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Exclusive Interview with Musician: Theo of SunnyShading! Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Theo and I write songs to make people happy as part of SunnyShading! I guess I can’t say much, as I’m only 18, my life had just recently started at least in the young adult section, but I’m choosing to go forward with all of my dreams and make something out of myself. I am an introvert, and that even shows in my performances sometimes but singing is the thing that changes that for me, and changes who I am. It’s a good feeling, haha. I like Papaya Juice, and eating…Blah, but I’m sure everyone does. I am a Vegetarian, and I’ve practically religiously been one for almost a year now. Along with that, I’m quite the pacifist. Even in fights, I’d rather try to end the conflict then continue it, so I guess that goes along with me being a Vegetarian. Oh, and I like to wear hats! Haha. There aren’t too many things I dislike though. I hate long lines, but everyone does. What kind of art or performing do you do? I play as a solo acoustic musician. I sing, play the guitar, keyboard and sometimes spice in a little ukulele. Depending on the mood. I also do my recordings alone, and all the instrumentals in place but I’d love to work with people. How long have you been doing this? I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now. Where did your inspiration come from? In the past tense, my inspiration came from Love, and Disney Love Songs. I guess you can say I was the lonely kid back then, and that emotion for whatever reason meant the world to me. So I wrote about it, not really having any substance at least with my old songs . But, in the present tense, my inspiration comes from past experiences that I dare not talk about. I don’t consider my problems vastly bad, so I try not to talk about them but I still feel them, so I put them into a song. Do you remember the moment you fell in love with it? If so can you describe it? I dunno, there’s too many moments that make me realize how awesome this is. Seeing people’s faces when I play, and just having practically a mini-party during some performances. It’s a great feeling. What drew you to this particular field/talent?

I’ve always loved music, and I’ve been singing since I was young. I remember starting up the piano when I was younger just because I saw my sister play (while she was taking lessons) and I was automatically absorbed in. As for the poetry part about that, I guess I can blame my 12th grade teacher for bringing substance into poetry. Before it was just me trying to be clever, but I felt a true resonance with it when I stopped caring about what I was writing and just wrote. Tell us about your current projects or activities. Other than SunnyShading? I previously was a Game Developer, but that’s not an interesting topic I want to talk about Haha. Which of your projects are you most proud of and why? SunnyShading of course! Though if you mean my songs, that’s a hard one to say. Each of my songs have a very close room to my heart that I feel like they’re my kids and I’m here to help them grow. It’s like saying which kid is your favorite, when they’re all my favorite! What sets you apart from other artists in your field? I’d like to think my sound, but there’s other artists I get related to by fans so it might not be that. When in comes to music, I do like to do a lot of different things and create different sounds. At one point I’d like to create a pure softelectronic album , or even a hard one. I’d like to do a lot of different things, just hard doing them alone. I guess me being a one-man band is something to help differentiate me. What is one of your most memorable moments/experiences in your field? There’s so many I don’t even know what to place down. Though my first performance ever was at this Open Mic, and I just sang a couple cover songs, didn’t know the lyrics and everyone loved me. It’s something that made me confident enough to actually create SunnyShading. What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time to when you first started? Not to take myself so seriously and realize I actually have worth in this world. A lot of words have been said in my past that just shot down my self-esteem. I always had that mindset, but to hear it from someone else would probably mean the world to me. If you could be doing anything in your artistic/performing career right now, what would you be doing? Touring. I want to travel everywhere. I feel like this town restricts me from anything. How can people contact you or follow your progress? Oh yeah! You can reach me at

Exclusive Interview with Musician: Theo of SunnyShading  

I’m Theo and I write songs to make people happy as part of SunnyShading! I guess I can’t say much, as I’m only 18, my life had just recently...