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Why Should One Prefer Reusable Cleaning Cloths Over Their Disposable Counterparts

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aBout uS In most public places like restaurants, hotels, and such others the emphasis is still on disposable cleaning cloths. They feel that customers may not like the thought of reusable cleaning cloths and some may even consider the use unhygienic in nature. However of late there is a growing tendency of using such reusable cleaning accessories instead of the disposable ones in the hospitality industry.

Reasons for Changes in Trend Some of the main reasons for changes in the trend in the hospitality and other related industries are as follows. 

Owing basically to the state of global economy, many entrepreneurs are now thinking seriously about tightening their financial belts and getting the investment expenses under control.


Entrepreneurs and businessmen of all kinds understand that saving more money will result in making more profits for them and that is why instead of fresh replacements for cleaning clothes better option is going for the reusable materials.


Most important; reusable materials are environment friendly and cause less destruction of natural resources available on the planet earth.

Why Many People Shy Away from it? One of the most pertinent reasons for people shying away from the use of reusable cleaning materials is their fear of attracting bacteria such as E coli, Staphylococous aureaus, and listeria among others. They consider the reusable cloth unhygienic in nature and try to avoid them. In a recent research conducted it was revealed that over 56% of the cleaning clothes contained high amount of harmful elements that could be damaging for health as well as the environment substantially. Yet if the hygienic part can be taken care of the cleaning clothes they could still be one of the best economic as well as environment friendly accessories around.

Maximum Use of Cleaning Clothes

Some of the works and areas of operation where these cleaning clothes are put to maximum uses are glass cleaning cloths and such areas like the kitchen where these cloths are put to maximum use. Among most utensils glass and fiber products require regular cleaning and wiping with clothes and that is why the use of such clothes are maximum and counting. On the other hand kitchen is the area where it is always necessary removing stains and spots and that is why the use of kitchen cleaning cloths are also growing quite consistently. Especially in the hospitality industry where services need to be quicker and faster, the use of such cleaning cloth is almost indispensable and they would be required every now and then.

In any case, the growing trend in the industry is towards using more and more reusable cloth that would help economize the services not only for the enterprise but also for the customers as well that would have to pay fewer bucks towards establishment and executive costs to the enterprise. It was found during a recent survey that out of 120 restaurants sampled out for it only around 40 are using disposable cloths and almost twice the number at around 80 are using reusable cloth. That clearly indicates the present trend in the market.

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Why Should One Prefer Reusable Cleaning Cloths Over Their Disposable Counterparts  
Why Should One Prefer Reusable Cleaning Cloths Over Their Disposable Counterparts  

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