James Durkin on What the Future of Small Business Looks Like

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James Durkin

What the Future of Small Business Looks Like

Introduction Whether you’re planning to start a new business or resuming an existing small business operation, it’s essential to know what to expect in the future. Here are a few things you should be prepared to address in serving your customers.

Hygiene Will Continue to Be a Concern

Even though COVID-19 vaccines are becoming more widely available, consumers will still feel a little anxious about entering commercial businesses. Small business owners should continue to ease customer concerns for the foreseeable future by providing a sanitary shopping experience.

Expect Staffing Problems

People are also reluctant to return to work, so you should anticipate having a difficult time filling open positions. Many businesses may use remote work opportunities combined with thirdparty staffing services to help them meet these demands.

Social Influencers Are Taking on a Bigger Role Already, influencers help brands gain more recognition by marketing products to their followers. In the future, this trend is expected to rise, and social media influencers will be more widely available to entrepreneurs and small businesses with minimal advertising budgets.

Business Owners Must Be Content Creators While maintaining a website with a blog and several social media channels has already become important in the past five years, it will be a vital part of every marketing strategy. This means you’ll have to make time to continually create new content that you can share on your social media pages.

Conclusion As a small business owner, you should be continuously looking toward the future. Anticipating how social and technological changes will affect the future will help you get a jump on your competitors. It will also help you address consumer needs more efficiently, and that’s the key to commercial growth.

James Durkin James Durkin is an experienced businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Durkar Enterprises, LLC, and owner of Property Source Investments.