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Title: WHAT IS TBO- 122 AND WHAT DOES IT OFFER Keywords: TBO- 122, TIBCO Business Events 5 Exam Summary: The TIBCO Business Events 5 Exam s offers a variety of programs that can be handled by a certified individual using its various components. Content: TBO -122 is a exam which after completion certifies that the said individual has successfully mastered the knowledge and skills of implementing Complex Event Processing elucidations using the 5.0 version or later of the TIBCO Business Events. Other TIBCO Business Events programs that can also be used include TIBCO Business Events® Event Stream Processing, TIBCO Business Events® Decision Maker, TIBCOBusinessEvents®Data Modeling and TIBCOBusinessEvents®Views. TIBCO Business Events® 5 Exam comprises of 64 questions which are supposed to be answered in duration of 90 minutes and the candidate to succeed requires at least 66%marks in the exam. Candidates who are successful in this exam are capable of designing, organizing and managing the rule based and composite Event Processing resolutions that are of average complexity and can be handled by the individual with no or minimal need for any kind of supervision. The activities that can be performed through this course involve gathering data from the different sources that include HTTP/S, JMS,TCPand TIBCOtrysts. Also pulling out data from the various different events, association of these events along with designing state models derived from the event data is possible. Other topics that are mastered by the candidates include •

Product related specific experience with a hands on experience imparted I the program using BusinessEvents 5

Knowledge of various topics including TIBCOBusiness Events installation, knowledge of TIBCO Business Events Standard Editions, TIBCO Business Events Data Modelling, TIBCO Business Events Decision Manager and TIBCOBusinessEvents Views

Further specifications of the course and the objectives that can be derived from their knowledge is listed below. The TBO- 122, TIBCO Business Events 5 Exam include Components of the program which presents a scenario through pointing the right TIBCO Business Events installation and Add-on procedures.

TIBCOBusiness Events Standard Edition describes the TIBCOBusiness Events Studio which elaborates the configuration, options of migration and customizing of the program. Further it also explains the commanding tools options and appropriate use. It also develops the shared resources and channels and explains the functioning ad configurations of the program along with explaining the scorecards, events ad concepts. The Standard Edition also explains the functions of Rule. Testing and debugging of TIBCO Business Events various applications and various deployment such as CDD,EARand TRA files are also possible. The architecture of the program is also explained with elaborations of the features and the difference between the various Object Management types. The features and functions of the management and monitoring utility of the program are explained as well. Add-ons of the TIBCOBusiness Events Stream Processing are also taught in the program which include identifying the purpose of its use, identifying the right expression of patter matching and defining what is Query Agents. The TIBCO Business Events Data Modelling elaborates the objective of state model along with the perception of databaseconcepts. Also the TIBCOBusinessEvents Decision Manager defines tables of the program whereas the TIBCOBusinessEvents Views elaborate features of the component in detail. Author Bio: ExamKill is your affordable source of Questions and Answers material for TB0-122 and TB0-123 Visit to get your copy for just $25 today.


WHAT IS TBO-122 AND WHAT DOES IT OFFER Summary: TBO-122, TIBCO Business Events 5 Exam Keywords: TIBCO Business Events® 5 Exam comprises of 6...

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