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Tips to Learn How to Be Famous as a Comedian!

Do you think you think you’re funny enough to be a comedian? Do you want learn how to be famous as a stand up comedian? Do you like to explore talent? Do you perform at talent shows? Do you have interesting sense of humor? Stand up comedy involves a comedian on a stage in front of an audience, with the intention of making them laugh. If you want to learn how to be famous by being a comedian, the only way is to get on stage! Comedians create a routine which could include different types of comedy, the types include:      

Deadpan Character Slapstick Prop Improvisational Sarcasm

Some comedians like to remember their routines, because the #1 cardinal rule in comedy is don’t forget your lines. The last thing you want, is to get booed off stage. Possessing the ability to make people laugh on cue is a gift. In order to achieve success in the comedy industry, you must be able to execute the following: 1. Train yourself to travel all the time and to give up any obligations you currently have. 2. Go to local comedy clubs and talent shows to explore talent. Sit in the crowd, and pay attention to what makes people laugh. Notice the comedians material and joke delivery. 3. Interact with the audience and communicate with them, ask questions, and make new contacts. 4. Test out your jokes on your family and friends. They will give you honest feedback. 5. You can create a character for your stage persona. This persona can be anything you want it, be creative and innovative. 6. Develop and test your new material. Every comedian wants their own comedy central presents or a HBO comedy hour, but you need to prove yourself before you can make it to that level. 7. Test new and innovative ways you can deliver your jokes. Go to talent shows and explore talent. If you want to learn how to be famous as a comedian, one suggestion I can give you is to create a profolio (portfolio+profile) on, it can give you a stage to showcase your skills, as well as explore talent, and make new connections that will further your career as a comedian.

Tips to Learn How to Be Famous as a Comedian  
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