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Simple Ways to Protect Yourself From Radiation Every Day Do you know that studies have shown that electronic devices emit some sort of radiation, which humans don’t usually see but are only felt after the long term effects have become evident? If we are not careful, there is a tendency that we would be opening up ourselves to a lot of radiation. So here are some ways that you can at least minimize exposure to radiation.

1. Use a headset. This is one of the foremost protections that you can give yourself when it comes to radiation that is emitted by mobile phones and the like. Using a headset can definitely help arrest this problem. 2. Take breaks from your computer. If your work involves sitting in front of the computer for hours, try to stand up and walk around even for just a couple of minutes. In short, try taking a break. 3. Avoid talking for hours on your mobile phone. This is a big no Instead try to look for phones that are said to protect you where do not absorb any form of radiation. One example of which Swissvoice phones. These are said to be extraordinary since won’t absorb any amount of radiation.

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4. Try to turn off your computers and other gadgets when not in use. While they’re on, they would continue emitting radiation, so it would be best to turn them off when not in use.

These are simple and easy ways that you would be able to protect yourself from radiation. Although absorbing radiation is not a matter of life and death, it is still something that you should worry about as it can certainly create health-related troubles later on. For more visit

Simple ways to protect yourself from radiation every day  
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