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Your Once In A Lifetime Spring Break Will Be Achieved If You Spend It On Zrce In Croatia

For a glimpse of paradise you should turn to the majestic Zrce beach. This long pebble beach is contrasted by the majestic Adriatic Sea. This beach is transformed into the globe’s premier destination for an unforgettable party experience during spring break 2013. Spring break Zrce is an event that cannot be missed.

An event not to be missed! Zrce beach is catered to by the resort Novalja, located directly right of the island Pag in Croatia. This hub of entertainment guarantees you a unique experience with both night and day parties like never seen before. Out of the many different beaches available to tourists the beach of Zrce is a hotspot for club-goers around the world. This spring break event is set to be bigger than ever with people around the world taking advantage of the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the hottest DJ talent around.

Clubs, Clubs, Clubs If there is one thing that is in abundance it is the nightlife. There are many extremely busy and trendy clubs pumping out the best music on offer. Club Papaya is a popular choice playing host to an exclusive VIP area, bars, swimming pools and a restaurant with food to die for. Many celebrity DJs such as Calvin Harris feature at the club, bringing with them a host of new and exciting events. The Aquarius Club, Club Euphoria and Cocomo are another three popular choices for a night out. Club Calypso is one of the larger venues that draw many thousands of people. One is definitely spoilt for choice when visiting this party paradise!

Activities for All The clubs and beach parties may be the main attraction to many but they are definitely not the only attraction. Everything on and around Zrce is easily accessible and affordable. Transport is no problem whatsoever as 24h shuttle services are available. There are a multitude of water sports at the disposal of those looking for a change from the hustle and excitement of the non-stop parties. Cable skiing is one of the more innovative and inexpensive means of experiencing some excitement. There are many attractions such as jet ski hire services, bungee jumping and even a roller coaster is on offer. For those seeking seclusion you will be glad to hear that there any many nearby beaches that can offer you peace and separation from the hordes of partying people inhabiting the main beach.

It all starts at 4 The islands of Croatia are always busy, regardless of the time of day. When the fun truly starts however is 4PM. This is the hour in which clubs throughout spring break Zrce begin their new parties. Dancers take to the stages for the evening and almost everyone on the island appears to come out for the party. Shallow pools are filled with people dancing and sipping on cocktails. The atmosphere is filled with energy and this energy only proves to build as the night grows longer. Spring break here is awe-inspiring, more than keeping up with stereotypes set by the media.

Resource There is no better party found than at this wondrous festival. The majestic beaches combined with the countless flow of people and an endless party ensures that you will experience the best time of your life at spring break Zrce, and your spring break is redefined through the spirit that is embodied at this leading holiday destination. Party Mecca’s such as Ibiza are beginning to take a backseat as the talent, vibrancy and unique energy provided through Croatia’s club scene is growing rapidly in popularity throughout the world. If you have the opportunity or can create the means, go for it! Attending this party will leave you life-long memories.

Your Once In A Lifetime Spring Break Will Be Achieved If You Spend It On Zrce In Croatia  
Your Once In A Lifetime Spring Break Will Be Achieved If You Spend It On Zrce In Croatia