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Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Mourne Magazine!

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Small box (serves 2-3) .........................£12 Small box (serves 2-3) .........................£12 Large box (serves 4+) ......................... £20 Large box (serves 4+) ......................... £20 Ex Large box (serves 4-6) ................. £30 Ex Large box (serves 4-6) ................. £30 All your weekly fruit & veg requirements All your weekly fruit- Tuesday & veg requirements Delivery in Newcastle & Friday Delivery in Newcastle - Tuesday & Friday

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Local potatoes ....... 2.5kg only £1.00 Local ....... 2.5kg 1.00 Local pktpotatoes carrots............. 60ponly per £kg Local pkt carrots ............. 60 p per Local cabbage ..................... only 60p kg cabbage ..................... onlykg60p PktLocal Onions ....................... 80p per Pkt Onions ....................... 80p60per Broccoli ................................ only p kg Broccoli................................ only 60p

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Welcome to THE MOURNE MAGAZINE, a brand new FREE publication for the Mourne region. Every month we’ll bring you the most up-todate entertainment and social news, feature exclusive interviews, short stories, competitions, social pictures and event listings for your local area, all packed in with zest to a compact and full colour 32 pages. Remember, this is a magazine for the local community by the community so don’t hesitate to tell us what you want and keep us updated on anything we may have missed! We will have a section for local notes, so if your part of a community group or you just want to let people know of an upcoming event get in touchwhether it be the latest drama group meeting, to mother and baby sessions, even to the time of your football team’s training. We are here to help keep the community in touch! Any and all feedback is welcome and we look forward to hearing from you! the Editor

THE BIG INTERVIEW For our maiden ‘BIG INTERVIEW’ we have the Mourne’s very own, The Answer!

Pags 6 & 7 REVIEW We’re reviewing the hottest movies, music and games this month

Pages 15, 16 & 18 WIN We have the latest offering from FIFA to give away. All you have to do is LIKE us!

Page 30 COVER IMAGE: © Paul Harris

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THE BIG INTERVIEW HERE’S always been, and will be, young groups of friends forming bands, dreaming of releasing albums and rocking stadiums. What’s been the difference for you guys, coming from a small area in Northern Ireland and managing to break through into the industry, and what advice would you give to other bands that are trying to do the same thing?

-We’ve had a few lucky breaks along the way but we’ve also remained focused and together over the years. You really have to put the work in and not wait around for some miracle to land on your doorstep and you also have to truly want to play music for a living and realise its not like it is in the movies...even though its still pretty damn good. On breaking into the industry and selling over 100,000 records, do you consider you’ve ‘made it’, was that ever your aim as a band and what future ambitions to you hold?

Rock’n’Roll touring is notorious for its ‘anything goes’ attitude-does it live up to its billing and if so whats the wildest thing thats happened on tour?

FR O M s e llin g o v e r 100, 000 r e c o r ds, t our ing the w o r ld w ith AC /D C , t o le n d in g the i r hand t o t he G u i t ar H er o fr a nc hise , this lo c a l b a nd d o n e g ood ! A f t er t h e r e le as e o f t he i r t hi r d al bu m ‘ Re v iv a l’ a nd a no the r e x p lo siv e g ig a t t h e Ulst e r H al l , M o u r ne M ag az i n e c a ug ht up w ith The Answ e r t o f in d out wh e re i t st ar t e d and w he re ’s it a ll go ing . . .


Where’s the best venue or gig you’ve played, and how does coming back to Quinns bar compare to rocking huge stadiums across the world?

-We did a two night stand in Madison Square Gardens which was pretty was Wembly stadium and Punchestown Racecourse. Those gigs were a little different to the Quinns bar experience but I mean it when I say that the Quinns homeI wouldn’t coming was a special night for us. It was great to be able say to play in front of so many anything family and friends again. That g o e s b u t i t s was afterall the venue where we really cut our teeth as a live not far off! band back in the early days.

-Thats an achievement that we’re very proud of but we still have so much more to prove. We want to sell a few million albums and fill stadiums. We’ve got the songs and the live show to do it so why not!!

Image © Paul Harris

-I’ve been getting into The Mars Volta recently. I also really enjoy Black Mountain and the Drive By Truckers. I would say however that theres very few bands around today (apart from ourselves of course) that are of the same calibre of the ACDCs, Led Zepplins and Nirvana’s of this world. Its down to bands like ourselves to step up to the plate and keep true rock n roll alive.

-I wouldn’t say anything goes but its not far off. As far as stories go you’re gonna have to get me pretty drunk before I start dishing the dirt. Lets just say The Answer has a good time on the road and leave it at that. You toured with AC/DC and are cited as saying they’re one of your favorite bands. But who else has influenced you and who, among the current contemporary rock bands, do you like?

When you do come back to your local towns I’ve heard nothing but good things, and even the fact that you still play small pub gigs, suggests you guys are pretty grounded. Is this difficult to do when your in a band such as yourselves and your selling thousands of records and touring with the likes of AC/DC? -Not at all. Any band or musician from Northern Ireland who finds it difficult to stay grounded needs to get their head checked. Just because you sing a few songs for a living doesn’t give you the right to act the eejit! .....and finally, what can we expect from The Answer over the next 12 months? -Lots and lots of touring and hopefully a couple of platinum records. See you in Quinns for a pint in 2012!

The Answer’s latest album, Revival, is available to download NOW from iTunes




THE FIELD BAZAAR by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1896) “The Field Bazaar” was written during an Edinburgh University fundraising event. Doyle had been requested by his university to contribute a short piece of literature for a charity magazine. In the story Watson has received a similar request. “I SHOULD certainly do it,” said Sherlock Holmes. I started at the interruption, for my companion had been eating his breakfast with his attention entirely centered upon the paper which was propped up by the coffee pot. Now I looked across at him to find his eyes fastened upon me with the half-amused, half-questioning expression which he usually assumed when he felt he had made an intellectual point. “Do what?” I asked. He smiled as he took his slipper from the mantelpiece and drew from it enough shag tobacco to fill the old clay pipe with which he invariably rounded off his breakfast. “A most characteristic question of yours, Watson,” said he. “You will not, I am sure, be offended if I say that any reputation for sharpness which I may possess has been entirely gained by the admirable foil which you have made for me. Have I not heard of debutantes who have insisted upon plainness in their chaperones? There is a certain analogy.” Our long companionship in the Baker Street rooms had left us on those easy terms of intimacy when much may be said without offence. And yet I acknowledged that I was nettled at his remark. “I may be very obtuse,” said I, “but I confess that I am unable to see how you have managed to know that I was... I was...” “Asked to help in the Edinburgh University Bazaar...” “Precisely. The letter has only just come to hand, and I have not spoken to you since.”


“In spite of that,” said Holmes, leaning back in his chair and putting his finger tips together, “I would even venture to suggest that the object of the bazaar is to enlarge the University cricket field.” I looked at him in such bewilderment that he vibrated with silent laughter. “The fact is, my dear Watson, that you are an excellent subject,” said he. “You are never blase. You respond instantly to any external stimulus. Your mental processes may be slow but they are never obscure, and I found during breakfast that you were easier reading than the leader in the Times in front of me.” “I should be glad to know how your arrived at your conclusions,” said I. “I fear that my good nature in giving explanations has seriously compromised my reputation,” said Holmes. “But in this case the train of reasoning is based upon such obvious facts that no credit can be claimed for it. You entered the room with a thoughtful expression, the expression of a man who is debating some point in his mind. In your hand you held a solitary letter. Now last night you retired in the best of spirits, so it was clear that it was this letter in your hand which had caused the change in you.” “This is obvious.” “It is all obvious when it is explained to you. I naturally asked myself what the letter could contain which might have this affect upon you. As you walked you held the flap side of the envelope towards me, and I saw upon it the same shieldshaped device which I have observed upon your old college cricket cap. It was clear, then, that the request came from Edinburgh University - or from some club connected with the University. When you reached the table you laid down the letter beside your plate with the address uppermost, and you walked over to look at the framed photograph upon the left of the mantelpiece.” It amazed me to see the accuracy with which he had observed my movements. “What next?” I asked. “I began by glancing at the address, and I could tell, even at the distance of six feet, that it was an unofficial communication. This I gathered from the use of the word ‘Doctor’ upon the address, to which, as a Bachelor of Medicine, you have no

legal claim. I knew that University officials are pedantic in their correct use of titles, and I was thus enabled to say with certainty that your letter was unofficial. When on your return to the table you turned over your letter and allowed me to perceive that the enclosure was a printed one, the idea of a bazaar first occurred to me. I had already weighed the possibility of its being a political communication, but this seemed improbable in the present stagnant conditions of politics. “When you returned to the table your face still retained its expression and it was evident that your examination of the photograph had not changed the current of your thoughts. In that case it must itself bear upon the subject in question. I turned my attention to the photograph, therefore, and saw at once that it consisted of yourself as a member of the Edinburgh University Eleven, with the pavillion and cricket field in the background. My small experience of cricket clubs has taught me that next to churches and cavalry ensigns they are the most debt-laden things upon earth. When upon your return to the table I saw you take out your pencil and draw lines upon the envelope, I was convinced that

your were endeavoring to realise some projected improvement which was to be brought about by a bazaar. Your face still showed some indecision, so that I was able to break in upon you with my advice that you should assist in so good an object.” I could not help smiling at the extreme simplicity of his explanation. “Of course, it was as easy as possible,” said I. My remark appeared to nettle him. “I may add,” said he, “that the particular help which you have been asked to give was that you should write in their album, and that you have already made up your mind that the present incident will be the subject of your article.” “But how - - !” I cried. “It is as easy as possible,” said he, “and I leave its solution to your own ingenuity. In the meantime,” he added, rasing his paper, “you will excuse me if I return to this very interesting article upon the trees of Cremona, and the exact reasons for the pre-eminence in the manufacture of violins. It is one of those small outlying problems to which I am sometimes tempted to direct my attention.”













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FIFA 12 PLATFORM: PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PC & Mac

BEING a strict Pro Evo fan right from ‘09, they had the advantage of full licence rights the International Superstar Soccer to player names, teams, stadiums and cups. days on the SNES, it was with a sense PES was dead in the water , and this year again of guilt, 3 years ago, that I defected to has failed to reply in kind. the enemy. FIFA 12 is THE best football game available. PES had fallen so far behind FIFA, that I, along with millions of other gamers, had no choice. PES had always prided itself on superior gameplay- if not player names! Fans would happily set up a 4-4-2 system with Ruud von Mistleroom and Ryan Gills in the starting line-up, because we were purists- at the end of the day it didn’t matter if you had to sacrifice a certain amount of realism for a more satisfying gaming experience. But that soon changed. Whilst the Pro Evo team were busy thinking up outrageous names for players and teams, FIFA were slowly but surely improving their game engine. Year by year they were edging closer to PES with the action on the field and when they did finally match them in


The focus this year has been on the defence aspect of the game, although considerably harder than ‘11 it allows for an even more realistic gaming experience. The game physics have been improving consitently and the result is a brilliant example of AI power, the players react differently to any given scenario, resulting in little to no repetition in the game. FIFA 12 produces the goods once again with another faultless football game.....its a long way back for Pro Evolution now. FOR A CHANCE TO WIN FIFA 12 FOR THE CONSOLE OF YOUR CHOICE, TURN TO PAGE 30



LIKE A BOSS SOME great characters and an altogether better cast hold a somewhat farcical plot line together. THREE 30-something friends are all having varying difficulties with their respective bosses, so much so, that it leads them to conspire to kill them. Though the film is centered around the three murderers-to-be, it’s the three intended victims that really steal the show. Kevin Spacey, a consistently brilliant comedic actor, plays the sadistic psychopathic Dave Harken, who, after years of hinting at a promotion for Nick (Jason Bateman) takes the position for himself. All is well for Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), until his boss dies, leaving his drug-addicted ‘tool’ of a son, Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell) in charge. And whilst it may be a dream come true for many a man to have Jennifer Aniston pursuing them, Dale (Charlie Day) has had only one dream since he was a boy, ‘to be a husband’- Julia (Aniston) threat-

Horrible Bosses Starring: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis Available to rent from 18 November


ens to ruin his engagement if he doesn’t give in to her, somewhat aggressive, advances. There are plenty of laughs throughout the film as our three protagonists get embroiled in all sorts of mayhem, and again any scene with the sterling support cast is a delight. Jamie Foxx plays a ‘murder consultant’ with an outrageous name that unfortunately cannot be repeated on these pages, however leads to some brilliant one-liners throughout the film. The plot may seem a little off kilter but this can be easily over looked when the cast delivers as well as this.





Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Available now, iTunes £9.99

time Oasis fans.

NOEL Gallagher was always the bet- The formula is a tried and tested one, ‘If I Had a Gun’ his ‘Wonderwall’, The Death Of You And ter half of Oasis. Sure, Liam had the frontman swagger, brash arrogance and undoubted stage presence, however, that soon wore off as a thousand and one imitators saturated the ‘Britpop’ scene with the hands behind your back, two fingers to everyone attitude. So, with that said, it was Noel’s talent that insured Oasis’ longevity, which came to an abrubt, yet unsurprising, end in August 2009. Two years on, is where we find Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, his first solo project since the split. The album offers very little surprises, which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for long


Me’ his ‘The Importance Of Being Idol’. Whether these tracks and the other nine or so on the album, stand the test of time is yet to be seen. The albums production is precise and clinical, which favours a number of songs on the album, yet overall the album lacks a rawness to really take it to that next level. Noel Gallagher is still a major musical talent, so it won’t come as any surprise as to the quality of the album, however when you raise the bar to such an extent it may take more than high flying birds to reach them same levels again.






THE Macro Lens Phone Band isn’t just clever — it’s refreshingly simple. This sturdy band holds a built-in macro lens that should work with most any phone, letting you take sharp closeups when you need them, and wrapping safely around the included card for safe storage when not in use. And let’s be honest: you’ve probably spent more than this on photo apps anyway.


SHARE song with your friends directly from your iPhone. Import the track your want to share from your iPhone/ iPod touch’s music library in Sprd the Note and you’ll have the option to share via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or email.

DO not view on an empty stomach! Some literal eye candy, thousands of receipes, beautifully shot, with massive variety. Pulling from sites across the web, Tastespotting is a must for all levels of foodies.


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WHATSAPP MESSENGER is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. In addition to basic messaging iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry WhatsApp Messenger users can send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages.

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BRIGHTLY coloured, flexible, and self-adhesive to most other materials, sugru is a new cool tool for designers and DIYers - Make custom grips on tools and kitchen knives, repair leaky boots, stop sharp objects from scratching your furniture and that’s only just the beginning. (from £11.50)

SOLAR WINDOW CHARGER A clean source of energy for the home screen, to charge your cell phone, MP3 player or laptop. Simply place the solar charging panel on your window to charge you up. (£42/ €49) 20



“Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all44must be tasted...” x 95 This old Chinease proverb wouldn’t be out of place emblazoned on the front doors of Donard Wines what with the vast amount of variety on offer.


FOUNDED in 1969 as the first wine shop in the local area of Newcastle, County Down, DONARD WINES is very much a family run business, at the hands of the Maginn family since the outset. John Maginn and his wife Patricia now manage the shop with over four decades of experience in the wine trade under their belts, providing their loyal customers with an interesting and diverse range of wines, continually improving the collection and offering great value for money. As an independent wine shop Donard Wines has the added value of being able to carefully source their own product, choosing from suppliers who operate solely in Northern Ireland and those who operate on a national and international basis, enabling them to bring a unique range of mouth watering and rich wines that are rarely seen elsewhere, to their local community. Every Saturday a wine tasting session allows you to sample the delightful tastes on offer, with highly qualified and passionate staff on board to cater for every type of customer, from the serious wine connoisseur to the casual wine drinker and everywhere in between. A fantastic and eclectic mix of local and foreign beers can also be found in store, ranging from the cloudy Lisburn ales to the sweet Swedish ciders, whilst offering a great range of spirits, Irish and Scotch whiskey, Donard Wines aims to cater to all tastes. Having now begun trading online, Donard Wines is able to bring both their range of wines and personal customer service to a new level. If there is any wine you require that is not in store, feel free to get in touch and they will do their utmost to source it for you. Donard Wines also provides free delivery when ordering from their online service. So go ahead, have a browse online today!

Donard Wines is now providing a Party Service. If you have a special event Donard Wines is your go to wine specialist, providing all the neccesary drinks and they’ll even bring the glasses! 23

FOOD & WINE A great dinner party meal or a certain family favourite. There are two main processes to making this recipe. The first is to roast the mixed vegetables in the oven and the second is to make the tomato sauce. In the end you bring the both together to pack a real Mediterranean punch.


VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS Mixed Bell Peppers (I use 1 Red and 1 Yellow) 1 Zucchini 5-6 mushrooms 1 onion 2 tbsp olive oil 1/2 tsp Herbes de Provence SAUCE INGREDIENTS 1 small onion, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 tsp tomato puree 1/2 tsp sun dried tomato paste 1 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp dried mixed herbs 1/2 cup vegetable stock 1/2 glass red wine (optional) 1 cup tinned tomatoes (puréed) 1 tsp sugar 1/2 cup green olives, finely chopped Fresh Basil, chopped for garnish

Roast ‘n’ Boast


Roast Vegetable and Olive Pasta Sauce THE STEPS:

• Preheat the oven to 180ºC/355F Chop up all the Vegetables into large pieces. Sprinkle with the herbs de provence, olive oil and mix well. Roast in the oven for around 20-30 minutes turning once or twice. • While the Vegetables are roasting, prepare the Sauce. Sautee the onion in a little olive oil in a saucepan until soft (3 minutes). Add the garlic and cook for a further couple of minutes. Add the red wine , sun-dried paste and tomato puree and turn up the heat to reduce and burn off the alcohol. Add the pureed tomatoes, vegetable stock, paprika, mixed herbs and sugar and stir well. Reduce the heat and allow to simmer for 15 minutes (stir occasionally). Taste and season with salt & pepper.

• Once the sauce is reduced and ready, add the roasted vegetables to it . Simmer gently for 5 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse. • Add the chopped olives and fresh basil leaves Stir and serve over your choice of pasta, drizzle with olive oil.


PUZZLE CROSSWORD ACROSS 8. Hindu princess (4) 9. Pocket (5) 10. East Indian tree (4) 11. Rhododendron (6) 12. Difficulty (8) 13. The start of a beard (8) 15. Cantankerous (6) 17. Investigator (7) 19. Inert medication (7)


DOWN 1. A genre of popular music (4) 2. Purification of the blood (8) 3. Narcotic (6) 4. Noblewoman (7) 5. A very dark grey color (8) 6. Invented the lightbulb (6)

22. Feverish (6) 24. A type of fine leather (8) 26. It produces convulsions (8) 28. Cited (6) 30. Mountain pool (4) 31. Heath (5) 32. Goddess of discord (4) 7. French Sudan (4) 14. Home (5) 16. Jewish teacher (5) 18. Busied (8) 20. Client (8) 21. Molting (7) 23. Ability (6) 25. Japanese plum (6) 27. Beseech (4) 29. Wickedness (4)












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Intermediate Mazes by KrazyDad, Book 19

Maze #1






Why did all the girls love the mushroom? ‘Coz he was a Fun-Guy! How did the farmer fix his jeans ? With a cabbage patch ! How do you make milkshake ? Give it a good scare! I want a hair cut please. Certainly, which one ! Where does Tarzan buy his clothes ? At a jungle sale !

Materials © 2010 you will need: • Glass of water • Straw with tissue paper wrapper

At AJC, we are an award winning company able to provide a wide range of electrical services to suit your needs.

Range of services; Industrial • Commercial • Domestic Electrical Contractors • PAT and Fixed Wire Testing for Insurance & Licensing Reports Fantastic range of stock from Washing Machines to a wide range of Televisions. Repair and Installation Service Available. SKY, Freesat and Aerial Installers.

1. Tear or pintch off the top bit of tissue paper from the straw. 2. Whilst holding on end of the straw and paper, slowly push the tissue paper wrapper down the straw so that it forms crinkles. Try to keep the crinkles nice and tight. 3. Carefully remove the crinkled paper wrapper from the straw and lay it on the table. 4. Dip your straw in the glass of water, placing your thumb at the top of the straw to trap a bit of the water. 5. Release a drop of water from the straw onto the straw wrapper and watch what happens.

CHEAT CORNER SONIC GENERATIONS, PS3/XBOX360 SECRET STATUE Chaos Emerald - 008 140 Metal Sonic - 277 087 ROOM CODES Classic Eggman - 103 729 Entry Location: Secret Statue room Classic Sonic - 171 045 Egg Chaser - 200 078




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