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Top Trends in Bar Mitzvah Invites Your child’s bar mitzvah is an integral part of their life, so when organizing the event it is likely you want to make certain that every detail is planned perfectly. Caterers, locations, music, and entertainment all are important elements of the celebration, but one of the most important - and frequently overlooked - aspects is the invitation. The invitation, which is the first thing the guests see, is usually the very first glimpse into the design you have planned for your party and provides a nod to the traditional aspects that one expects in a bar mitzvah invitation. You can display your child’s personality and still stay up with the times. Here are some of the leading trends in bar mitzvah invitations. One of the trends happening right now is personalizing the bar mitzvah celebration to honor and celebrate your child. Your invitations should follow the trend and incorporate this aspect. For example, if your child excels in baseball and spends considerable time practicing and playing, then you might consider an invitation that has subtle hints towards baseball. A small illustrated baseball or even simple pin striping reminiscent of a baseball uniform gives just enough of a hint towards the theme of your party without overpowering the invitation with obvious baseball references. A few weeks ahead of the big day, you will receive your traditional invitations so guests have enough time to RSVP and purchase a gift. A save the date card has become more and more popular because it gives your guests a longer period of time to plan and be aware that a bar mitzvah is approaching. Choose a save the date card which matches the rest of the bar mitzvah invites to achieve a cohesive look. You can send a save the date card up to a year prior to the event, so don’t worry about appearing to be too pushy. These simple religious invitations are a great way to show what religious symbols are important to you, your family and the bar mitzvah ceremony, which is important if you are planning on inviting guests who are not Jewish. There are several simple bar mitzvah invitations that use Hebrew, a Star of David or tallit to emphasize the importance of the celebration which is a nice option for children and families that want their bar mitzvahs to be more about the religious significance of the big event instead of about a big party. To show the purpose of the invitation without being ostentatious, one big trend at the moment is the use of subtle religious symbols. Sticking with more traditional invitations that harken to days past can be a fun way to incorporate a bit of history into the ceremony. Like wedding invites, a lot of invitations to bar mitzvahs now follow a color scheme that is continued on during the party itself. To match and flow with the celebration, envelopes, liners, and the invitations can all be color coordinated. Consider using your child’s favorite colors or possibly the colors of his favorite sports team or school. You can truly honor the child that is coming of age when you incorporate personal touches, like personalized invitations, to the child's bar mitzvah. Select a combination that your child likes but that also looks good together, for instance contrasting colors. Making the invitations part of the all-important bar mitzvah event is a great way to set the tone for your event. If you send custom Bar Mitzvah invitations to the guests, you're giving them information and time needed to organize for the event. For additional information on Invitations For Less, check out Invitations For Less

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Top Trends in Bar Mitzvah Invites  

If you send custom Bar Mitzvah invitations to the guests, you're giving them information and time needed to organize for the event. For addi...

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