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Print advert research ideas and designs

Existing print adverts Mika uses amazing design and colour  present himself clearly and the album itself. With all the nice colours, shapes and patterns we can initially tell the genre is pop. How the print advert is presented is by having an Ariel view of a teenagers bedroom, which shows us his main target audience. One big feature is the masthead/title which is arranged across in massive bold writing. It initially grabs the attention of the reader immediately with a 3D effect. The room can represent himself as a teenager with his own imagination expressed. The print advert does present him as a big pop singer. The picture to the right on the print advert shows Mika in a black and white photo which shows the target audience who he is.

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Research for print adverts The key features In this print advert is to promote all the Beatles albums which are shown below. One good feature is the use of a small slogan ‘REMASTERED. REDISCOVERED’ which persuade audiences about how there old songs are now more modern. A key feature is the masthead used which is underlined in in a bold red, behind the photo of the Beatles. The masthead is placed behind the photo to make the band stand out more. The use of black and white give the band a vintage style representation.

Research for print adverts Firstly when you look at this print advert you can notice the burnt truck which instantly gives it a rock genre feel due to the theme of destruction. The burnt truck shows how rock is rebellious and hardcore. The masthead of the print advert is simple and large placed in the top corner. The font looks powerful which goes with the rock persona. The print advert can present the band as rebellious due to the truck being on fire. List of dates and website details are listed at the bottom to let the reader know there touring destinations. What I like most about this print advert is the use of the image being the most appealing.

Research for print adverts This print advert uses not much words to bring out the artists style. The use of only imagery name of artist and date makes the print advert look modern. The image used is really different with his imprinted logo across the white instruments. This help gets his logo more advertised. The good feature I like about this print advert is how modern it looks using less words to describe it.

Print advert ideas  Click to edit Master text styles My print advertidea is to mainly go Second level with the style of my mood board and Third the style of the band. Thelevel style of the band is indie but I do like the style of  Fourth level black and white imagery which gives a nice vintage effect. My  mood Fifthboard level gives a general idea of what kind of imagery I would like to use to make my print advert look in the indie/vintage style I have been wanting. The use of guitars and instruments was my initial idea to use with crazy effects with the camera. Then use a photos of loads of people to give it a happy tone towards the artists. I would like to represent the band as indie as much as I can using the selected vintage style.

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Final Print Advert Design

Key Features I have used The first feature I used was to make most of it black and white to give it the vintage style I have been wanting to have. I have made my print advert into an indie/vintage style to present the band in this way. My original image use is of a guitar with effects that make it look funky and psychedelic. How I created this effect is by using the creative mode on my camera and moving it slightly to give a light effect coming off the guitar. The way in which I helped promotion was by using reviews from famous music magazines to back up the bands music as being really good. This helps greatly with promotion of the band. The masthead design came from the idea of old newspaper, with a white background with bold black writing on the top. I gives it a new headline kind of style which I have liked.

State in ways which the DVD digi pak and the print advert promote the brand identity of the band in a way that will be appealing to the target audience

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The way in which both the digipak and the print advert will appeal to the target audience is by the style that is created. Both digipak and go with the bands genre of rock indie, using guitars and their own imagery because  of their independence. The black and white theme go with the bands vintage tone and modern day images. The target audience are indie rock fans that will like old vintage art with different style. The way in which the digipak appeals to the audience is by the drawing looks simple and appealing with no real meaning only an interpretation by the audience. I want to make it look different and homemade which happens on many white label records. The homemade drawing goes with the style of indie, with a ‘Do it yourself’ attitude. The print advert promotes the band with the use of certified NME reviews and HMV, recognizable brands that certify the music is good. The imagery used in it gives it a groovy look with the wavey light lines used to create it. I kept to the black and white covers to show the band are indie and vintage.

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Print advert research