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What are Black Diamonds and its Worth ? As a manufacturer, wholesaler and retail store owner and an online seller of fancy colored diamonds (enhanced black diamonds) including blue and black diamonds, I get this particular question a lot and its very difficult to give a simple answer as its a very interesting stone and has lot of information attached to it! Infact if you google, you will find it very difficult to get a straight answer in a concise format so with this post I am just going to answer the question (blog's title). Here's the deal : Black diamonds so called "Carbonado", but it is diamond).They don't sparkle too because due to the fact they are black color stage, they absorb light

are real (It's still a pure carbon crystal, technically and by laboratory terms a much unless they are of AAA nature, coated or heat enhanced to get to the rather than refract it.

They are real earth mined diamonds, but they have a different crystalline structure. The regular crystal structure of the diamond is what causes the sparkle: light comes in, bounces around in a pre-defined/predictable way, and is bounced out. Black diamonds have a "polycrystalline" structure, which means it's kind of like many diamonds smashed together. Since they're all at different angles, and so you can't carve it to make sparkles. Instead, the light just gets absorbed, making it black. An Interesting take on the origin of Black Diamonds A team of U.S. geologists have published evidence relating to a different origin of these black diamonds: interstellar-outer space. They have found that loose black diamonds contain fine elements of nitrogen and hydrogen which they claim are sure indicators of an extraterrestrial origin. The study by renowned researchers found that the chemical properties of carbonado indicated that the mineral formed in a supernova explosion that took place prior to the formation of our Solar System about 4.5 Billion Years ago. In this sense, Carbonado is found similar to carbon-rich cosmic dust, likely formed in an environment near carbon stars. The diamonds were eventually incorporated into solid bodies that subsequently fell to Earth as meteorites

so its safe to say that they are a good 4 Billion + Years old. (Nearly as old as our Planet). The price per carat of Black Diamonds (Black Diamonds Worth from Bello Jewels India's perspective) : Below 1ct - US $ 100-200 depending upon size and quality. • 1-2ct Round Black Diamond - A US $ 20 - 40 per carat • 1-2ct Round Black Diamond - AA US $ 40 - 70 per carat •

1-2ct Round Black Diamond - AAA - US $ 70 - 120 per carat

2-4ct Round Black Diamond - A -

US $ 40 - 75 per carat

2-4ct Round Black Diamond - AA -

US $ 75 - 135 per carat

2-4ct Round Black Diamond- AAA - US $ 135 - 200 per carat

4-6ct Round Black Diamond - A -

US $ 80 - 125 per carat

4-6ct Round Black Diamond - AA -

US $ 125 - 195 per carat

4-6ct Round Black Diamond - AAA- US $ 195 - 250 per carat

6-10ct Round Black Diamond - A -

6-10ct Round Black Diamond - AA -

6-10ct Round Black Diamond - AAA - US $ 245 - 295 per carat

10-15ct Round Black Diamond - A -

10-15ct Round Black Diamond - AA -

10-15ct Round Black Diamond - AAA - US $ 295 - 350 per carat

US $ 125 - 165 per carat US $ 165 - 245 per carat

US $ 195 - 245 per carat US $ 245 - 295 per carat

Larger than 15 ct like 15ct, 20ct, 25ct, 40ct, 50ct, 100ct are rare black diamonds stones and sold on a piece by piece basis but should be bought with research and caution. Other shapes like princess, pear, heart, checker cutting and radiant would be about 10-20% +/- depending upon the quantity and/or retail store being bought from. In wholesale the prices can obviously come down depending upon the wholesaler/manufacturer and the deal in question. If you have any questions, they will be promptly answered to. Just leave a message below this blog post.

If you wish to purchase some Lab Certified Black Diamonds at ABSOLUTE BEST PRICES then just visit Bello Jewels. For More Information Visit :

What are Black Diamonds and its Worth  

What are Black Diamonds and its Worth

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