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James Humphries Industrial Design Portfolio






A group project

A bottle to ensure hydration for dementia patients

An injection moulded promotional tyre tread depth guage

Design Week Project A wall mounted shoe display

to design a device that can improve sleep

Headgear A cricket bowlers protective headgear (Current Project)

SENSE Brief Design a product that can assist the adaptation of time zones for the Hilton Hotel institute.




Jonathan is a managing director of a high street brand. He needs to meet suppliers in Asia on a regular basis. He is not adapting to the time zones fast enough due to jetlag. This is causing him to become tired and not on top form for his meetings or his role as a father.

My job requires travelling around the globe in a regular basis to meet with suppliers. The job is putting strain on my family as I am often too tired to spend time with them.

The lack of sleep is affecting my mood at work. I need a natural supplement for my sleep, the sleeping pills don't work for me.

Pain Points -Not on top form due to lack of sleep -Difficulty adapting to time zones around the world -Struggling to fill the role as a father figure

Ideation Our product is essentially a relaxation device. It can calm the user by dispersing a lavender scent when the surroundings are dark. During night, the yellow LEDs circulate around the sphere mimicking the heartbeat of the user. The yellow light doesn't activate the brain of the user, relaxing them. The product responds to knocks on the bed side table and the LED light turns white. In the mornings the yellow turns to a blue light to activate the client's brain.


Lights out

Yellow light & lavender scent to relax

Getting into deep sleep

Waking up to blue light feeling refreshed

Low Fideltiy Prototype

Night - Yellow The circuit board was coded using Adrunio. This allowed us to code the LDR to control the LED's.

Night - White

Morning - Blue

The White light turns on when the surrounding surfaces are knocked. The piezo could detect the sound.

The LDR detects light in the morning which initiates the blue lights.

REHYDRATE Brief A water bottle that can track and regulate the hydration of users who suffer from dementia.

Dehydration Dehydration is a serious issue in elderly people who suffer from dementia. Water is needed in the body for a wide range of uses including regulating temperature, as well as a host of cell reactions.

Solution To regulate the hydration of users by creating a process that alerts the user when to drink throughout the day.

Development Conceptualising forms

Internet of things Sense Hydration An infarred system measures the water in the blood. This then correlates to the bottle and app to optimise hydration.


Monitors Hydration The app is then able to collect this essential data to configure the users hydration over a period of time to give formative data to either the user, carer or family member.

Tracks the consumption Bottle will alert the user when to drink with an LED and the screen interface. The bottle can measure the amount consumed.

Appearance Model The high fidelity model is sculpted form Prolab, a high density foam. The form took an emphasis on the spline curve that flows through the main body of the bottle.

DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURE Brief To Design and make an injection moulded promotional widget based on an existing brand.

Tread Depth Guage

The development of the mould tool is described through sketches, CAD, images and physical prototypes. This shows the different areas of consideration when developing the widget design.

This is the simulation process on CAD. It provides a realistic simulation of the flow of polymer through the cavity of the mould tool. It shows the flow speed, shrinkage, ease of fill and multiple other factors that can affect the manufacturing process.

To Create The widget, the mould tool was produced on CAD. This exposed any constraints that could hinder the manufacturing process. An extensive amount of development is integrated within this process to maximise simplicity and efficiency.

Engineering Drawings

Mould Tool Mould block

Locator Pins


Mould Tool These two block encompass the inserts and pins. A polymer is injected through the sprue and fills the cavity to form the widget.

Pins The pins hold the mould tool when the polymer is being injected. The pins are held in with a very high tolorence to prevent any flash polymer.

Inserts Inserts Mass Manufacture Layout

The the are the are and

inserts are created as specific cavity dimensions unable to be cut using CNC mill. The inserts manually manufactured fitted into place.

ROTATION Brief Design a compactable product that integrates working live hinges. The product will be injection moulded from polypropylene.

Concept Development

Rotation Sneaker display wall mounted unit A stylish alternative to storing your beloved collection of sneakers. The device also acts as a coat hanger when the stems are folded

HEADGEAR Brief To Design a protective helmet for cricket bowlers. (Personal Project)

The Problem As cricket technology is developing, there is opportunity for innovation within the sport. With the ever changing play styles, the batsmen are willing to play more aggressively, which places the bowler at risk. The helmet design must not obstruct the action of bowling, so it needs to be lightweight and easily removed.

When I bowl I drop my head down a lot and I don’t actually lift my head up until the batter has hit the ball.

In the nets, when we’re doing Twenty20 stuff, I’ve been hit quite a few times in the chest, in the shoulder, everywhere really.

- Warren Barnes, New Zealand cricketer


Frontal lobe

Temple lobe

Vertebral artery

The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity and memory. Impact from a cricket ball could severely damage these functions.

An impact to the temple lobe could cause epidural hematoma. These occur when arteries are torn as a result of a blow to the head.

The vertebral arteries are major arteries of the neck. High impact can burst the artery leading to internal bleeding.





Part Line GoPro creates new views and better coverage of cricket matches.

Pocket Allows players to rub sweat onto the ball to shine

Polycarbonate Outer Shell High density polycarbonate injection moulded creating two shells

PORON XRD Technology Padding to protect the vertebral artery



Attachment GoPro Camera lens

Clip on attacments to hold both shells when bowling

Reinforces the structure of the helmet to prevent snapping of the shell

Carbon Fibre Frame Reinforces the structure of the helmet to prevent snapping of the shell

PORON XRD Technology High impact flexible padding to prevent injury upon contact

PERSONAL PROJECTS PROJECT A series of personal projects based on footwear design.

Sketch Render

- Loughborough

About me I am James, an industrial design student searching for a 12 month placement opportunity. I am a passionate and versatile designer devoted to bringing innovative solutions to projects. I want to experience a creative working environment to give me the skill set to excel in my craft.

Hobbies Cricket, Skiing, Kickboxing

Education 2017-2021 Loughborough University Industrial Design and Technology BA 2015 Ferndown Upper Sixth Form 3 A*-B Art & Design, Sport and Engineering

Experience Tesco Supermarket (2017-2018) BSI Valve Design Manufacture Department (2016) Parley Sports Club (2015-2018) Dorset Cricket Board ECB (2015)

- Bournemouth

Thank you

Profile for James Humphries

James Humphries - Portfolio - Industrial Design and Technology  

A compilation of my recent work at Loughborough University. I am searching for a 2019/2020 12 month placement. If you want to contact me reg...

James Humphries - Portfolio - Industrial Design and Technology  

A compilation of my recent work at Loughborough University. I am searching for a 2019/2020 12 month placement. If you want to contact me reg...