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How To Find Excellent Domain Name Using Naming Tool A domain name generator is a highly developed piece of software that helps the business owner or blogger select an SEO efficient domain name. It helps you to choose a domain name that is going to be found more easily by your potential client base. Keywords In Domains

Having important words in your domain name will ensure that your website maintains excellent traffic statistics. You therefore need to ensure that your root domain keywords are relevant to your business’ niche. When people arrive at your site, you want your domain name to tell users what to expect when visiting your company’s website. So that your visitors remember your site, a good domain name needs to be short as well as memorable.

Domain Name Generator

Thus the domain name generator is designed to be able to achieve all this for you, by suggesting domain names that fit the above criteria. While such a tool uses a highly complex method of selecting a domain name, they usually have a very clear and easy to use interface. Anyone with a basic knowledge of filling an online form can use a domain name generator as it is so simple. How To Use So how do you set about using a domain name generator? To get the domain name generator working for you, you need to input some basic keywords for it to work with. To achieve domain name generator success, follow these easy steps: Write A Keyword

Choose a keyword is that relate to your niche and enter it into the keyword field on the generator.

Select A Word Group

Select the word group for your keyword. This is the most important part. You can leave default word group for your domain but it is always recommended to select a word group that represents your niche. There are more than 180 word groups available in the tool just go through the list and select your preferred word group for your domain name.

Select Domain Extension(s)

Select the suffix that you prefer. This might be .com or .net. This kind of naming tools allows many domain extensions for your domain name. In the above tool you can select more than 60 TLDs. That includes gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) like .com, .net, .org, .info as well as cTLDs (Country Top Level Domains) like,, .us, .co etc. Other Options

You can select “Keyword At Beginning” if you want your keyword at the beginning of your domain name like – KeywordBox, KeywordWorld, KeywordZone etc. Or you can keep your keyword at the end of your domain name by selecting

“Keyword At End” like – BoxKeyword, WorldKeyword, ZoneKeyword. Even you can have hyphen in between your domain name words by checking “Hyphen” to create domain names like Keyword-Box, Keyword-Word etc. Most powerful feature of this tool is that you can select all options to find all possible domain name for your website to find the best one. Hit The Search Button

After selecting your preferred options all you have to do is just hit the Generate button to let the tool find domain names for you. It will provide a list of possible domain names and show you the availability of all your domain names. And all you have to do is just select the name that suits your website best. Just go through the list that the generator creates and then just pick your domain name.

You can then go ahead and register your domain name with the domain name provider of your choice. But you must have to have a available domain name before heading towards their websites. Using a domain name generator, as mentioned above, is simple and easy and helps you to find the best domain name for your project. If you are looking to set up a website, don’t sit there scratching your head! Google “Domain Name Generator” and find your name. BTW, you will find the above tool here –

How to find excellent domain name using naming tool  
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