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for [ fCr ] prep. 為了;贊成 & conj. 因為


for 與 because 皆可表「因為」,惟可作 對等連接詞,用來補充理由,不可置於句 首。而 because 是副詞連接詞,所引導的 副詞子句可置於句首或主要子句之後。

 Those people are fighting for their freedom.

Unit 1

反 against [ F`gEnst ] prep. 反對 ①



 Are you for or against the proposal? (你是贊成或反對本提案?)

 Jerry decided to stop for lunch first, for he was feeling hungry. (傑瑞決定先停下來吃午餐,因為那時他肚子餓了。)

because [ bI`kCz ] conj. 因為 because + S + V because of + N/V-ing

因為…… 因為……



 Because of the bad weather, we couldn't go anywhere. (因為天氣很糟,我們哪裡也去不了。)

will [ wIl ] aux. 將要 & n. 意志;遺囑 will  隨意地;任意地 衍 willing [ `wIlIG ] a. 有意願的 ② 片 at


Where there's a will, there's a way. (有志者事竟成。)


 Mr. Smith will arrive in New York tomorrow morning. (明早史密斯先生將會抵達紐約。)

 Nobody can question his will to win. (沒有人可以質疑他的求勝意志。)

 The man made his final will a month before he died.

Level 2


 You may go or stay at will. (你可以隨意去留──去留悉聽尊便。)

can [ kXn ] aux. 能夠;可以 & n. 金屬罐 & vt. 裝(食物)於罐頭內 延伸

canned food  罐頭食物 I don't like the taste of canned food. (我不喜歡罐頭食物的味道。)

Level 1


 I like him because he is polite. = Because he is nice, I like him.


 Can you speak French? (你會說法文嗎?)

 You can't talk loudly in the library. (在圖書館內不能大聲喧嘩。)

 John drank ten cans of beer at the party. (約翰在派對上喝了 10 罐啤酒。)  My mother likes to can fruit at the end of (the) summer. (每年夏末,我母親總愛將水果製成罐頭。)

man [ mXn ] n. 男人;人;人類 複 men


 Everyone agrees that John is a nice man.

[ mEn ]



man 表『人類』時為總稱,僅用單數,且 不加冠詞。

 All men are born equal. (人人生而平等。)

 Man is the cleverest creature on earth. (人類是地球上最聰明的生物。)

time [ taIm ] n. 時間;次數,回 & vt. 選定時間 片 from

= = = =

time to time sometimes at times on occasion occasionally take one's time for the time being in no time


 Time flies. (光陰似箭。──諺語)

 He goes to the gym three times a week. (他一週上健身房三次。) 某人慢慢來 目前;暫時 很快地


on time in time


準時 及時

The train arrived at the station on time. (火車準時到站。)

Will you be here in time for the concert? (你來得及趕來聽這場演唱會嗎?)

 Tom timed his visit to suit Judy's convenience. (湯姆選在茱蒂方便的時候去拜訪她。)

 My parents come to Taipei to see me from time to time. (我父母偶爾會到台北來看我。)

 Take your time with the meal; there's no rush. (慢慢用餐,不用急。)

 I'm afraid that you have to share your room for the time being. (恐怕你得暫時跟別人合住一間房間。)

 In no time, he finished the job and left. (他很快地把工作做完就離開了。)

timely [ `taImlI ] a. 適時的,及時的 延伸

 This website provides timely information on traffic. (本網站提供交通的適時資訊。)

a timely rain  及時雨;及時的幫助

timing [ `taImIG ] n. 時機

 I don't think the batter's timing is very good. (我認為這位打擊者的時機抓得不好。)

timetable [ `taIm,tebL ] n. 時間表 似 schedule [ `skEdKUl ] n. 時間表;行程 ③

 We need a new train timetable to plan the trip. (我們需要新的火車時刻表來計劃這趟旅行。)


Vocabulary: Levels 1 & 2

go [ go ] vi. 消失;變成;進行 & n. 嘗試


三 go,

 All his money is gone.


 The milk has gone sour.

went [ wEnt ], gone [ gAn ] 片 have a go  嘗試 be on the go  忙個不停



 Everything is going well here.

Unit 1

My father is always on the go, so I rarely see him.



 I'll have a go at fixing the machine myself. (我想試試看自己修那台機器。)

take [ tek ] vt. 拿;花費,需要(時間、精力等)& n. 看法 三 take,

took [ tUk ], taken [ `tekFn ]


give and take  互相讓步,有所取捨

 Do you know who took my book? (你知道誰拿走我的書嗎?)

 It took me five hours to finish the book. (我花了 5 個小時看完那本書。)

Level 1

We all should learn to give and take. (我們都應該學會互相讓步。)


 What's your take on this issue? (你對這個議題的看法為何?)

give [ gIv ] vt. 給予 & vi. 捐贈 三 give, gave [ gev ], given [ `gIvFn ] 片 give in to...  屈服於…… = surrender to... = bow to...

 Give me that book next to you.



 Uncle Tom gave generously to the charity. (湯姆叔叔慷慨捐獻給那個慈善機構。)

 Never give in to fate. (千萬不要向命運低頭。)

片 since

then from then on

從那時起 從那時起


(every) now and then  有時,偶爾 = sometimes We still get together every now and then after all these years. (過了這些年後,我們有時還會聚在一起。)


 Add the milk, and then stir the soup for five minutes. (加進牛奶,接著攪拌湯 5 分鐘。)  He was a famous singer then. (他當時是位知名的歌星。)

 The whole system has changed since then. (從那時起整個系統就改變了。)

 We met a few years ago, and from then on, we were good partners. (我們在幾年前相識,從那時起我們就是好夥伴。)

 If you want to lose weight, then you have to eat less. (如果妳想減肥,那麼就得少吃一點。)

Level 2

then [ BEn ] adv. 然後,接著;那時,當時;那麼

about [ F` baUt ] prep. 有關 & adv. 四處;大約


 This is a book about music.


be about to V  即將…… The principal is about to arrive. (校長快要到了。)


 Newspapers were scattered about the room. (報紙在房間裡散得到處都是。)

 The bus will leave in about ten minutes. (巴士大約再過 10 分鐘就要開走了。)

state [ stet ] n. 狀態,情況;國家;州 & vt. 陳述,聲明 a...state  處於……的狀態 衍 statesman [ `stetsmFn ] n. 政治家 ⑤ 片 in


 His health is in a good state. (他的健康處於良好狀態。)

 Italy is a European state.


statesman 指「政治家」,有正面的意思。 politician 指「政治人物」或「政客」,有 負面的意思。


 Which state of the United States do you live in? (你住在美國的哪一州?)

 The driver stated the facts clearly. (該名駕駛人清楚地陳述了事實。)

statement [ `stetmFnt ] n. 聲明;陳述 片 make/give a statement  發表聲明

 I'd like to make a statement to all of you.

find [ faInd ] vt. 發現,找到 三 find,

found [ faUnd ], found find out...   找到…… 片




 The police still couldn't find enough evidence. (警方還是無法找到足夠的證據。)

 You have to find out the answer by yourself. (你必須自己找出答案。)

finding [ `faIndIG ] n. 調查或研究的結果(常用複數)


 Their research also showed similar findings. (他們的研究也顯示出類似的結果。)

way [ we ] n. 方法;路;方向;作風 片 in

a way 在某一方面 in the/one's way 擋住某人去路 on the/one's way to + 地方名詞   



 We tried to think of some ways to fix the problem. (我們設法想出幾個辦法來解決這個問題。)

 Do you know the quickest way to get to the bank? (你知道去銀行最近的路要怎麼走嗎?)

Vocabulary: Levels 1 & 2

 This way, please.


The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. (要抓住男人的心,要先抓住他的胃。) 此處 The way 指「道路」,之後的 to 則 為介詞,表「通往」、「到達」之意。


 I don't like the way you talk. (我不喜歡你說話的方式。)

 What you've said is right in a way. (你所說的話就某方面而言是對的。)


Unit 1

 Keep on trying, son. Let nothing stand in your way.  I ran into Jenny on the/my way to the post office. (我去郵局的途中遇見了珍妮。)

even [ `ivFn ] adv. 甚至 & a. 相等的;平坦的;偶數的 & vt. 使平坦,使平等 片 get

even with... even...out

報復…… 使……平坦

 We're not friends; I don't even know his name. (我們不是朋友,我甚至連他的名字都不知道。)

甚至(副詞) 即使(連接詞) 雖然(連接詞)

I'll give you the money even if you can't pay me back. (即使你沒能力還錢,我還是會給你錢。)

Even though he is poor, she still loves him. (雖然他窮,她仍愛他。)


 The floor was not even, and I almost fell. (這地面不平,我差點跌倒。)

 2, 4, 6, and 8 are even numbers and can be divided exactly by 2. (2、4、6、8 是偶數,且可被 2 整除。)  We hired some workers to even (out) the floor. (我們僱用了幾名工人把地板磨平。)

 The waiter spread the butter evenly over the toast. (服務生將奶油均勻地塗在吐司上。)

 The money should be divided evenly into three parts. (這筆錢應該平均分成 3 等份。)

use [ juz ] vt. 使用 衍 used [ juzd ] a. 二手的,中古的 ②

user [ `juzQ ] n. 使用者 ② usage [ `jusIdK ] n. 用法 ④

use [ jus ] n. 用處,用途 片 be of great use  很有用 = be very useful


 Do you mind if I use your computer to check my e-mail? (你介意我用你的電腦查看電子郵件嗎?)

 I thought that his advice was of great use. = I thought that his advice was very useful.



Level 2

evenly [ `ivFnlI ] adv. 均勻地;平均地 似 equally [ `ikwFlI ] adv. 平等地

Level 1

 He will get even with his enemy one day.


even even if even though


useful [ `jusfL ] a. 有用的

 This map is very useful for driving.



useless [ `juslIs ] a. 沒有用的

 I think it's useless to try to fix this machine.



like [ laIk ] vt. 喜歡 & n. 相似的人或物;喜好 & prep. 像


片 and

the like  等等,諸如此類 = and so on

 Tim likes sports very much.


 At the zoo we saw pandas, tigers, lions, and the like.

would like to V  想要…… = feel like + V-ing

 Everyone has his own likes and dislikes.




I would like to see a movie tonight. = I feel like seeing a movie tonight. (我今晚想去看場電影。)

 Kate looks like her father.

likable [ `laIkFbL ] a. 可愛的 似 lovable [ `lVvFbL ] a. 可愛的 ②

 Everyone wants to make friends with this friendly and likable girl.



such [ sVtJ ] a. 如此的;像這樣的 & pron. 這樣的人或事物 片 as

such such as...

按照如 諸如……

 It was such an excellent performance. (這真是場精采絕倫的表演。)

 He is a friend and should be treated as such.





Peter is such a good boy that I like him very much. (彼得是那麼乖的男生,所以我很喜歡他。)


*此處 as such 等於 as a friend。  John has many hobbies, such as hiking and stamp collecting. (約翰有很多嗜好,諸如健行和蒐集郵票。)

think [ HIGk ] vt. 認為,想 & vi. 思考 三 think,

thought [ HCt ], thought 片 think little/highly of... 看輕/看重…… 衍 thinking [ `HIGkIG ] n. 想法 用法

think 作『認為』解時,不可用進行式。


 I think that this is an exceptional case. (我認為這是一個例外的情形。)

 It was so noisy outside that I couldn't think. (外面太吵了,吵到我無法思考。)

 His boss thought highly of him. (他的老闆很看重他。)

Vocabulary: Levels 1 & 2

thought [ HCt ] n. 想法;考慮 一想到…… 片 at the thought of... on second thought(s) 再三考慮後

 He felt sad at the thought of his future.



 On second thought(s), maybe we should eat at home. (再三考慮後,也許我們應該在家吃就好。)

seem [ sim ] vi. 似乎,看起來

Unit 1

 He seems (to be) a nice guy. = It seems that he's a nice guy.

似 appear [ F`pIr ] vi. 似乎 ① 用法

S + seem (to be) + N/Adj S + seem + to V It seems + that 子句


(他似乎是個好人。) 似乎是…… 似乎…… 似乎……

 Nobody seemed to know the truth. = It seemed that nobody knew the truth. (似乎沒有人知道事實真相。)

 Things are not always what they seem. (事情未必和表面上看起來的一樣。)

 Alan is seemingly cold, but in fact, he isn't.

one's own  on one's own 

屬於自己的 靠自己

衍 owner [ `onQ ] n. 擁有者 ②

ownership [ `onQ, JIp ] n. 所有權 ③

似 possess [ pF`zEs ] vt. 持有 ④



own [ on ] a. & pron. 自己的 & vt. 擁有 片 of

Level 1

seemingly [ `simIGlI ] adv. 表面上 似 apparently [ F`pXrFntlI ] adv. 表面上 ③


 You'll have to make up your own mind. (你必須自己拿定主意。)

 Believe it or not, the guy has a plane of his own. (信不信由你,這傢伙有一架屬於自己的飛機。)

 From now on, you'll have to be on your own. (從今以後,你一切得靠自己了。)

Level 2

 They don't own the house—they rent it. (他們並不擁有這棟房子——他們是用租的。)

life [ laIf ] n. 生命(複數為 lives [ laIvz ]);人生;生活;生物(集合名詞,不可數) 片 lead/live come to life

過著……的生活 甦醒過來

衍 lifestyle [ `laIf,staIl ] n. 生活方式 ③

lifetime [ `laIf,taIm ] n. 終生 ③ lifelong [ `laIf,lCG ] a. 一生的 ⑤ lifespan [ `laIf,spXn ] n. 壽命 ⑤


 The flood took 20 lives. (洪水奪走了 20 條人命。)  Life is a long journey. (人生是一條漫長的旅程。)

 Aunt Joyce leads a simple country life. (喬伊絲阿姨過著簡樸的鄉間生活。)

 There is almost no life at all in that desert.


life insurance a life sentence


人壽保險 無期徒刑

live [ lIv ] vt. 過(生活)& vi. 居住 & [ laIv ] a. 活的;現場的 片 live/lead

a/  過……的生活

衍 lively [ `laIvlI ] a. 生氣勃勃的 ③

living [ `lIvIG ] n. 生計 ③ livelihood [ `laIvlI ,hUd ] n. 生計 ⑤ 延伸

live on... live from hand to mouth

以……為食 僅能糊口


 He is living an idle life. (他過著懶散的生活。)

 She lives next door to me. (她住在我隔壁。)

 The cat was playing with a live mouse. (這隻貓正在玩一隻活生生的老鼠。)

 We went to see a live band last night. (昨晚我們去看了現場樂團的表演。)

just [ dKVst ] adv. 剛剛;正好;只是(= only);非常 & a. 公正的(= fair) 片 just

 He was here just now.


 He came just as I was leaving.

now  剛才(用於過去式) 衍 justice [ `dKVstIs ] n. 公平正義 ③ just 與祈使句並用,表『請稍微』:

Just a moment, please. = Just a minute, please. = Just a second, please. = Just a sec, please. Just think of it.





 I'm just looking; I don't want to buy anything today. (我只是看一看,今天不想買東西。)

 The weather is just marvelous. 請想一下。


 The teacher was not being just when he punished only one of the boys. (這位老師不公正,只處罰了其中一個男孩。)

justly [ `dKVstlI ] adv. 公正地

 You should treat people justly. (你應當公正待人。)

between [ bI`twin ] prep. 在……兩者之間 延伸

between you and me  你我之間的秘密 Between you and me, Peter has three girlfriends. (彼得有 3 個女友,這件事你我兩人知道就 好。) 



 The post office is between the bank and the grocery store. (郵局位在銀行和雜貨店的中間。)

Vocabulary: Levels 1 & 2

among [ F`mVG ] prep. 在……之中 用法

 I saw a few similar faces among the crowd.



原則上,between 用於『兩者』之間,

among 用於『三者以上』之間。


Unit 1

still [ stIl ] adv. 仍然,還;更加(加強比較級)& a. 靜止不動的  Tom is poor, but I still love him.


表『還』的意思時,肯定句用 still,否定 句用 yet。

He is still a child.  (他還是個孩子。) You can't give up yet.(你還不能放棄。)


 Although she got good grades, her parents asked her to study still harder. (雖然她成績很好,她父母叫她還要更加努力。)

 Keep still while I take your picture.



Still waters run deep. (靜水流深──大智若愚。)

another one after another

片 one

互相 一個接著一個


 He ordered another drink for the lady. (他為那位小姐再點了一杯飲料。)

 They gave one another presents at Christmas.


To know is one thing; to do is another. (知道是一回事,做又是另一回事/知易 行難。)


 The cans fell off the shelf one after another. (罐子從架子上一個接著一個掉下來。)

work [ wRk ] vi. 工作;運轉,起作用 & n. 工作(不可數);作品(可數) 解決……

be out of work/a job = be jobless = be unemployed look for work/a job



Level 2

片 work...out

 Without working hard, you'll never get anywhere. (不努力就永遠不會有成就。)

 The machine doesn't work. (這機器故障了無法運作。) 找工作

反 play [ ple ] n. 玩耍 ① 延伸

at work  在工作中 My boyfriend is hard at work. (我男友正努力工作中。)

Level 1

another [ F`nVBQ ] a. 再一;另外的 & pron. 再一個;另一個

 They teamed up and worked out the problem. (他們合作解決了這個問題。)

 It takes a lot of work to finish the project. (完成這項計劃很費工。)

 He has been out of work for two months. (他已經失業兩個月了。)

 His works are on display at the museum. (他的作品正在博物館展出。)

worker [ `wRkQ ] n. 工人

 There are thousands of workers in the factory. [0990]

coworker [ `ko,wRkQ ] n. 同事

 Terry gets along well with his coworkers.

(= co-worker)




似 colleague [ `kAlig ] n. 同事 ⑤

hand [ hXnd ] vt. 繳交;遞交 & n. 手 片

hand...down give sb a hand

交出…… 將……傳下來 幫助某人

 Hand in your paper after class. = Turn in your paper after class. (下課後把報告交出來。)

 Hand me that book, please.


have...on hand be close at hand


手頭上有…… 即將到來

How much money do you have on hand? (你手頭有多少錢?)

The finals are close at hand. (期末考即將到來。)


 The gold necklace has been handed down in her family for generations. (這條金項鍊已經在她家傳了好幾代了。)

 Give me a hand with this box, please. (請幫我抬這個箱子。)

well [ wEl ] adv. 很好地 & a. 身體好的 & n. 井 延伸

well-off [ ,wEl`Cf ] a. 富裕的


 If you do your duties well, you'll be rewarded. (如果好好盡你的職責,你就會得到獎賞。)

He is well-off running a French restaurant.

 I don't feel well today. I guess I'll have to call in sick.



 The oil well has gone dry, and we'll have to find another one. (這座油井枯竭了,我們必須找另一座。)

how [ haU ] adv. 如何 & adv. 多麼地 用法


come + S + V?  為什麼……? = How is it + that 子句? = Why is it + that 子句? = Why + 倒裝句構?


 How did Martin do on the test last week? (馬丁上週的考試成績如何?)

 How well the girl sings! (這女孩唱得多麼好聽啊!)

 How come he is crying? = How is it that he is crying? = Why is it that he is crying? = Why is he crying? (他為什麼在哭?)



because 製成罐頭 立下遺囑 canned food  Jerrydecidedtostopforlunchfirst,forhewasfeeling hungry. 罐頭食物 諺語 Wherethere'sawill,there'saway. 片 at will   衍...

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