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How To Be A Model and Get Discovered!! Do you want to learn how to be a model? Would you give everything to be seen and get discovered? Then you came to the right place! In this article, I will show you exactly how to model and how to be a model! There are a many ways to be a model nowadays, thanks to the way people share things on the internet. To be a model, there are some qualities you must acquire to be seen and most of all be liked. Here are a few of those qualities:

• Confidence • Stamina • Willpower • Independence • Sense of Fashion • Persistence If you have these qualities, then you are a step further than your competition. To learn how to be a model or how to model, I’ve created 4 steps that if you follow to a tee, you will be a model in time! Step 1: Come Prepared- If you’re unprepared and disorganized, chances are you will not get the job. If you want to be a model, get everything ready and get organized. Step 2: Get a Portfolio- If you dont have one, get one!! A portfolio is your resume, you will not get any solid work without one! Step 3: Headshot- Search around for a good photographer. To be a model, you need a great headshot to showcase you look the best! Step 4: Be Comfortable- To learn how to be a model, you need to stay comfortable in your own skin! Self confidence will shine through you as you pose. Practice in the mirror! To be a model, take modeling classes and practice everyday! While researching this blog, I met Danielle Hurley, she is an up and coming model, she enjoys modeling clothing and bathing suits. She is eccentric and delightful to talk to, she also is fun and angelic. Danielle’s goal is to eventually become an actress, since when you model you act, you perform different moods, and expressions.

How To Be A Model and Get Discovered!!