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Be Discovered as a Back Up Dancer through Dancing Competitions!

Are you infatuated with dancing? Do you love to perform for a crowd? How can you be discovered as a back up dancer? Have you looked into a dancing competition? There is new talent getting discovered everyday. When will it be your shot to be discovered? Everybody wants to be in the spotlight! Most back up dancers have broken out into their own careers. Lets take a look at the most famous back up dancers in recent history   

Jennifer Lopez Tupac Shakur Cris Judd Kevin Federline

According to Wikipedia, a backup dancer is a performer who dances with or behind the lead performers in a live musical act or in a music video. Their movements provide a visual symmetry and rhythm to accompany the music. Back up dancing takes tons of hard work, new talent, a great agent, and most of all dedication to be discovered! Here are 6 tips to be discovered as a back up dancer! 1. Take professional dance lessons: This will provide you with more experience and a way to learn from other new talent. 2. Practice: I saw this a lot in all my blogs, but without practice, you will never be discovered! 3. Get in the right circles: In this business, it’s all about who you know. 4. Create a Linked-In account and a Facebook Fan Page, and start making connections. 5. Move: New york for Broadway, and Los Angeles for music videos. 6. Audition: The best way to get work is to audition for a new talent agency. 7. Dancing competitions : A great way for you to network with new talent and be discovered. Dancing competitions will make you practice harder!

If back up dancing is your dream, the steps above will help you to be discovered as new talent!

Be Discovered as a Back Up Dancer through Dancing Competitions