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Understanding Skype phones and Swissvoice phones Internet telephony is now commonly used in voice calls today. This was introduced in 1995 as Internet Phone software which was purely designed to run on a personal computer. A sound card, microphone, speakers and modem should be included in the personal computer set up. This is lately commonly used in familiar telephony services; fax and voice that are conveyed via the Internet service. This is a transfiguration of the analog voice signal to digital format with compression and translation of the signal into internet packets without the usual use of a circuit switch connection. Without using circuit switched connection affordsimproved application and operation of the network resources. There are several ways in connecting with someone using Voice Internet Phone. All it needs are, a computer, IP phone, standard phone and a network connection. If you have one of this equipment there is no reason to acquire new equipment. On the other hand, using mobile phones has been linked to health risks particularly associated with acquiring brain tumors. The Italian Supreme Court ruled that frequent use of mobile phones especially in businessmen can trigger recurrent headaches that may lead to brain tumor. Consumers therefore shifted to Skype phones for safety measures. A breakthrough in communication system allows unlimited free phone calls within Skype users and contacts without the use of computer. A cordless Skype phones allow the user to use it like a desktop internet phones. It is like using regular landline. It is better known as dualphones. This kind of phone if plugged to a computer installed with Skype can gain access to an active broadband connection. Through this, the latest version of Skype can be downloaded for free. There are features supported by Skype on a cordless or desktop phone and features may vary from product to product. But it makes and receives Skype to Skype voice calls. There is no need to download Skype on cordless and desktop phones since it is installed in the package. The moment that the phone is attached to the internet it is ready to use. A wizard appears on the monitor to give instructions for a few easy setup steps by signing to Skype phones as a startup. With Swissvoice phones, consumers consider the product to be health risk free too. The Swissvoice range minimizes the risk of radiation emitted by mobile phones. The handsets are purely used for precautionary measures.

A company specializing the measurement and simulation of the electromagnetic field has reached to a conclusion that Swissvoice phones has limited the exposure to the radiation to the users. Comparatively, standard mobile phones emits up to 500 times radiation exposure to the Swissvoice range which are reduced down to 20 times. Using Swissvoice handset to make and receive calls eliminates to place their mobile phone on their head. This will dramatically reduce the exposure of radiation and any other mobile harmful emissions. Long conversations can cause discomfort especially when the mobile phone gets warm to the ears. Aside from the retro designs of the unit, comfort and convenience are the simplest yet essential offer the Swissvoice and Skype can provide.

Understanding skype phones and swissvoice phones  
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