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How to Become Famous In the Fashion Industry! 5 Steps to Live By!! Are you in the style business? Creating you own fashion line takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work. You will be under extreme pressure to please clients, make deadlines, and find new talent to showcase your designs at a fashion show. You will also have to have great communication skills to keep in contact with manufacturers, customers, and suppliers. Fashion trends change frequently, it will have to be your job to learn and study the latest trends. If you are beginning your career with no or little training, don’t expect to be offered glamorous jobs at first. Experience and skill will come in time. Competition is fierce in the fashion industry. Stay inspired by entering YouTube contests, design Contests and other competitions. It is an amazing way to compete against other designers in your field, as well as earning respect, and gaining new customers and jobs.

I have researched many ways to help you in the fashion industry, and condensed it into five steps that you can use or modify to fit your career. 1. Choosing a plan of action: You must be diligent. There are many paths you can take in your fashion career, but you will need a specific strategy to make your dream a reality. Think about your exact vision of what you want and work backwards. The number one reason people don’t get what they want in life is that they don’t know what they want.

2. Develop a portfolio: A creative portfolio is essential in the fashion industry, it should include your best work, designs, sketches, illustrations, materials used, and lots of pictures. Use a lot of color and detail when developing your portfolio. If you competed in YouTube contests or any other design contests, list them in your work as well as any awards you may have won. 3. Be Tech Savvy: Learn computer programs like CAD and other design applications, as well as iPad programs like iDesign, Sketchbook Pro, and Moodboard Pro. If you need to, take a class. In a class, you learn new ways to develop and hone your skills as a designer; trainers and teachers will help you with sewing, sketching, illustrating, measuring, and patterns, mixing color, drawing, and using your time wisely. 4. Create a LinkedIn account: Acquire a new network of professionals that you can learn new trends and ideas from. You will also be able to find events where you can attend trade schools or local colleges that offer professional training and programs that deal with the fashion industry. Join groups and make recommendations. You can also find interns for your fashion line as well as customers. Stay confident, focused and inspired by your work! Ideas will begin to flow as if by magic. Aim to always be original. Subscribe to fashion magazines like W, Vogue, and Elle which not only will develop your taste and keep you in tune with all the new trends and designs, but will also provide you with guidelines on how to become famous as a fashion designer.

How to Become Famous In the Fashion Industry! 5 Steps to Live By!!