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VOLUME 02 ISSUE 02 Jan 2011

One month of 2011 has just passed and it’s the start of something new! Has 2011 been any different for you so far? Hopefully it’s been better. Remember to keep your jackets within reach because we’re in for a rainy “summer” and cool weather for a long while yet. There’s lots of new things to do, new shows to watch, maybe even a new horoscope sign to pay attention to. Just take 2011 in stride and hope that the rest of the year will just be one big bang!

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NEWS from the VP for Creatives

xhausted? No! Our year in AdCore ended with so many activities like Bacbacan, AdVenture, Stained glass competition, and Christmas party. It was an abundant 2010, but look at what is in store for us this 2011! It has just been the 1st part of January, but AdCore has held yet another successful event. Last week was the UP Advertising Core’s week or ‘AdCore Week.’ Our most-awaited event of the year had just gone by, and all the efforts put into it were certainly worth it. The whole event was headed by Bam Santos and Sarah Wu with a help from the PRP VP, Yasmin Cruz. AdCore Week’s title was “High Five” since our organization is on its fifth year. The celebration started last January 17 by giving love to kids through different ways in an orphanage at Project 8. There were food, games and activities which the children absolutely enjoyed. It moved our hearts as we watched them performed a song and a dance number. That day was really something to remember. January 19 was the launch of the gallery and at the same time the pakain. The gallery had a hero-ish theme and of course used AdCore colors as well as in the pakain. People clutched in their hands our creatively prepared desserts. January 20 was tambay day. We had a Wii in the tambayan, and we also launched the new tambayan. It took us almost 3 days to completely clean and set up the tambayan. There you have it, folks! The newly-furnished tambayan is now available. January 21 is the last day of AdCore week and, so to end the event, we had the CulmiNight which was held at CatB’s place. Though it was a rainy and humid day, the party still pushed through. Despite the fact that only a few members were able to attend, it was still definitely a blast. We had plenty of food, drinks and of course fun. The event ended at 12 midnight, and the rest is history. This week’s another big event is the University Job Fair 2011, which was handled by our FIN VP, Jhanette Co and Project Head, Lexie Jarantilla. We are not only the organizers of this event, but we are also handling the promotions. This job fair started last Tuesday. Just on its 2nd day, it was already considered a success. Everyone’s talking about it and everybody has been loving it so far. January has been a very busy month for us. It’s only the start of the year, and these events are just some of the many projects AdCore has to achieve this semester. Expect more to come and wait for many more exciting surprises. High Five ^5! David Agoncillo VP for Creatives


ADCORE WEEK! by Sarah Wu


AdCore Week kicked off with AdCore Gives Back: UNOrdinary. Over 20 AdCore mems and apps visited the House of Refuge (a home for orphaned children) for some FAF (Fun, Arts, and Food. Yeah I just made that up liiike 3 seconds ago). Mems/Apps were paired with kids and bonded over a paper basket making activity, with some kids (e.g. Matt’s) growing quite attached to their partners. Nothing like a little socio-civic activity to make you feel good all week!

Hall 2 Fame + TerIIIfic

Attendees to the AdCore gallery launch participated in a short AdCore trivia game, and were given our beloved, seemingly-coming-from-a-bottomlesspit Unilab notebooks. The gallery showcased the 5 glorious years of Adcore – the departments, the execore, the projects. The past four presidents, Gabby, Delbert, Farrah, and Jen were also there in spirit (superhero spirit), as indelible parts of AdCore’s Hall of Fame. Star of the show of course, was el president Adrian Manlapig, flying (forward, back, then forward, the back again!), nay, soaring above the giant 5, symbolizing AdCore rising to the fifth power HAHAHA Of course, it wouldn’t be AdCore without a little paint and art, so for TerIIIfic we asked the crowd to fill the canvass with their handprints. It was supposed to be a giant hand print, thanks Dana So (peace)! Never has a day come when so many AdCore boys visited the 3rd floor female bathroom. What a momentous occasion!

Spoon & FOURk

On Thursday, the CBA Community was treated to Spoon & FOURk, a chocolate fountain dessert buffet! Because we are such an artsy org, we had to inject an artistic touch somewhere in there, so the marshmallows made up the AdCore logo, the 5 made up of banana bread, and donuts for “High.” What happened next was so predictable. It’s as simple as this: Sobrang patay gutom ng BA. WIPED OUT! Hard to spot spoons or forks on site (ironic much), but the creativity? Fucking everywhere!


A rainy Friday (even if we all hoped and begged to the skies for no rain) threatened to ruin CLIMAX. It was a night of excess (excess food, excess drinks, excess rain, excess flood-soaked sandals, excess people jammed into sedans), but it was simple and chill at the same time. Weird. But Epic. (PS Thanks to Catb for letting us party at your house! You are the bestest host!)


AdCore Week Team Sarah Wu, Bam Santos, Arthur Operania Rosemhin Onilongo, Jhenard Cayaban, Ana Manlapig, Miho Suzuki



Check-up by Anna Mangahas


e’re all about halfway through the season in most of our regular shows like Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and the three CSIs to name a few but they’re not the only good shows that have come up so far. Take the time to consider starting new series this year! Here’s a list of the five series I think you should try, from brilliant story telling to being action packed, there’s a lot for you to watch this year.

1. The Defenders This is easily my most favourite new series so far. It’s about two defense lawyers who try to keep their professional and private lives separate. In between the serious moments, there’s a bundle of laughs and shenanigans that make you wonder if they’re grown-ups or not and how they manage to continue practicing law! But then again, the answer to that is pretty simple, they’re brilliant at what they do.

2. Hawaii Five-O You want action-packed? Here’s action-packed! Hawaii Five-0 stars Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett who is granted immunity by the Governor of Hawaii to operate a special investigative unit to look into crimes from terrorism to high-profile kidnapping. What exactly makes it action-packed? The immunity he has! Without it, maybe he wouldn’t be strapping someone to the hood of his car and driving like a mad man or dumping someone into shark-infested waters just to get them to cooperate.

3. Blue Bloods For the police procedural stalwarts out there, Blue Bloods is one of the best new series out there. The show features the Reagan family, a family full of cops, as they go about their day to day businesses. Frank Reagan is the current Police Commissioner of the NYPD, his son Danny is a detective, his youngest son Jamie, a rookie cop, and his only daughter Erin is an Assistant District Attorney. Frank’s dad, Henry, is the former Police Commissioner. It’s not just about solving the crime, there’s a lot of tension and argument about the role of law enforcement and the rights of the criminals. If you’re into the more serious stuff, then this series is for you.

4. Harry’s Law. This show is about Harriet Korn, a recently-fired but highly successful and infamous patent lawyer and her associates who end up forming a rather unique law practice in a shoe store, called Harry’s Law and Fine Shoes. If you like witty and well-placed humor, then this is the show for you. It’s not just about the law, or about winning cases, in the first two episodes, there’s actually elements that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

5. Perfect Couples The zany, not-so-obvious sitcom to round up the five recommendations. Perfect Couples is about three couples, each at different stages in their relationship, but all face similar problems. There’s Vance and Amy: they fight and argue a lot but then, they also have a very active sex life. There’s Rex and Leigh: the self-proclaimed relationship experts and gurus and a “perfect couple.” Then there’s Dave and Julia, the normal couple everyone can relate to. It’s one of the more down-to-earth and relatable series but still is entertaining in its own right. •

Ophiuchus by Marijoe Cortel


rom a cool, intelligent, adventurous, unpredictable, sensitive and ambitious Aquarius, apparently, I am now a neat, realistic, conventional, excessively perfectionist and egotist Capricorn. It’s a total opposite of my personality. I feel cheated and it’s crazy! This craziness can be blamed to the 13th addition to the zodiac signs, the Ophiuchus [Of-yo-kus]. The newest zodiac sign is hard to accept as much as it is hard to pronounce.

The Ophiuchus is known as the “serpent- bearer” and is represented by a man grabbing a snake. Sources on the internet say that Ophiuchus used to be between Scorpio and Sagittarius when the Babylonians first started conceptualizing the zodiac signs. However, they had to discard it because they just wanted to have 12 signs every year and because of the earth’s movement and change of spot in relation to the sun, the signs that were selected almost 3000 years ago changed. Ophiuchus is now included. People who are born under Ophiuchus are “seeker of peace and wisdom, attractor of good luck and jealousy, interpreter of dream” ad one who reaches for the stars.”

It is still moot if this 13th sign is real but people are still upset with the change. For years your personality is defined according to a sign, believed the horoscopes and embraced the sign with your identity but all of a sudden it changed. It’s like finding out you are adopted or the feeling you get while watching Inception (or something like that). It’s mindfuck! It’s hard to acknowledge that out of the blue you are a “different” person. You are in love with your own sign that it’s hard to let it go. You are in denial that the new sign doesn’t fit you. You are so used to your sign that you can’t imagine yourself being another sign. But whatever the truth is you should not let it dictate your life. It’s just a sign that society has dictated and formulated. It’s still up to you on how you want people to see you. Your dreams, actions and decisions are more important than a sign in defining your real identity. Just for fun: Taylor Swift would probably write a new song about her new sign and Ian Somerhalder would go nuts with his new identifier. These two are just few of the celebrities who are apparently Ophiuchus and they didn’t even know it. •


The Jobless Bucket List by Kara Ortiga


he New Year comes with many things: lots of promises of a new self, a fresh outlook on life, new goals, new hair, a time to realize new things. For seniors like myself, it means a whole new chapter of life indefinitely. Graduation is around the corner and the pressure is on. What to do after graduation? 1. Travel I always promised myself to travel after graduation. Shoestring budget trips with my own money, or well-budgeted family trips elsewhere, its just finally time to see parts of this massive world.

2. Make more stuff Literally make more creative things and be inspired by artsy and fun stuff like doing videography, photography and painting.

3. Physically active No more excuse not to be, unfortunately. Personally never been one of the jogging type, maybe Bikram yoga, pole dancing or one of those weird mix of everything “yogalates� things.

4. Makeover Getting a makeover can be rejuvenating (or catastrophic). Think of something drastic like chopping all your hair off or something as subtle as a wardrobe change. A new life needs a new look!

5. Job hunting This is the least fun, but can be fulfilling nonetheless if you know more or less what to do with your life and are prepared to venture into that area.

What’s on your list?

New Designs

of Philippine Money by Jen Cayanan


ast 2009, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced that there will be revisions in our legal tender and finally this year, the new generation Philippine money is out to the public! The new bills featured tourist spots and famous animals found here in the Philippines. It is also apparent that younger portraits of people on the bill were used and the new 500 peso bill included former President Corazon Aquino. Also, to easily identify the amount of the bill, the number on it was made larger. A lot of other changes were made and for you to identify them yourself here are the photos of the new generation Philippine money.

Obverse: Manuel L. Quezon Reverse: Banaue Rice Terraces and a palm civet from the Cordilleras, which are famous for producing the civet cat coffee or kapeng alamid.

Obverse: Sergio Osmeña Reverse: Taal Lake and the Giant Trevally (locally known as Maliputo), a delicious milky fish which thrives only in the waters of the lake

Obverse: Manuel A. Roxas Reverse: Mayon Volcano and the “butanding” or whale shark, the world’s largest fish and the main attraction of Donsol, Sorsogon

Obverse: Diosdado Macapagal Reverse: Bohol’s Chocolate Hills and the Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates.

Obverse: Corazon Aquino and Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Reverse: Palawan’s Subterranean River National Park and the blue-naped parrot, which thrives in the forests of Palawan and Mindoro

Obverse: Josefa Llanes Escoda, Vicente P. Lim, and Jose Abad Santos Reverse: Tubbataha Reef Marine Park and the South Sea Pearl, which is produced by oysters that thrive in the South Seas which the Sulu Sea is part of. Now that you’ve seen the new designs, it is also interesting to note the security features like (1) embossed prints, (2) serial number, (3) security fibers, (4) watermark, (5) see-through mark, (6) concealed value, (7) security thread, (8) optically variable device seen in 500 and 1000 peso bill, and (9) optically variable ink seen in 1000 peso bill.

Another interesting fact is that the paper used in producing the bills is “hygienically treated” or has anti-bacterial properties. New money for new year, yey! Now, you may be asking what’s going to happen to the old bills you’ve kept in your thrift box. No worries because these bills are still valid for the next three years.


Orange Juice Vol 02 Issue 02  

New Year, Fresh Start!

Orange Juice Vol 02 Issue 02  

New Year, Fresh Start!