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Thinking of choosing engineered wood flooring in Gurgaon for your home? Flooring always remains an important aspect for any home décor and this is why people wish to get the best in this part. Though people have a lot of options to choose from, the most appreciated flooring type is certainly the engineered wood flooring in Gurgaon instead of laminate flooring. There are various things that make this kind of flooring really wonderful in many aspects. The first and foremost advantage with wood flooring is that it is real wood and not any artificial layer. Engineered hard wood floors are real wood all the way through. There are engineered hard wood floors of the similar types as regular solid hardwood. Some of the various types are: 1. Oak- Buying red oak is less expensive than many of its counterparts, and provides a lovely finish to any home 2. Bamboo- Many people choose bamboo do to the fact that is good for the environment and much cheaper than other flooring types 3.

Hickory- Lots of people enjoy the classic appeal of hickory that has been hand scraped

There are basically two wood flooring options – Engineering wood and hard wood. The problem with hard wood flooring is that it doesn’t come in finished stage which means it needs to be sanded and sealed before you start walking over it. On the other hand, engineered wood flooring doesn’t get any such problem as it comes pre-finished. This means that the uppermost layer has been sanded and sealed, allowing you to walk on the floor as soon as it is put down. Another fabulous thing with engineered hardwood floors is that if you get to know some scratches and blemishes, you can easily sand the wood and get rid of them. However, one must be very much cautious when sanding engineered hardwood, since it is very easy to mess it up. Now there is one thing that should be considered with high priority. If the environment in which you wish to lay down wood flooring has extreme moisture, this might not be the right solution. Engineered wood flooring in Gurgaon can be used in places where there is light moisture. The most preferred materials for areas that get a lot of moisture are things like concrete, vinyl, or tile. Another good thing about an engineered wood floor is that there are various different ways in which to install it. Of course, this will depend on the kind of floor you purchase, but typically they can be installed in the various ways.

Thinking of choosing engineered wood flooring in gurgaon for your home