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Courtesy Minnesota Historical Society

Deep In History Established by the Northern Pacific Railroad Company (now Burlington Northern) in 1885, the Como Shops complex was used to build and service railroad passenger cars. It was the only passenger car shop complex operated by the Northern Pacific east of the Rocky Mountains. The Como Shops are significant to the history of the railroad industry in general, and played an important role in the development of the railroad industry in St. Paul.

Northern Pacific Railway’s Como Shops, now Bandana Square. Railroads and their supporting industries employed one quarter of Saint Paul’s work force in the 1880s. The new residen- Chceck tial neighborhoods popping up along out more Como Park’s borders in the mid-1880s informaoffered convenient housing that may tions on have appealed to many of the hundreds website! of employees of the Como Shops. The BEST WESTERN Bandana Square was built as the Como Paint Shop addition in 1911 to better streamline the maintenance of there passenger cars. The original building was constructed of Little Falls cream colored brick with Mankato limestone trimmings, and St. Cloud granite sills. In the 1980’s the building was convertChceck ed to the Sunwood Motel. During the out more planning and construction the architects informa- made sure to incorporate and keep the tions on railroad tracks and large timbers that website! hold the roof up as design elements. These designs add to the history, uniqueness and ambiance of this great area and hotel.

Travel with the kids

I’m three years into an all-out campaign to convince my coastal relatives and in-laws of the wonders of life in Minnesota. We’ve got lakes! And year-round recreation! And more theater than any city other than New York! Alas, I’ve had to give up on them, so I’m turning my attention to the rest of the nation. Here’s why this is one of the best places in the world to travel to with kids, and places to visit when you’re here. .

With amazing shopping, fabulous food and non-stop entertainment – you’ll find something for everyone at the MOA (as the locals call it)

Both indoor and outdoor fun await families vacationing in Minnesota this winter. Museums across the state offer hands-on learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Live theater and musical performances are always a hit, and holiday festivals promise Santa visits, twinkling lights and exciting parades. Those who like the outdoors can also take advantage of this fun-filled season, with plenty of places to sled, ski, snowshoe and skate. And many resorts are open year-round and feature activities that cater to families.


Dedicate one day to our ever-popular interactive museums. Take a trip to downtown St. Paul and enjoy one of the finest Children’s Museums in the country. The Minnesota Children’s Museum is committed to children’s learning through play from infancy through age 10. Set aside some time to get out and explore a bit of history. Take a trip down memory lane at the Minnesota History Center to learn more about our State’s history. Then drive 10 minutes down the road to Historic Fort Snelling and step back in time 150 years as they recreate life on America’s Military forts. The Twin Cities is home to The Mall Of America! As one of the largest indoor malls in the country, the Mall Of America is now one of the top tourist destinations in the nation. With amazing shopping, fabulous food and non-stop entertainment

– you’ll find something for everyone at the MOA (as the locals call it). The MOA houses its own amusement park with thrills for all, as well as a huge aquarium, a giant interactive Lego store, and don’t forget to visit our American Girl Doll store and IKEA just across the street! HERE ARE A FEW MORE: 1. See the ice palace at the St. Paul Winter Carnival. 2. Skate on a pond, hockey stick in hand. 3. Join the hunt for the Winter Carnival medallion. 4. See the Macy’s holiday show, all dressed up in your best sugarplum-fairy dresses. 5. Get Hot Seats at the Holidazzle Parade. 6. Ski through thousands of ice luminaries in the moonlight in the noncompetitive Luminary Loppet. 7. Build a winning snow sculpture. 8. See a Kids Fringe show. Glut yourselves on theater: see a bunch.

Enjoy the best of the Twin Cities, and bring your kids!!

Future is TODAY! Renovation PLUS!

“We believe that with our new renovations we will exceed the expectations of travelers and our local friends with our beautiful hotel.” The BEST WESTERN Bandana Square is excited for our upcoming renovations and up grade to the ! We are gald to announce the addition of a new elevator and updated lobby, meeting space, fitness center.

We have added enhanced guest experience, while creating a unique hotel

Each room will include a 40 inch television, upgraded room furniture, refrigerator, microwave and single cup coffee makers with, upgraded bath amenities, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The hotel’s pool area will have new upgraded soft furnishings manicured grounds and are a mainstay of the property and why guests return year after year. In addition, the hotel’s brand new beautifully appointed Breakfast room offers a full complimentary breakfast including hot eggs, waffles, breakfast , pastries and breads, a full assortment of cereals, a variety of milk products, plus yogurt, coffee, and a variety of juices

The BEST WESTERN Bandana Squarewill undergo a truly exceptional renovation. Not only have we included the standards required to become a BEST WESTERN PLUS hotel, but have gone beyond to provide an enhanced guest experience, while creating a unique hotel that embraces its location in the history of the Northern Pacific Como Shops


places in MN

Museum consists of an 1898 depot, an 1880’s school chapel and an oniondomed house.

Walnut Grove (www., home to Laura Ingalls Wilder, is still very much alive although the television series stopped production long ago. What you will find here is Pa’s church bell on the English Lutheran Church. The Wilder Museum consists of an 1898 depot, an 1880’s school chapel and an onion-domed house. These buildings house the Kelton Doll Collection, including over 250 dolls from 1870 to date, a Bi-

ble from the church the Ingalls family attended, scale models of buildings from the television series, and a quilt hand made by Laura and her daughter Rose. Not to be outdone, the southeastern part of the state offers up its own attractions. What would the world be like without a Spam Museum? I hope we never have to find out! No, this is not computer spam. Spam spam. The original Spam whose name means “spiced ham� and is made mainly of pig shoulders. The Wall of Spam, constructed from 3390 empty Spam cans greets visitors as they enter this stranger than strange place. A short video entitled, Spam: A Love Story, is for real, and details the history of

No, this is not computer spam. the product and its rise to fame and fortune. You can learn how the product is produced, packaged and marketed. For fun you can try packing some Spam on a pretend assembly line while the clock ticks away. No visit would be complete without the requisite gift shop at the end of the tour, allowing you to take home more than simply Spam memories.

The state of Minnesota is a great destination. Unusual and historic sites are located throughout the state and offer a little bit of everything to those that travel within her borders. The only question that remains is, Where to begin?

The big cities have their own collection of unique attractions. Take the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. Here on display you can find the Battle Creek Vibratory Chair dating from the early 1900’s. Its use was to help relieve its occupants of constipa- loclast from the 1920’s tion. The Omnipotent Oscil- used a shortwave radio to test the frequency of body fluids. Even more odd machinery wait to be discovered here. Last, but certainly not least, one must never forget what is first and foremost on the minds of every Minnesota resident- snow. Where else would you expect to find the world’s largest snowman, but in St. Paul, MN? This snowman, made of stucco, stands 54 feet high. The button eyes are actually speakers that allow holiday music to waft over those who dare to get close.

good deals for

Meetings & Rooms 01 7 DAY ADVANCE purchase: Book 7 days in advance and save. Available to all travelers. No cancellations or changes. FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED AT TIME OF BOOKING, NONREFUNDABLE.Taxes may apply. A credit card is required at check-in. 02 MEETING & EVENTS: Soo Line, Milwaukee and Northern Pacific Conference Rooms,Our 3 Meeting Rooms provides an atmosphere for productive business discussions. Comfortable tables and chairs, and available AV equipment and catering

service make this room a perfect spot to accomplish your business meeting objectives. 03 GREAT GROUP DEALS: Treat your group to a memorable and practical meeting place that brings business and casual together.

the Waiting


Welcome Located in the common area of the BEST WESTERN Bandana Square. This is a great place to grab some slidders a pizza and a few drinks. Why brave the cold when you can walk down to the lobby have a few drinks, watch a good game and enjoy all the hotel has to offer. Treat your attendies to a relaxing social hour at our Waiting Room Lounge. With Seating of up to 30 it provides a fun relaxing break from the day and a chance to network with others from your event. Let us help you come up with an amazing way to treat your guests to something special.

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