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Practice in Place: artists + audience + environment

Open Online Traces Artist Residency spring 2012

Last Season: Autumn/Winter 2011 ENCOUNTERS 2011

Untitled (believe) by Caroline Wright installed at Lyveden New Bield Photograph Andrew Eathorne

Giant Hay Bales, sign by students from Meadowside Primary School & Keely Mills, installed in Fermyn Woods

Great Chorus by Rebecca Lee installed in Lady Wood, Fermyn Woods

encounters, Journeys Through Language and Landscape (August-September 2011) featured installations and performances by Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver KochtaKalleinen/Paula Boulton, Jitish Kallat, Rebecca Lee, Graeme Miller, Shane Waltener and Caroline Wright as part of Northamptonshire’s Cultural Olympiad Igniting Ambition programme. Artists Rebecca Lee, Alison Lloyd and poet Sue Stewart led walks along the three mile route between Fermyn Woods Country Park and Lyveden New Bield, and Caroline Wright produced an audio guide for the changing landscape (downloadable from Students from Meadowside Primary School worked with poet Keely Mills to create the signage and maps. The work explored our personal relationship with the environment, using music, text, conversation and verse to make physical and conceptual links between the rural landscape and the places we create for ourselves. The works investigated how open spaces can become places full of meaning and how we develop a sense of belonging in unfamiliar places.

Cover image: A detail from Moon Young Ha, Amorphisms, 2008

News and Opportunities ARTIST RESIDENCY VENUE

Sudborough Green Lodge

Last year, thanks to the support of many willing volunteers, we managed to clear and level the area in front of Sudborough Green Lodge and to the west and south and have successfully planted lawns that are now starting to flourish. The grass is a slow growing variety that is complementary to the surrounding SSSI wild flower meadows. In August the Lodge was finally connected to a reliable borehole in the garden and we now have an adequate water supply.

Our new front lawn Photograph Kenneth James Martin

This year we hope to build on the work started last year and turn some of the garden into raised planting areas and we are looking for more volunteers to help us and join our working parties. Activities are suitable for all ages and abilities and families are more than welcome. Two willing volunteers Photograph Kenneth James Martin

Sudborough Green Lodge south and west view Photograph Kenneth James Martin


If you are able to help and can spare a few hours at the weekend please contact Kenneth Martin via email or telephone 01832 733009.

Open Online Two 15 November 2011 – 14 November 2012


Sarah Boothroyd canada Desiree D’Alessandro usa Moon Young Ha usa/south korea Anthoney J Hart uk Wittwulf Y Malik germany Jessica Rowland uk Adam Stansbie uk Joe Stevens uk Sue Tarbitten uk Selectors

George Barber & Matt Davenport

Wittwulf Y Malik, The Sound of Light: 7 Meditations, 2009

Joe Stevens, Thunder, 2011

The work can be viewed on line at /current-progr amme/ open-online-two/ We are pleased to present ten selected works by nine artists who have created sound based work with and without visual elements, that manipulate and play with a range of recordings and musical scores. Sound was chosen as the discipline for our second Open Online exhibition as a continuation of our Interchange and Encounters programme. Desiree D’Alessandro and Sarah Boothroyd appropriate and edit media and other text based sources for the inspiration and content of their work. Desiree D’Alessandro’s World Water Shortage vs Golf Course Consumption concerns the issue of water shortages in the face of the expanding golf course industry in the USA and Boothroyd’s All in Time is a reflection on the philosophical notion of time itself.

Moon Young Ha, Wittwulf Y Malik and Adam Stansbie produce complex musical scores through music production software or by manipul­ ating sound recordings. Ha’s Amorphisms features an emotive musical score, which directs the sequence of images by Dennis Miller. Malik’s electronic score is interrupted by rolling thunder in The Sound of Light: 7 Meditations and accompanied by a single image whose colour changes with the drama of the music. Adam Stansbie’s Escapade references Pointillist painting techniques in its construction of sound. Joe Stevens’ digital animation Thunder was produced using open source processing software to visualise sound recordings of rain and distant thunder, whilst his second piece, Umm and that was quite nice, focuses on the gaps between words in oral history narratives, highlighting the significance of pauses in providing meaning. Anthoney J Hart’s A Temporal Interval plays with our sense of place, time and reality by manipulating field recordings of trains.

Jessica Rowland connects composed sound and field recordings by editing the percussive nature of clicking flute keys into a rhythm in Syncopation. Sue Tarbitten discovered a new way of creating sound in The Language of Cloth as she scanned open weave textiles into a computer. The resulting digital ‘reading’ of the cloth through text has been complemented by recordings of textile machinery. These artists are continually finding new methods of recording, manipulating and producing sound, which suggests a continuing development of this, relatively new, innovative and hybrid contemporary art form.

Traces Walking and Dr awing

Nikki Pugh, 66th Street: There and Back Again, 2011

Nikki Pugh, 19264 Seconds of Qualitative and Quantitative Data, 2010 Nikki Pugh, Colony (working title), 2011

‘Walking is… the principal means by which someone encountering a different neighbourhood or foreign landscape gets under its skin or gets to know the social, cultural and physical terrain. Moving within different environments allows us to detect properties of sameness and difference and therefore form a comparative perspective and better understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the world.’ Detours and Puzzles in the Land of the Living Andrew Irving, University of Manchester

Part of the Corby Walking Festival 2012 corby walkingfestival

During 2012 we are continuing our exploration of walking and its impact on our understanding of the environment. As part of the Corby Walking Festival 2012, artist Nikki Pugh will be leading walks that allow participants to explore the use of GPS data as a measure of the effect of open terrain, the presence of buildings, and natural phenomena, whilst walking through the landscape to create drawings. During a residency with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, Pugh will be exploring the landscapes of Fermyn Woods, Corby and surrounding area through the lens of locative (GPS) technology. Pugh currently describes her practice as being located at the intersection of people, place, playfulness and technology.

Departing from outside the Corby Cube, George Street, Corby, NN17 1QG. Parking is available outside Corby Cube Artist walk # 2

6 May 2012 – from 9.30am. Pugh will join rambler David Craddock for a leisurely walk via the Brookfield Plantation and Rockingham. Participate in the walk wearing a responsive sash making present an intimate connection between walking and the effect of the landscape on global positioning systems. The approximately eight mile route is part urban and part rural, departing from Gretton Village Hall, Kirby Road, Gretton, NN17 3DB. Limited free parking is available outside the Village Hall

Artist walk # 1

Artist walk # 3

5 May 2012 – from 11.00am until approximately 1.00pm. Join Pugh for an exploratory walk around the centre of Corby, exploring open space and key architectural highlights from both the steel town’s past and recent developments. Collaborate in navigating an object through the environment as it reacts with movement and the locations it passes through, before sharing the resulting drawing, a digital cartography of the morning’s walk.

7 May 2012 – from 2.00pm. Pugh will lead participants over a 3 mile route from Fermyn Woods Country Park to Lyveden New Bield, previously explored through our Encounters programme.

The walk will encompass dense forest, open fields and along the historic Lyveden Way to Lyveden New Bield and it’s Elizabethan garden. Wearing Pugh’s specially designed responsive sashes, experience the walk through the lens of GPS technology, before sharing the resulting drawing. Departing from Skylark Café, Fermyn Woods Country Park, Lyveden Road, Brigstock, Kettering NN14 3HS. A minibus will be available to take participants who wish back to Fermyn Woods Country Park. Parking is available at both Fermyn Woods Country Park and Lyveden New Bield Information about the Walks

All walks are free and do not require advance booking. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the walk departs for registration and to receive a briefing on the walk ahead. Corby Walking Festival

For the complete Corby Walking Festival 2012 programme please visit www.

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

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