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How to stop a cat from scratching furniture

You should discourage your cat from scratching. One of our favorite ways is to use a water spray bottle. So when the cat scratches a table leg , you should spray it with water from a bottle while keeping away from sight. The cat will begin to associate scratching that table leg or digging into the carpet with water. However some cats love water and will actually enjoy playing with it .In that case you should try other tactics. However we don’t recommend hitting the cat or yelling at it. Some people say that putting some vinegar in the water will make the cat run away . You can also make table legs and other targets of scratching unpleasant such as binding then with tape which make sit sticky and unpleasant. Make sure you get the doubled sided temporary tape. It is always a good idea to test the effect on the furniture before placing it everywhere. If you want to buy – you can go with one of the most popular is Sticky Paws. You can also cover the area she like to scratch with aluminum foil , temporarily. Another way to discourage cats from scratching a surface is to spray it with a spray bottle. that have an odor of citrus, lemon and orange. You can remove her scent from the areas that she has marked. Use pet odor removers or even regular air fresheners for this. Cats hate these scents and will keep away from such surfaces. On the other hand you should put catnip on the surface you want the cat to scratch.

However the best advise is – never stop a cat from doing what cats love to do.Scratching for cats is natural. One of the best solutions is to provide it with its scratching surface. There are now great solutions available for all cat owners. One of the best and most popular scratching posts is the Smartcat scratching post which can be found here. You will be happy and your cat will be happy as well.