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THE OLYMPIAN Lieutenant Governor James Florakis

Division 12

New York District Key Club October

Issue 4

Greetings from your Lieutenant Governor! By Lt. Governor James Florakis

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Important Dates! •

October 21 - Key Club Officer Webinar at 9 pm

October Divisional TBA

October 31 - Trick-orTreat for UNICEF

November 1-6 - Key Club Week and Fall Rally!

November 9 - Tri-K Meeting

Happy October! School’s in full swing, for seniors early decision and early action deadlines are approaching, the leaves are falling, and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is almost here! October is a busy month! It’s even busier because it’s halfway through the Key Club year and we still have much to do!

School from 11 am to 5 pm! I am co-hosting this event with Division 13 Lieutenant Governor Rhea Singh and about 150 people are expected to attend. The Fall Rally will consist of workshops for members, officers, and advisors. Prospective members are encouraged to attend as well! For more information regarding the Fall Rally please see page 6. Officers and advisors, please remember the Rally is mandatory for you! If you can not attend, please be sure to have a replacement attend. Likewise, if you have the SAT’s or SAT Subject Tests on the same day, please feel free to arrive later! Training workshops for officers, members, and advisors begin at 1:40 pm.

Next week, Key Club International will be having an online Webinar for officers. I encourage every officer to attend! Please click here to sign up: Reserve now! Space is limited.

Lastly, be sure to start planning for Key Club Week from November 1-5. It is a great way to spread the message of Key Club and get your home, school, and community involved in service.

By now, every club should have received UNICEF boxes and have or will be handing them out to their members. If not, please let me know. This year’s funds for UNICEF will go towards Operation Uruguay, a project to increase education in Uruguay. Next year, Key Club will be switching over to The Eliminate Project with Kiwanis and UNICEF.

Hope to see you all at the next divisional and can’t wait to see you at the Fall Rally!

Be sure to go out and Trick-or-Treat! Believe me, it’s really fun Trick-or-Treating as a high school student for a good cause and, of course, for candy! Dress up for Halloween and bring out the inner-child within you! On November 6th, we will be having our Division 12 and 13 Fall Rally at Suffern Middle

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The Olympian

Greetings from your Governor! By Governor Nadyli Nuñez

Is it me or is it getting chilly? It’s finally October and I hope you are all preparing your Trick or Treat boxes for UNICEF! The Leadership Training Conference is an event where Key Clubbers like you go to meet members from all over the state, participate in workshops and just have a great time for a weekend. Though the conference is not until April 8th, planning for such a large and important event starts months in advance. The Conference Committee does just that! This group of Key Club members in good standing with Key Club International plan every moment of the weekend. Find a description of each position in the Conference Committee application available on the New York District Key Club website’s homepage under the Information section. Apply! All applications must be postmarked

by October 25th, 2010. If you have any questions, email me at Are you a club officer, member or advisor who wants to learn more about their role in Key Club? You’re in luck! The newly updated training packets are now available under the Resources section of the website. The packets are thorough and provide useful advice to take your role to its fullest potential. See you next issue!

Dues By Treasurer Safanah T Siddiqui The time has arrived! Club dues have been payable since October 1st. Don’t forget to submit your $11.50 per member! If payments for 15 members in your club are received by Kiwanis International by November 1st, your club will receive its very own “early bird” patch for the club banner. If you can’t do that much, have the 15 members paid for by November 30th, so you don’t become past due. You’re allowed to generate invoices after the first payment, so you can pay in portions at your convenience! In order to generate your club’s invoice, you’ll need to visit the membership update center online (http:// If you have not received your club ID and password in the mail yet, have your advisor contact District administrator Andrew Lowenberg at Any questions or problems you may have can be directed toward me at Treasurers can join the Google Group “NYDKC Treasurers” to participate in discussions with each other and receive helpful updates from me! Good luck, you’ll be hearing from me again soon!


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Advocacy By Lt. Governor Katie Cieplicki Advocacy is speaking up for people and/ or causes which have been oppressed yet desperately need attention. This year, that is exactly what the New York District advocacy committee has been trying to do. In the Empire Key, we advocated for equal education opportunities in all areas of New York State. We will be campaigning for the Key Club International Projects a little bit later this year. If your club wants to get involved in advocacy, print out one of our letters from or find an issue in your school or community and write your own. A pamphlet on advocacy is also available online. If your club hosts a successful advocacy event, email any member of our committee and we will spread your ideas to other clubs. Don't forget to record advocacy activities on your monthly report forms. Your club earns 1 point for each signature on a letter and 5 for every hour of an event per person. Our goal is 12,000 points this year, and thanks to your hard work we have already almost reached that goal! Through advocacy one can really make a positive difference in their home, school, and community.


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New Club Building and Reactivation By Lt. Governor James Florakis

September has passed and October has begun but it's never too late to start new K-Family clubs! In fact, October is the best time to start up new clubs since everyone has now settled back into their daily routines but the school year is still just beginning. So start building and help the New York District Key Club reach its goal of at least one new K-Family Club per division! If you, or a friend, would like to charter (start a new club from scratch) and/or reactivate (re-start a suspended club), please let your Lieutenant Governor and the New Club Building and Reactivation Committee know. We are willing to help you every step of the way from finding a sponsoring Kiwanis to distributing officer materials. And be on the lookout for the New Club Building and Reactivation Packet which will be released shortly! Happy Building!

District Projects By Lt. Governor Rhea Singh

The ten New York District Projects need your help! Key Clubbers, in May a goal was set for the District to not only reach, but also surpass. That goal was, and still is $175,000. Currently, the total stands at $30,743, which is about 18%. This means that over the next five months, yes, count it five months, all of us Key Clubbers need to unite and get the ball of fundraising rolling! I know that the Mighty New York District can fundraise 82% of our goal in 5 months; it is possible! October and November serve as perfect fundraising opportunities! As the holiday season nears, generally people become much more generous. So, grab a box, put it in your school or another building of business and start a canned-foods drive! Get a jumpstart on this classic Thanksgiving fundraiser, because if the food is donated to a local soup kitchen, it is considered a local charity! A District Project! Feel free to fundraise for whatever charity you desire, bring it up at your next Key Club meeting; be assertive! Remember, even if the project is small-scale it can still make a huge difference in the lives of others, in your own life and on the District level. Check back on the New York District’s website each month to check out how much money we have raised on our brand new Goal Thermometers! Look out for the District Projects: A Guide, soon to be published and made readily available by the District Projects Committee on! Also, at anytime, contact me, the District Projects Chair, for any questions, comments, or concerns; I’d love to hear from you!


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Governor’s Project By Lt. Governor Nicole Murray At the last District Board Meeting, the Governor's Project Committee met up to discuss some common problems clubs seem to be running into with the Governor's Project. The "Keys to Education" project does not limit you to merely book drives and tutoring younger children, clubs are encouraged to get creative as they like with this project! There have been clubs who have made bookmarks and donated them to libraries, others have begun making YouTube videos about difficult school topics to provide a free, accessable way to get academic support. Your club can try some fun projects such as making an instructional video about how to play a musical instrument, hula hoop, or play a game such as chess. Break out of the box and think of something new and exciting to help make this year's Governor's Project a success! Look for a link on the District Webpage Governor's Project Committee page, explaining more about the project and answering some Frequently Asked Questions soon!

K-Family Relations By Lt. Governor Dylan Gross The Kiwanis-Family Conference is a weekend in November (which is Kiwanis-Family Month) where Key Clubbers, Circle Kers and Kiwanians from almost every district come together for a week of learning, and making great connections throughout the three organizations. This year’s conference will once again be held at the Y.M.C.A. Blue Ridge Conference Assembly Center in Black Mountain, NC. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly is a fullservice conference center situated on 1200 acres of woodland beautified by mountain streams, wildflowers, ridges, valleys and spectacular views. YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly offers exceptional facilities and services; meals are served buffet-style so that everyone can take a break from cooking. YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly was founded in 1906 as a YMCA student conference center. The Assembly is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and serves 20,000 guests annually. Are you interested in attending this conference to meet new people, and learn more about the KiwanisFamily? Get in touch with your lieutenant governor or contact District Administrator Mr. Lowenberg at This is an experience that you definitely do not want to miss out on! The conference is from Friday, November 5th to Sunday, November 7th, and registration is due by Saturday, October 16th. The registration fee is $160, and you are responsible for finding your own means of transportation. Contact your Lieutenant Governor today, and if you go, let us know about your experiences!


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Division 12 and 13 Fall Rally! By Lt. Governor James Florakis

Ready for a day of fun, service, workshops, and meeting other Key Clubbers? Then attend the Division 12 and 13 Fall Rally on November 6th, 2010 from 11 am to 5 pm at Suffern Middle School! A Rally is basically a miniLeadership Training Conference but is held and hosted by multiple divisions. We are holding our Fall Rally with Division 13, which compromises Orange County. For the Rally, we are requesting everyone to bring in any used books for our book drive, which we will donate to libraries and under-privileged children. At the Rally, workshops will be held to train officers, members, and advisors as well as to inform Key Clubbers about District Projects, the Governor’s Project, and Major Emphasis Projects. District Board members and Kiwanis Committee Representatives will be in attendance to present. Food will also be available including subs and a bake sale. Please let your Club President know if you would like to attend. Hope to see you there!


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Club Spotlight! The Ursuline School Key Club: Leukemia Walk By Ursuline President Gaby Marano

The Ursuline Key Club is participating in a walk towards finding a cure for Leukemia on November 6th at Rye Playland in honor of the recently deceased former Key Club member, Sonia Dubey. Rain or shine, the evening will consist of fireworks, entertainment, food, music, and a large group of teenagers dedicated to this cause. The proceeds from the walk go towards improving the quality of life for patients and their families, research to cure the disease, and educational programs. Each walker holds up a particular colored balloon: white for survivors, red for supporters, and gold in memory of a loved one lost to cancer. Ursuline Key Club is working hard to contribute to this nationwide annual walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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The Olympian

Paperwork Status As a division, we are slightly improving on our Monthly Report Form status but we are still missing many! Please be sure to get them in and those who are submitting the forms monthly, keep it up! Feel free to contact me if you need any help and don’t forget to email me the MRF receipts! Please note that this chart was updated on October 10th. ERF and MRF Chart







August Sept

Alexander Hamilton




Mount Vernon


New Rochelle




North Rockland



Rye Neck




Spring Valley

















Yorktown Heights





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Contact Information New York District Executive Board •

Governor Nadyli Nuñez

• •

New York District Division 12 - Please use for RSVPs •

Secretary Grace Na

(914) 523-2837

Treasurer Safanah Siddiqui

329 Stuart Drive

Lieutenant Governor James Florakis

Editor Jensen Cheong

New Rochelle, NY 10804

Division Secretary Caylin Acosta

Webmaster Emily Lew (845) 709-7809

Executive Assistant Jillian Harmon

Division Executive Assistant Samantha Suarez (914) 882-5428

Kiwanis Committee Member Mr. Ed Sexton (914) 523-6126

New York District Committee Chairs •

Governor’s Project - Lt. Governor Nicole Murray

District Projects - Lt. Governor Rhea Singh

International Projects and Programs - Lt. Governor

James Florakis

Advocacy - Lt. Governor Katie Cieplicki

Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center - Lt. Governor Yasmin Soliman

New Club Building and Reactivation - Lt. Governor

Public Relations - Editor Jensen Cheong

Susanna Novick

Kiwanis-Family Relations - Lt. Governor Dylan Gross

Distinguished Key Clubber - Lt. Governor Sharif Mahfouz

Laws and Regulations - Executive Assistant Jillian Harmon

For contact information of the entire New York District Board, please visit:

Fun Fact! 12 million service hours are performed each year by Key Clubbers!

Reminders! •

Visit the New York District Key Club website at

Submit articles and pictures of exciting projects from your club to: District Editor Jensen Cheong ( District Webmaster Emily Lew (

Pass on this newsletter to all your friends

Attend divisional meetings

Continue serving your home, school, and community!

October Newsletter - Lieutenant Governor James Florakis  
October Newsletter - Lieutenant Governor James Florakis  

The October Edition of our Division 12 newsletter "The Olympian"!