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Convention Update The ACPA 2010 national conference being held in Boston will be upon us soon! The dates for the conference are March 20th – March 24th 2010. Currently, the list for pre-conference programs is available on the ACPA conference website: Check out the variety of learning opportunities for the days leading up to the national conference! The convention program schedule is not up in detail just yet and before conference we will have a short update that highlights the sponsored programs for the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs (CMA), as well as programs that highlight multiracial issues. But if you are planning on attending the 2010 ACPA conference – register soon! Early Bird Registration ends January 28, 2010. We hope that you will join MRN for our open business meeting, social, Culture Fest performance – among many other amazing opportunities sponsored by CMA and the CMA networks.

Census 2010 The 2010 Census marks the second full census that provides for the option for more than one racial identity to be selected. It is projected that the numbers of people reporting more than one race will continue to increase on this new census. The 2010 questionnaire lists 15 racial categories, as well as places to write in specific races not listed on the form. The 2010 Census continues the option first introduced in the 2000 Census for respondents to choose more than one race. Only about 2 percent of Americans identified with more than one race in the 2000 Census, but the percentage was much higher for children and young adults and will likely increase in 2010. Continued on p. 6

“Asked since 1790... is needed to monitor compliance with the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.... use the data to determine voting districts. Race data are also used to assess fairness of employment practices, to monitor racial disparities in characteristics such as health and education and to plan and obtain funds for public services. “ Quote and diagrams taken from

Meet your ACPA MRN Directorate! Alina Torres-Zickler: Co-Chair I am working at Drexel University working as an assistant director of residential living and resident director. I went to graduate school at the University of Vermont and am currently working on a doctorate in social justice education from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Currently I balance my time between exploring my new city (I just moved to Philadelphia during the summer of 2008) and working on my doctoral research on multiracial students in college.

Beth John: Incoming Co-Chair I am currently working as the Assistant Dean for Student Life and Director of Student Activities at Edgewood College, located in Madison, Wisconsin. I earned my M.S. degree in College Student Personnel at Western Illinois University and am currently working on a doctorate in Educational Leadership at Edgewood College. My research interest is on multiracial student identity development and the limitations for multiracial students to be reported within the new IPEDS.

Prema Chaudhari: Programming, Awards and Collaborations Coordinator Prema is currently working as the Assistant Director of Scholar and Alumni Programs at the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) located in Washington, DC. Her work involves providing academic support, community building, and leadership development programming for scholarship recipients of the APIA-Gates Millennium Scholarship Program and the APIASF Scholarship Program. Prema earned her M.S. in Applied Developmental Psychology in 2007 and is a Ph.D. candidate in the Applied Developmental Psychology program at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests and practitioner-based work are focused on the multiracial and multiethnic, Asian American, and Pacific Islander college student populations. Michelle Tsigaridas Weller, Technology & Publications I am currently working in Human Resources at the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. I received My Master of Education in 2008 in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs from the University of Southern California. I am also a proud alumnus of UCSD, where she received her Bachelor degree in Sociology with a Minor in International Studies from Eleanor Roosevelt College in 2006. My professional and research interests include student leadership development, civic involvement, and international/intercultural issues. For more info about me visit

Give our membership the opportunity to meet you! Our next newsletter will be distributed in March, via email and in print at the ACPA National Convention in Boston. Do you have an accomplishment or life milestone that you would like to share? Send your update, short bio, and photo by Monday, February 8, 2010 to

Multiracial Network Facebook Group Join the MRN Facebook Group! The Facebook group is an opportunity to increase the sharing of resources and strengthening member connections. We want to continue our dialogue on multiracial topics outside of the conference by posting discussion questions for members to respond on a consistent basis. Please feel free to share your resources, stories, pictures, discussion questions, etc. Search for ‘MultiRacial Network (ACPA)’ and join the 50 members that have already added our group!

Call for Regional Socials MRN Socials most often happen during the ACPA national conference but sometimes regional socials are held in areas around the country that allow MRN members to meet up, connect with colleagues, share ideas or just meet new people in the field! If you are thinking about hosting a social – here are some ideas for hosting one for your community! 1. Venue: Find a venue that is free and easily accessible – such as meeting up at a local community center, coffee shop, or other places that will provide space for a meeting but also a social gathering. 2. Budget: Currently MRN only has a budget for the social to be held at the national conference, but if you think you might have a large turnout, email and we’ll see what can be done. 3. Focus or Agenda: a. Welcome by the event hosts (email Michelle if you need icebreaker ideas) b. General information about MRN and updates (we can email you the fliers/brochures) c. Possible structured event on a hot topic or current issue (such as “What does it mean to have a multiracial president in the United States of America?” etc.) d. Time for folks to relax and get to know one another (this can be structured or not) e. Closing/Time to exchange information for future opportunities to connect. This is just a general overview of a social. Feel free to be creative and make it your own. We hope that events around the country are an opportunity for colleagues to connect, share resources, share stories and find ways to touch base outside of the national conference.

ACPA – MultiRacial Network (MRN) Awards Within the Standing Committee of Multicultural Affairs, the MultiRacial Network (MRN) seeks your nominations for professionals, institutions, and initiatives that advance dialogue on multiracial issues on college campuses. This year, the MRN has will be presenting awards in any of 5 categories. Nominations may be sent electronically to by Monday, February 8, 2010. Questions and inquiries are welcomed.

Nomination Criteria The following criteria should be submitted to strengthen the nomination: • Letter of support, demonstrating qualifications that meet or exceed the criteria of the award. • Nominator’s and nominee’s contact information (name / title / institution / email / phone) • Any additional attachments you feel would strengthen the nomination (résumé / sample publication)

Award Categories The MRN Awards focus both on service to campus communities as well as advancing multiracial awareness: Professional of the Year (~5+ years of experience ) The recipient will exemplify a well-documented history of significant achievements and contributions to their institution(s) regarding the promotion and encouragement of multiculturalism. New Professional of the Year (~1 to 4 years of experience ) The recipient will exemplify significant promise and potential to exceed in Higher Education leadership as well as an interest in promoting and encouraging multiculturalism. Undergraduate and/or Graduate Student of the Year The recipient will exemplify significant promise and potential to exceed in Higher Education as well as an interest in promoting and encouraging multiculturalism. Research of the Year The recipient will exemplify cutting-edge research devoted to the enhancement of multiracial education. Some topic examples may include student success, identity theory, academic inquiry, and campus climate. Educational Institution of the Year The recipient will exemplify intentional efforts to promote awareness and celebration regarding concerns, accomplishments, or advancement of multiracial dialogue on campus.

Equity & Excellence in Education publishes articles based on scholarly research utilizing qualitative or quantitative methods, as well as essays that describe and assess practical efforts to achieve educational equity and are contextualized within an appropriate literature review. We consider manuscripts on a range of topics related to equity, equality and social justice in K-12 or postsecondary schooling, and that focus upon social justice issues in school systems, individual schools, classrooms, and/or the social justice factors that contribute to inequality in learning for students from diverse social group backgrounds.

Journal of Social Issues (JSI) brings behavioral and social science theory, empirical evidence, and practice to bear on human and social problems. Each issue of JSI focuses on a single topic - recent issues, for example, have addressed poverty, housing and health; privacy as a social and psychological concern; youth and violence; and the impact of social class on education. Biracial and Multiracial Students: New Directions for Student Services #123 Kirsten A. Renn & Paul Shang (Editors); October 2008, Jossey-Bass Editors and contributors of this important work have designed it to meet the needs of student affairs professionals who have previously had few resources on which to draw in understanding the experiences and identities of mixed race students. Within a multiracial framework, the authors address the contemporary context for understanding racial issues on campus; several approaches to identity developments; experiences of students and faculty; and student services, programs, and policy, including a Canadian perspective. My Rainbow Family Kimiko R. Vance; 2007, Authorhouse This is a children’s book based on the true life of the author’s family including five bi-racial children, told through the eyes of her youngest son, known in the book as “Drake.” Although written in a children’s book style, it has the ability to reach out to all ages and backgrounds. Blended Nation: Portraits and Interviews of Mixed-Race America Mike Tauber & Pamela Singh; August 2009, Channel Photographics Through a series of soulful photographs, personal vignettes, and poignant essays, this book explores the experience of being mixed-race in twenty-first century America. As much a work of art as a piece of literature, this book profiles the fastest-growing demographic group in the United States, encouraging both contributors and readers to consider the place, practice, and experience of race in modern society.

Call for Recommendations

Census 2010 (continued from p.1)

Is there a publication, video, or speaker that you have come across that you would recommend to other MRN members? Share it on our Facebook group or email for inclusion in the next newsletter. Submissions are due by Monday, February 8, 2010

The “Hispanic” question, asked since 1970, now allows for more options under the Hispanic identity category. Though traditionally utilized to administer bilingual programs, how else might this data be useful in representing mixed-race latino/a peoples?

Course Compilation Does your college or university offer courses with a multiracial focus? Send the name of the course and short description to as we are compiling a comprehensive list of universities offering courses with a multiracial focus.

As the numbers of multiracial people continue to grow, it will be fascinating to see the results of this next census opportunity. What will be the implications for our work on college campuses? How has it changed our work already? Share your responses on our Facebook group discussion page and let’s keep the conversation going. To explore the Censurs 2010 further, visit

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