-hatching and stiffeners, and assembly time can be cut down by adding pressure sensitive adhesive for multi-plane connections.

Rigid-Flex PCBs Definition of Rigid-Flex PCBs

Rigid-Flex PCBs are the next logical step from using flexible or multilayer flexible PCBs. Essentially, two or more layered rigid PCBs are permanently connected using one or more flexible circuits that act as common inner layers. Nothing simplifies the assembly of a machine like adding components to your rigid design. And nothing increases the reliability of a connection point like replacing a solder-able wire with polymide flex.

Multi-Layer Flexible Circuits Definition of Multi-Layer Flexible Circuits

This is essentially a flexable circuit but with multiple circuit layers. The primary function is to allow for more functionality in the same or reduced footprint. Double-sided and multi-layer flex PCBs are made reliable through the use of Saturn’s unique phased press process. This process decreases movement of layers during the press process and increases accuracy and functionality of the part. This is expecially important when building parts of 6 layers or more. Saturn is capable of producing 16+ layer flex PCBs.

Printed Electronics Definition of Printed Electronics

Use our process of printing conductive inks directly onto inexpensive substrates for membrane switches and other simple circuits. This process can achieve serious cost abatement.

Flexible PCB, ITAR Flex PCB Fabricator  

Saturn Flex Systems is an ITAR Registered bare Flexible PCB manufacturer

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