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Unit 1 A Birthday Party ҡРࣂᄇ ፜஠ήӖ‫ޟ‬ΙࢲϛМᙚឍԙ೽໷ȃ ႀཎиࠉࡣ೿ೱ‫़ޟ‬МȈ

ȁȁўԑȂ‫ޟר‬ЮҔ࣏‫ר‬ᖞᒲΟΙൟ੫տ‫ޟ‬ҡРࣂᄇȄтঈ୅၆Ϛ଄ு ‫ޟר‬ҡРȂ‫֙ٮ‬ວ‫ר‬тঈ࿋ЈఏΰϚོӵড়Ȅ‫ר‬Τᘈήੲӱ‫ڗ‬ড়Ȅ‫ר‬௰໠ ߞȃ҈໠ႫᐷਢȂَࣼ‫ޟר‬ЮҔ‫݉ڷ‬ЄঈғમӵΙএσ‫ޟ‬ҡРೖᑤࠉȂᄇ ‫ר‬୮๿ҡР‫פ‬ዅᅈȄ೻࢐‫ר‬Ιҡϛശ੫տ‫ޟ‬ΙൟҡРࣂᄇȄ


ҏ൐ϯϭಝ‫ޣ‬ឈଢ଼ຠ‫ޟ‬ᆍ᜸Ѕ‫ڏ‬Ң‫ݲ‬Ȉ γߒȺࣼȻȃȺ᠙ȻȃȺཐឈȻ้‫ޟ‬ଢ଼ຠȂϞࡣ௥‫ڧ‬ຠџӔ௥ন‫ל‬ଢ଼ ຠȃ౪ӵϷຠ‫ܖ‬ႆўϷຠհ၄ᇭȄலҢ‫ޟ‬Ԫ᜸ଢ଼ຠԃήȈ ࣼȈsee, watch, look at ᠙Ȉhear, listen to ཐឈȈfeel

a. Ңন‫ל‬ଢ଼ຠհ၄ᇭȂ஼፡ෆีҡ‫ٱޟ‬Ȉ ‫ٽ‬: I saw him walk in this afternoon. ȞϬЈήϿ‫َࣼר‬тٖ໌‫پ‬Ȅȟ

I heard him sing over there. Ȟ‫ר‬᠙‫ڗ‬тӵ٥᜞୮ᅈȄȟ

b. Ң౪ӵϷຠհ၄ᇭȂ஼፡ғӵีҡ‫ޟ‬ଢ଼հȈ ‫ٽ‬: I saw him walking in when I turned around. Ȟ‫ᙽר‬ႆᓞ‫پ‬ਢȂَࣼтғٖ໌‫پ‬Ȅȟ

I heard him singing as I pushed the door open. Ȟ‫ߞװר‬௰໠ਢȂ᠙َтғӵ୮ᅈȄȟ ᠞‫ޱ‬Ԥ߬Ж 1

ϛ઻ġ——ġ ġ—— ——ġġቸհ૖Ψกᡛᙚឍġ

c. ҢႆўϷຠհ၄ᇭȂ஼፡ೝଢ଼‫ޑޟ‬ᄘȈ ‫ٽ‬: I saw him punished by the teacher this afternoon. ȞϬЈήϿ‫َࣼר‬тೝՂৱ೎ᆴΟȄȟ

I felt my hand touched by him. Ȟ‫ר‬ཐឈ‫ޟר‬Йೝт࿦ΟȄȟ ӰԪȂҏМϛȺ‫ר‬௰໠ߞȃ҈໠ႫᐷਢȂَࣼ‫ޟר‬ЮҔ‫݉ڷ‬Єঈғમ ӵΙএσ‫ޟ‬ҡРೖᑤࠉȌȌȄȻᔖ௴ΰक़ѯᄺᙚឍȈ

As I pushed the door open and turned on the light, I saw my parents and friends all standing in front of a big birthday cake...


1. ўԑȂ‫ޟר‬ЮҔ࣏‫ר‬ᖞᒲΟΙൟ੫տ‫ޟ‬ҡРࣂᄇȄ ࣏࢚Ρᖞ՗Ιএ੫տ‫ޟ‬ҡРࣂᄇ

hold a special birthday party for sb = throw a special birthday party for sb ឍ:

2. тঈ୅၆Ϛ଄ு‫ޟר‬ҡРȂ‫֙ٮ‬ວ‫ר‬тঈ࿋ЈఏΰϚོӵড়Ȅ ୅၆ȁȁpretend [ prI'tEnd ] vt. ‫ٽ‬: The poor man pretended that he was rich. Ȟ೻এጏΡ୅၆т࡞ԤᓀȄȟ ឍ:

3. ‫ר‬Τᘈήੲӱ‫ڗ‬ড়Ȅ ήੲӱ‫پ‬ȁȁget back from workȁȁȁȁ

2 லࢌ᛽ᘎਪ



4. ‫ר‬௰໠ߞȃ҈໠ႫᐷਢȂَࣼ‫ޟר‬ЮҔ‫݉ڷ‬ЄঈғમӵΙএσ‫ޟ‬ҡРೖᑤ ࠉȂᄇ‫ר‬୮๿ҡР‫פ‬ዅᅈȄ

a. ‫ߞװ‬௰໠ȁȁpush the door openȁȁ b. ‫װ‬ᐷ҈໠ȁȁturn on the lightȁȁ ‫װ‬ᐷᜰ௬ȁȁturn off the light ȁȁ ឍ:

5. ೻࢐‫ר‬Ιҡϛശ੫տ‫ޟ‬ΙൟҡРࣂᄇȄ ࢚ΡΙҡϛȁȁin one's lifeȁȁȁȁ ឍ:


Last year, my parents held a special birthday party for me. They pretended that they didn't remember my birthday, and told me they would not be home that evening. I got back from work at eight. As I pushed the door open and turned on the light, I saw my parents and friends all standing in front of a big birthday cake and singing "Happy Birthday" to me. It was the most special birthday party in my life.

᠞‫ޱ‬Ԥ߬Ж 3

ϛ઻ġ—— ——ġġቸհ૖Ψกᡛᙚឍġ

‫ٹ‬ѯ‫ݠ‬፬ There is no such thing as a free lunch. Јή‫ؠ‬ԤҩӬ‫ޟ‬ϿᓡȄĩ ൕȈЈήฒϚ഼ՄᕕϞ‫ٱ‬ȄĪ


a. ҥܻ no ࢐‫ל‬ৠຠȂϞࡣ௥൐ኵџኵӪຠਢȂϚџᇳ "no a/an + ൐ ኵџኵӪຠ"ȂՄौᇳ "no + ൐ኵџኵӪຠ"ȄՄ not ࢐୙ຠȂϞࡣ ሯညࠅຠ a/anȂӔည൐ኵџኵӪຠȄ ։: There is no a book I like here. (˪) ʖ There is no book I like here. (ɒ) = There is not a book I like here. (ɒ) Ȟ೻၇‫ؠ‬ԤΙҏ‫ר‬൉᠍‫ޟ‬ਪȄȟ

b. no ‫ ܖ‬not ᇄ ‫ٮ‬ҢਢȂһ࢐ԃԪȄ ։: There is no such a man as Peter here. (˪) ʖ There is no such man as Peter here. (ɒ) = There is not such a man as Peter here. (ɒ) Ȟ೻၇‫ؠ‬ԤΙএ჋‫܄‬ு೻ኺ‫ޟ‬ΡȄȟ

4 லࢌ᛽ᘎਪ


Unit 2 My Friend ‫݉ޟר‬Є ፜஠ήӖ‫ޟ‬ΙࢲϛМᙚឍԙ೽໷ȃ ႀཎиࠉࡣ೿ೱ‫़ޟ‬МȈ

ȁȁ‫݉ޟר‬Є෽‫ۓ‬ȞTomȟоࠉΰੲငலᒶ‫ڗ‬Ȅ೻ᡱт‫ޟ‬Ղᗳ࡞ҡ੉Ȃ‫ܚ‬ о‫ؚۡ‬ौ๝෽‫ۓ‬ΙএఀଋȄΰএТȂՂᗳೣۡӈդΡѫौΰੲᒶ‫ڗ‬Ιԩ൷ ᆴཱིѮᄌΙνϯȄณՄȂ෽‫ۓ‬᝷៉ΰੲᒶ‫ڗ‬Ȅ‫ڗ‬ΟТ‫ۻ‬Ȃт҆໸пཱིѮᄌ Π࿲ϲνϯ‫ޟ‬ᆴ෡Ȃতԁ൷࢐т‫ޟ‬ᖠЫȄϚႆ۷ၼ‫࢐ޟ‬Ȃ෽‫ۓ‬ᖂᆗᏰ‫ڗ‬Ο ఀଋȄт౪ӵؐЈ഍ྥਢю౪ӵт‫ޟ‬ᒲϴࡉȄ



a. லҢ‫ޟ‬ཎ‫ס‬ଢ଼ຠȈ ࡚ដȈsuggest, propose ौؑȈdesire, demand, require, request ‫ڼ‬хȈorder ೣۡȈrule b. ΰӖཎ‫ס‬ଢ଼ຠϞࡣ௥thatυѯհ‫ڧ‬ຠਢȂthatυѯϛкຠϞࡣ࡯௥օ ଢ଼ຠshouldȂՄshould‫܁܁‬Ϡоࣸ౱Ȃ߳੼Ϟࡣ‫ޟ‬ন‫ל‬ଢ଼ຠȄ ‫ٽ‬: I demanded that he (should) finish the work before leaving. Ȟ‫ר‬ौؑтᚔ໠ࠉ‫װ‬ώհୈ‫ׇ‬Ȅȟ

Our teacher ruled that we (should) hand in our assignments on time. Ȟ‫ר‬ঈՂৱೣۡ‫ר‬ঈौྥਢҺհཾȄȟ ӰԪȂҏМϛȺΰএТȂՂᗳೣۡӈդΡȌȌ൷ᆴཱིѮᄌΙν ϯȄȻᔖ௴ΰक़ѯᄺᙚឍ:

Last month, the boss ruled that anyone... (should) be fined NT$1,000. ᠞‫ޱ‬Ԥ߬Ж 5

ϛ઻ġ——ġ ġ—— ——ġġቸհ૖Ψกᡛᙚឍġ ၐឍήӖӨѯ

1. ‫݉ޟר‬Є෽‫ۓ‬ȞTomȟоࠉΰੲငலᒶ‫ڗ‬Ȅ ȌȌоࠉΰੲငலᒶ‫ڗ‬ȁȁ...used to be late for work ΰᏰᒶ‫ڗ‬ȁȁbe late for schoolȁȁ ΰ፞ᒶ‫ڗ‬ȁȁbe late for classȁȁ ឍ:

2. ೻ᡱт‫ޟ‬Ղᗳ࡞ҡ੉Ȃ‫ܚ‬о‫ؚۡ‬ौ๝෽‫ۓ‬ΙএఀଋȄ ๝࢚ΡΙএఀଋȁȁgive sb a lesson ‫ٽ‬: I'm going to give him a lesson if he still fools around all day long. Ȟԃ‫ݎ‬тϫᙟᐌЈၽЙԁ໣Ȃ‫ר‬൷ौ๝тΙএఀଋȄȟ ឍ:

3. ΰএТȂՂᗳೣۡӈդΡѫौΰੲᒶ‫ڗ‬Ιԩ൷ᆴཱིѮᄌΙνϯȄ ᆴ෡ȁȁfine [ faIn ] vt. & n. ‫ٽ‬: He was fined NT$6,000 for speeding. ȞтӰ຺࣏ഀՄೝᆴ෡ཱིѮᄌ6νϯȄȟ ឍ:

4. ณՄȂ෽‫ۓ‬᝷៉ΰੲᒶ‫ڗ‬Ȅ ᝷៉ΰੲᒶ‫ڗ‬ȁȁkeep coming to work late


6 லࢌ᛽ᘎਪ


5. ‫ڗ‬ΟТ‫ۻ‬Ȃт҆໸пཱིѮᄌΠ࿲ϲνϯ‫ޟ‬ᆴ෡Ȃতԁ൷࢐т‫ޟ‬ᖠЫȄ a. ‫ڗ‬ΟТ‫ۻ‬ȁȁby the end of the month b. пȌȌᆴ෡ȁȁpay a fine of + ߜ᚞ ‫ٽ‬: John paid a find of NT$6,000 for speeding. ȞघᑱӰ຺࣏ഀՄпюཱིѮᄌ6νϯ‫ޟ‬ᆴ෡Ȅȟ c. ȌȌতԁ൷࢐࢚Ρ‫ޟ‬ᖠЫȁȁ ...happen to be the amount of one's monthly salary happen to V ғѽȌȌ ‫ٽ‬: I happened to have an umbrella with me when it started to rain. Ȟ໠ۖήߦਢ‫٘ר‬ΰғѽԤΙ‫װ‬ഴȄȟ

d. ᖠЫȁȁsalary [ 'sAlJrI ] n. ឍ:

6. Ϛႆ۷ၼ‫࢐ޟ‬Ȃ෽‫ۓ‬ᖂᆗᏰ‫ڗ‬ΟఀଋȄт౪ӵؐЈ഍ྥਢю౪ӵт‫ޟ‬ᒲϴ ࡉȄ

a. Ᏸ‫ڗ‬ఀଋȁȁlearn a lesson b. ю౪ȁȁshow up ȁȁ= turn up ‫ٽ‬: Very few people showed up at the meeting. Ȟ೻ൟོដюৰ‫ޟ‬Ρ࡞ЍȄȟ ឍ:

᠞‫ޱ‬Ԥ߬Ж 7

ϛ઻ġ—— ——ġġቸհ૖Ψกᡛᙚឍġ ୤ՃឍМ

My friend Tom used to be late for work. This made his boss very angry, so he decided to teach Tom a lesson. Last month, the boss ruled that anyone who was late for work once be fined NT$1,000. However, Tom kept coming to work late. By the end of the month, he had to pay a fine of NT$26,000, which happened to be the amount of his monthly salary. Luckily, though, Tom finally learned a lesson. He now shows up at his office on time every day.

8 லࢌ᛽ᘎਪ



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