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the world is under going seismic change: politically, socially and ecnomically

architects and architecture must respond to this if they want to advance the architectural discourse

The Zollverein School of Management and Design, by SANAA, is a prime example of how designing the structure in such a way as to remove any possible clues as to the true nature of the building. The thin skin envelopes the building, disguising the varying floor heights and the irregularity of the windows offer no help in the mind of the observer. One is made to really look and think about the structure, taking it from mearly a piece of design, to a piece of conversation.

the age old method of building the biggest, the tallest or the most beautiful is gone architecture has to relate to the present latent needs of the user it has to change peoples strongly held persceptions about what is right or wrong, black or white. it is about finding the grey, the undefined By responding to these issues, architecture will be able to take on a new dimention, and a new perception of beauty. My major design project for architectural design studio: water, was primarily focussed on challenging the perceptions of those viewing the structure. The design was meant to create a dialgoue in the mind of the viewer as to what they were seeing. It was meant to challenge what they thought a boathouse should be and look. I tried to achieve this by enveloping the structures in a skin that gave no clues as to its purpose, structure or layout.

Another project by the same firm, House in Plum Grove envelopes the ideals previsouly outlined. The design was created in such a manner that the spaces were created to allow for the pure intended function of the room, and nothing else. It focusses on the core function of the spaces and the building as a whole and rationalises the space greatly. By focussing on the pure intended function of hte spaces, a truly unque design and atmosphere was created within the building.

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