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Rainbow Dog By James Dawson Š 2009

Rainbow Dog was all the colours of the rainbow.

But Rainbow Dog was unhappy, he wanted to be brown like all the other dogs he saw. Rainbow Dog didn’t like being different.

So Rainbow Dog tried rolling in the mud to make himself brown.

But the rain washed it off.

Rainbow Dog tried covering himself with leaves.

But the wind blew them all away.

One day he met an old wise dog, “Why are you so sad?” asked the old dog. Rainbow dog told him that he didn’t like being different.

“Do you like balls?� asked the old dog.

“Oh yes, I love balls.” said Rainbow Dog.

“Do you like sticks?” asked the old dog.

“Oh yes, I love sticks.” said Rainbow Dog.

“Do you like bone-shaped biscuit treats?” asked the old dog.

“Bone shaped biscuit treats are my favourite thing in the whole world!� said Rainbow Dog.

“Well then” said the old dog, “you are exactly the same as all the other dogs!”

Rainbow Dog