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York Mystery Plays 2012 A brief guide to the Social Media campaign

York Mystery Plays 2012 Nominated for Achievement In Marketing TMA Theatre Awards UK 2012

Keeping people in the picture

from production to party!

Reporting the news as it happened

Connecting with local people and local businesses

And making the news at the same time!


Doing things a little

(with a smile)

Competitions - for tickets or just for fun

The York Mystery Plays 2012 could also be found on:


Watflood Junction

Che-shem Cain & Abel

Three Hebrew Boys Watflood High Street

Watflood Amen-sham Redemptionsworth

Book of Ruth-slip Book of Ruth-slip Manor

Biblical Books-bridge


Rui-slip off to the York Museum Gardens

Satanmore David & Goliath

Noah's Raven's Lane

West Haran

Northwicked Heart Park

Canonical Gospels Park Lent-on Aaron The Preiston Road

Bethlehem-bley Central Stone Tablets Bridge Park


Harlesden of Thieves Precious Bloodbury Town

Willesden Resurrection

Green Pastures-ford

Book of Kingsbury

Hagar Lane

Bethlehem-bley Park

Park Royal David’s City

Kensal Rise from the Brondesburial Dead of Christ Park


White East Book City of of Actson Jerhico West Acton of Worship

North Acton of Compassion

Ascention Central

Shepherd’s Watch Market

Healing Common People South Ascention

Boston Manna from Heaven

Thorny Crown-slow West

Thorny Crown-slow East Thorny Crown-slow Central

Wooden Cross Heathrone in Heaven Terminals 1,2,3

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh- hawk Road

Ressuracton Town Christwick Park

Flood Lane

Curse of Ham -mersmith

Manor House of God

Kilburning Bush West Abrahampstead

Jewish Town West

Belshazzar Park Chalk Palm Sunday

Crown of Thornington Crescent

Great Pharoah’s Port- Eu-stoning Baker Holy Land Street of Stephen Street

Edge-prayer Joseph & Road Mary-lebone

Hallowed-way Road

Commandments Road

Lucifer Road

Lancaster Notting Pearly Hill Gates of Jerusalem Gates

Shepherd’s Watch Holy-land Park Ken-sin of the Golden Calf-ton (Olympia) Barons Court of the Gentiles

Turn- Stamford Revelations West Ken-sin Abraham Book Of Court Park of the Golden Calf-ton Green Genesis West Brompton

Queen of Sheba’s Way

Bond Slave of Christ Street

Ox-ford Circus

TotteNahum Court Road

Marble Archangel Green Pastures Park

Christianity Lane

Pilgrimage Circus

Herrod Park Corner 40 days & 40 nightsbridge Gloucester Road To Damascus

Canaan Street


Charing Holy Cross

Jew Gardens Lazarus & the Rich Man

Parables Green

Monumental Tower of New Babel Hill Staging

Tower of Babel Gateway

Western Wall Ferry

Judas’ Crime-house Wailing Wall

Cain is Abel's Brotherhithe


Babylondon Bermond-sea Bridge of Galilee

Walk on Waterloo

Canada Holy Water

Herod Quays

Poplazarus Evangelist India West India Key of Knowledge

Loyal Disciples Victoria Pilates Royal Docks

Custom House of God For ExCel Prince Repentance

West Silvertown of Nazareth Pilates Greenwich Peninsula

Becktown of Capernaum Park Cyrus The Great

Pontious Dock Babylondon City Airport


Loyal Disciples Albert

King Jeroboam II

Galilees Reach Becktown of Capernaum

Floodchute Lamb of God North

Island Gardens Of Eden




Samson & Delilah Ovalley of Hinnom

Chimham Junction

Chimham North

The Lord has Spokennington

While Shepherd’s Watched Their Flock-well

Chimham Common Chimham South


New Cross

New Cross Gate Brock-Galilee

Elverson of God Road Lewis-Ham Son of Noah

Syden-Ham Son of Noah Pentateuch West


Carpenters Wood South Wimble-Philemon

Green Pastures-wich Deptflood Bridge

Honor Thy Mother and Father Oak Park The House of the Forest of Lebanon Hill


Two-by-tooting Bec Two-by-tooting Broadway

Woolwich Apostle

Noah’s Ark for Maritime Greenwich

Vauxhall of the Forest of Lebanon



Star Of Bethlehem Lane

All Saints Blackwall of Jerhico

for The O2

Psalm Park

Dishanham Araratford Heathway Becon Tree Floodgrange Park with Forbidden Fruit Communion Cupney Araratford Gospel of High Street Mark-ing East Ham St. Mary’s Son of Noah Abbey Road Communion Cupton Park

Kenan Town


Putiel Bridge

Wimble-Philemon Park Heathrone in Heaven Terminal 5

Heavens Road Judas Hangsdon Park

North Green Pastures-wich

Dishanham East

City of Dan-stead Park

West Ham - Son of Noah


South Key of David

East Putiel Heathrone in Heaven Terminal 4

Horn Church of England

Canaan Wharf

Surrey Keys of Heaven


Ethereal Wharf

Stepney Green Pastures WhiteGospel Of James Gadwell

Gethsemane Fulhamittai Broadway

Old Testament Gate East

Old Testament Gate

Temple Mount

Westministry of Jesus

South Ken- Jesus alone in the sin of the Golden Wilderness Square Calf-ton


Boaz Church

Upminstry of Jesus Upminstry of Jesus Bridge

Leytonstone of Help High Road

Unstrung Bow Road

Shoreditch Digging High Street


Bank of the River Jordan

Man-Sion House St. James’s Park

Bethany River Nile Green End

St. Paul’s

Holborn in a Manger Covent Garden of Eden Leviticus Square

Flooding Mill Lane


Liverpool of Siloam Street


Jude's Street

Hebrew Wick

Gad’s Hill

City of Dan-stead

Leytoning on of Hands Araratford International

Homertown of Emmaus

Old Testament Street

Animals by the Pair-lop Gospel of Mark-ingside New Testament -bury Park Red Sea Bridge

Hebrew Central

Canaanbury Dalston Joktan

Ararat Mountain Range Hill

Jacob’s Chig-well Cainault

Seth Woodford

South TotteNahum Snaresbrook of Besor Blackhorsemen of Seven the Apocalypse Thunders Walt-Ham Road (Son Of Noah) Stow Central Tottenham Hail Mary Sinsbury Leytonstone Park of Help Walt-Ham (Son Leytoning on of Of Noah) Stow Hands Midland Road Queen’s Road



Resurrection Square

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's

Most High Street Kensington

Earl’s Court of Xerxes

Exodus Square

Harrowingay of Hell Green Lanes

Dalston Book Of Kingsland

3 Kings Cross St. Pancras

Reuben’s Park

Bayswater In To Wine

Adam & Eve

Calebonian Road & Barnsbury

Angel Gabriel Wise Men Street

Upper Hollowed Way Apostle

Calebdonian Road

Commandments Town


Flood Green Turn-spikenard Ointment Lane

Jewish Town Loaves & Fishes-ly Road & Frognal

Edge-prayer Road Gad-broke Grove

North Healing the Paralytic

Holy Ghost-erley


Dollis Hill of Moreh Wilderness Green

Bounds Green Pastures

Christ Hill

Tuf-Nile Park

Goding Valley

Amos Grove

Arkway Gospel Abrahampstead Oak Heath

Gospels Green

Westbourne Again Park

Northfield of Blood

High Priest Joshua Gate

Brent Cross of Jesus

Neasden of Dragons

Kilburning Bush Park Maida Vale of Siddim War in Heaven -wick Avenue Royal Oaks of Bashan

Peri-vale of Rephaim

South Healing The Blind

East Loaves & Fishes-ley

Brondesburial of Loaves & Fishes-ley Road Kemuel Green Christ Silas Cottage Kilburning Queen South Bush High Tahpenes' St. John’s Wood Abrahampstead Road Park

Adam’s Applerton

Miracles of Healing Broadway

Corinthians-dale Heaven Central

North Bethlehem-bley

Precious Bloodbury Hill

Loaves & Fishes-ley Central

South Lent-on

South Haran West Book of Ruth-slip

Burnt Offering Oak

Queen Esther-bury

Bulrushes Hill


West Loaves & Fishes-ley


Herodstone Lane

North Haran Harrow-on -the-Hill of God


Mill Hillel East

Deb-Lions Den Jephthah’s Vowton

Abraham's Oakwood

Floodside Park

Catch of Fish End


Oreb Rock-fosters

Jonah & The Whale

Carpenters Park

Noah Park Northflood Northflood Hills

Calvary Hillingdon

Most High Barnet

Burning Bushey



Solomon’s Palace

Norflood Junction West Creation

2012 A year of BIBLICAL proportions for the cities of York & London

York Mystery Plays 2012 Social Media  
York Mystery Plays 2012 Social Media  

Visual examples of some of the work carried out for the social media campaign for York Mystery Plays 2012