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Infuse both style and functionality by choosing laminated wood flooring in Gurgaon There is no doubt in the point is that flooring always plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall dĂŠcor of the space. This is the reason why homeowners take this decision carefully to ride high of style and functionality both in their spaces. Though there are various types of flooring options available to people, but choosing the right one is always tricky as each type has its own set of pros and cons. For example, if one chooses marble flooring, it becomes easy to clean and almost requires no maintenance in their life time. It is like just install it and forget it. One most widely accepted flooring these days is laminated wood flooring. The best part of this flooring is that it can be applied to any space including family room, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, and bathroom. According to flooring experts, this type of flooring is primarily meant to be used in areas experiencing heavy footfall. So, if you have children and pets, you can feasibly go for this option comfortably. No matter which kind of interior dĂŠcor your home has such as warm, light, energetic, playful, elegant or casual, there is a wide range of laminate wood flooring styles and colors are available. You can choose from smooth, textured, square edge, hand scraped, bevel edge, narrow plank and other interesting varieties. You may be surprised by its looks as it is very much alike the real wood, but the truth that it is not made using solid wood. The realistic wood plank flooring patterns are created through advanced computerized technology. Laminate flooring can be installed on any flooring surface, concrete or wood. It is just the game of layers that gives this flooring its structure. The innermost layer is done with the use of a high density, moisture-resistant fiber board. A high quality image of natural hardwood flooring is glued and attached on the top of the fiber board. The supporting layer is made using saturated paper which primarily acts as a moisture barrier. The flooring is then wrapped up with a fine coating to protect from stains and fading. These features make laminated wood flooring in Gurgaon a viable option. It is affordable, durable, and maintenance-free. Over the year, laminate wood flooring in Gurgaon has become a wonderful solution for people who can choose to save a huge amount of money and time on expensive flooring needs.

Infuse both style and functionality by choosing laminated wood flooring in gurgaon