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How to Select Residential Carpet Cleaning Service Providers Choosing the right residential carpet cleaning service provider is not as simple as some people tend to think. Discussed herein, are some of the factors to consider when searching for the best carpet cleaner in the market: #1: Equipment Used What type of equipment is being used by the service provider you are planning to choose? Reputable carpet cleaners in the market use HWE Hot Water Extraction method to wash carpets. Hence, the first question which you need to ask the service provider is the type of equipment used in cleaning your carpet. If the company has different equipment from HWE, then you need to consider looking for a service provider that uses HWE in cleaning carpets. #2: Certification Is the carpet cleaning service provider certified? While most carpet cleaners can claim to have real-world experience, only a few can boast of being certified carpet cleaners. Most carpet cleaners in the market gained their experience from trial and errors. Therefore, the last thing that you want is a service provider who is going to learn cleaning carpets on your Persian rug. Check that the company you are planning to choose has been certified with either IICRC or RIA. One of the reasons why you need to confirm if the service provider has been certified is because a number of carpet manufacturers are demanding that your carpet be cleaned by a certified cleaner in order to claim warranty on your carpet. #3: Price Price ought not to be a factor when selecting a reputable carpet cleaner. Choosing a service provider based solely on price can haunt you at a later date. Carpet cleaners who use price to attract clients are known for their poor service. A carpet cleaner who charges a flat rate of $15.00 to clean your carpet is less likely to have the right equipment needed to clean your carpet. #4: Insurance and Bonding Is the carpet cleaner you are intending to choose insured and bonded? Insurance is designed to safeguard you from any liability. Consequently, check if the company has some form of general liability coverage. But why is insurance and bonding important? Insurance will pay for any medical expenses incurred as a result of slip and fall injury in your home due to wet carpets. Bonding will pay for any property stolen from your home while the carpet cleaners were working in your home.

How to Select Residential Carpet Cleaning Service Providers